Daniella Pineda: Cast on The Originals!

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Daniella Pineda will soon be heading to New Orleans.

The actress, who has guest-starred on Homeland and Men of a Certain Age, has landed a series regular role on The Originals, the wildly hyped Vampire Diaries spinoff whose backdoor pilot airs April 25.

TVD Witch

According to Deadline sources, Pineda will portray Sophie, a witch who is intent on leading a revolution among her kind because her powers have been silences for far too long.

The series, which will almost certainly be picked up by The CW for the fall season, centers on Joseph Morgan's Klaus returning to his native New Orleans and reuniting with his evil protege, an uncast vampire named Marcel.

Phoebe Tonkin is also in as Hayley, while Daniel Gillies will return as Elijah.

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Caroline needs to be in the spinoff!


@youngman your post amused me to no end and I hate to say it but I concur. My sentiments exactly.
@KE for me personally the problem I had with TVDs pattern of black witches was the fact that witch became synonymous with supernatural slave and it went unaddressed. If they gave a reason or an iota of backstory as to what the correlation is it would have been really interesting. But they didn't and then to make matters worse they out of nowhere threw in a random white warlock that came after Elena that time and injured mayor Lockwood by sending her tumbling down the stairs with his powers. Can't recall if he was Elijah's warlock or Klaus' I think he was Klaus. Then they threw in Esther but I got the impression she learned from the black witch with them.So they set up a precedent than stopped it all unexplained. I'm appreciative of the Hispanic actress but I hate that they set something in motion never explained, then conveniently dropped it


To be fair, DP is hispanic, so it's not like she's not ethnic. (I don't dislike her for the role for that reason at least.) Also I imagine Marcel will be black or mixed, so at least 2 regulars out of a limited number of regulars being ethnic is pretty good. I am glad they are somewhat breaking the complete sterotype of the magical black person that this show has hammered home about as it began to be offensive as if have no other place. Although Esther was white - I think that was the only non-black witch we had seen on the show if I'm not mistaken. Also hint that Rebekah would have been a witch had she not turned. But anyway. Back to the topic. I am not happy that they cast this particular actress. She is not good by any means and has no presence. But I guess it could be worse. The role sounds good, hope she can try to do it justice.


So wait a minute, not to sound like a Black Panther or anything, but just wait a minute...
99% of witches in the TVD universe thus far are black, but the one witch who's got a role of some importance, say leading the revolution, isn't? If you're going to die in five minutes, it's okay - you can cast somebody black, but if they're going to be sticking around a while, we gotta give 'em a race lift?
So... Just so I understand it, that's what happening here? And also, given that Marcel, I think, is traditionally a black name, (never met anyone named that who wasn't black, correct me if this is a completely wrong assumption), but presuming that Marcel is black, and that CW only hires one black/biracial character per series (it was so weird seeing Bonnie's ENTIRE family together - I was like whoa, it's like BET up in here!), can we go ahead and assume that there will be no black witch series regular character? Will this be a little weird considering that it's New Orleans? But MF is supposedly in Virginia, yet they managed to pull off Bonnie be the sole black person to exist..., so I'm curious...


this show is so pointless. VD will be left with nothing except Elena's bro troubles....oh joy!


Great. Another chick nobody will care about.


So I owe money too all those folks who said the witch was definitely going to not be some black chick.




still don't get why Kol had to be killed instead of just being shipped of to the spin-off.


still dont get why rebekah is not there and some nameless cunt will take her job

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