Elementary Review: In Sherlock I Believe

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In "A Giant Gun Filled With Drugs," Sherlock reunited with his former drug dealer, Rhys. They are both exes in the drug ring and both phoenixes who have risen from the ashes, as Sherlock says.

We were also taken on a different case where, instead of following a murder, we were tracking the ticking clock of a kidnapping.

Oh, and Watson was held at gunpoint!

Watson Is Concerned

With the exception of Rhys' belief line, I really didn't like him. Especially when he was trying to convince Sherlock that he was a better detective when he was using, trying to edge him to try it again. Holmes' reaction when he threw him into the chair didn't seem like it was enough. I was hoping he'd toss him through the window and scream multiple obscenities at him.

Following a case that didn't involve a murder felt like a nice emotional break after Sunday's extra bloody Super Bowl episode. However, it was a race against time and I felt like Sherlock had finally been stumped. But, as usual, I was wrong.

I must say this: #thatawkwardmoment.

One of my favorite moments took place when Watson was laying down the law. I wish we saw this more often. She stood her ground against Rhys and after her little speech I exclaimed: "DAMN, You go girl."

Rhys said it best: he is staying composed because he believes in Sherlock Holmes. I do, too. I feel as if we should make "We Believe" shirts for Sherlock. I wonder if Joan would wear it? I bet that Holmes definitely would.

I didn't see the small twist of the cartel guy being an undercover DEA agent. I truly enjoy moments like these, the little additions that are thrown our way.  We don't see them coming and their moments are so small yet so fulfilling. The best part of these moments? They always come back in play.

Enter DEA Agent coming back and holding Watson and Rhys under gunpoint. Wait, what? This was the big twist that I didn't see coming whatsoever. Good on you, Rhys, trying to save Watson.

The ending was then my favorite part. Sherlock revealed that he did not do cocaine and that he wants to share his story with his addicts group. He also wanted Watson to be there, next to him. These two are best friends forever.

Three episodes of Elementary in the span of seven days and I feel like I could watch many more!


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I love so much about this show but mostly how well they play off each other. Of course he more than likely knows about Joan and I think they thought that we the viewers expected him to spill/not a case of give them what they want obviously........no they are going to make us wait maybe awhile. I also wondered if that had something to do with him suddenly volunteering as he did to go to a meeting. These are crafted so well that events happen that one just does not see coming.


Four episodes in a row that have been spectacular. Three of which in the span of a week. I do believe this show has found its footing! I am loving...the friendmance between Sherlock and Watson so much. They slowly have become real friends. I love that. They care about each other and its genuine and they know it but avoid talking about it. They like being around each other. That's huge for a high functioning sociopath like Sherlock and Watson who seems to alienate herself. I loved the break from murder and I wanted to pummel Rhys. But it was great conflict.


Dreamrose, I agree about the accent! There's just something about a Scottish accent. But I did spend quite a few minutes trying to place the actor who played Rhys. IMDB to the rescue, he was Jonathan in The Mummy and he was in Sliding Doors. The ending scene was definitely the high light of the episode for me. Sherlock certainly has grown a lot. I don't think he is too overly attached to Watson like one commenter suggested, he could most certainly do the job on his own, but he is definitely better with her.


Loved it, Loved It... This was my favorite Elementary Episode ever... I am so glad that they gave us a reprieve from the NYPD for most of the show. This allowed Sherlock to shine and to really showcase his talents. It also gave us the oppty to enjoy more of Watson. I think that Lucy Liu is a great actor. I do hope the writers do more of this type of episode in the future. They make the NYPD more palatable.


By the way, "reader" your post has a grammar error, so I hardly think you're in a position to tell the reviewer that she needs to "write more sophisticated." I do think that all the TV Fanatic reviews could use a good proofreader, though, because I often find mistakes in them. However, I understand if they don't have the time or budget for that kind of position.


I am with you guys in that the ending scene was marvelous, and I love that Sherlock is maturing and was able to stay sober and clean in the midst of all that temptation by the sleazy drug dealer. What an arse that guy was. Ugh. I would LOVE a "We Believe" t-shirt! I believe in Sherlock, too!
And of course, I think it is interesting that he didn't let Holmes know that he now knows that she is not being paid by his dad as a sober companion anymore. It shows that he really cares about her and doesn't want her to leave.


He called his dad. He almost certainly knows now that Joan is still there voluntarily.


The best show yet. Sherlock is maturing before our eyes. I would also buy the "we believe" t-shirt!
Hope this wasn't too "high schoolish" for you "reader". Really?


Please proofread the reviews and try to write a little more sophisticated. This reads like a high school essay assignment, and not a good one at that.


From the moment they introduced the DEA agent, I figured there was a better than 50% chance he was dirty. I'm just saying, I've watched way too many episodes of CSI and Law & Order. Though, is it sad I just couldn't get enough of Rhys's accent? (I know, I know, I'm a pathetic stereotypical American girl!) I do agree with you, Ms. Brooks, that he wasn't exactly helping Sherlock's sobriety efforts, and it made me want to smack him around. Then again, the cocaine really is the only way he knows how to "help" Sherlock. Maybe this experience will teach him something!

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