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Explosive, Controversial Tragedy to Strike The Vampire Diaries

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It certainly sounds like another death is coming to Mystic Falls.

Asked by E! News what fans can expect in the near future on The Vampire Diaries Season 4, Nina Dobrev couldn't have been less specific - or more ominous - in teasing:

"Something happens in the near future, something pretty tragic and terrible and kind of show changing. It's going to really affect every single person. It's going to especially affect Damon, Elena and Stefan in a pretty crazy, controversial way. The whole show is going to shift. It's going to be explosive."

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Might Jeremy somehow be kicking the bucket? What other character is connected closely to Stefan, Elena and Damon?

Let your own theories fly in the Comments section below and/or our Vampire Diaries forum and visit E! for even more Spoiler Chat now.

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    I think Jeremy is going to die. That will WRECK Elena so miserably. She'll never survive that.


    This show is awesome. Hope to see lots more episodes. Tv stations are cutting new and not so new just like a vampire will take all your blood!!!!


    Honestly I think Silas can take over Damon or a person-maybe even Jeremy. As for the 'effect" someone dies close to Damon or that he was changed, or taken over himself. Elena may push him away or simply forget both of them. One pic has her reading her journal while sitting with Matt.Its implied that Elena loses something. I just hope they clear the sire bond crap out. It was not really a great story for many fans. I loved it until that.

    If Jeremy dies that will sever Elena's humanity. The cure not being real could sever her hope as well. There are many things that can go wrong here. Do we know the name of the woman Silas wanted to make immortal? (wonder if that was yet another thing related to Elena or her predecessors.)I just hope its not going to push her backward again. I really want this girl to know her own mind, be strong, and be able to fight for herself. Even as a vamp she lacks that. Was looking forward to that, and now she seems to have less compassion. The DE aspect was not as timing great as I had hoped, but moving on...

    The cure thing can be that Elena's loss makes her nuts and one of the boys brings her back, or she herself dies die to save them. Her state of mind is in question, Damon's effect, and not much about Stefan on this. I think she will die for them by seasons end. What else would make Klaus leave? It would serve as repentance if she goes bad.

    I like Bonnie this season. I hope she gains control. There is always that aspect of seeing a good person lose it, but i want to see them handle it. Many of the girls seem to lean on men too much for strength.

    Bonnie may die (her singer career is taking off)or they will have to help her control her powers. I love her attitude this season. I want to see her handle it, not fall. We have so many weak ladies I want to see Bonnie shine. Caroline was like this for a bit too, but she's been oddly judge-ish with in her rights of course. I loved her comment to Klaus about seeing good in him.


    If it's another person we might've known since the previous lessons then that would be awful but I mostly want the show to feel normal again instead of these crazy random making couples. ;P =|


    What if Elena is pregnant? That would affect all three of them and be really "crazy" and "controversial" and totally unexpected. They said that vampire siring was rare. Maybe they find out something else really weird and rare about vampires! idk haha.


    I think Boinne might die or........ well someone will def die! I know it sad but imagine that Elena has a TWIN!!!!!THAT WOULD BE AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!MAYBE SHE COULD BE LIKE KATHRINE OR MAYBE SHE COULD BE LIKE ELENA OR WHAT IF STEFAN AND DAMON HAVE A LITTLE SISTER!!!!!THAT WOULD BE GREAT!!!!!!!I JUST HOPE THAT 1 OF THESE THINGS WILL HAPPEN!!!!!!OMG I LOVE DAMON AND I DON'T LIKE ELENA SHE A BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    They're going to kill Damon. Elena is going to 'turn off her humanity' and become as Bonnie said "full on crazy". Obviously they'll bring Damon back somehow but yeah... that's my prediction.


    @ fayeolivia

    I think you're right; then they can always revamp Damon later. Plus it will cause Stefan to realize how much his brother means to him, and Damon can still be on the show communicating through Jeremy until they bring him back to life.


    All I know is I'm excited to see what happens. Because even when sometimes I'm watching it thinking OMG what the hell do they think they're doing?!? it usually all works out good in the end :)


    damon human fuuuuuuuuuuuun or silus might kill elena but what i would not like to happen is becca dieng that would be awful

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