Girls Review: Hannah Plays House

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It seems like once a season we're going to have an episode of Girls that stars only our main character, writer and director, Lena Dunham.

In Girls season 1 it was when Hannah went home to Michigan. On "One Man's Trash," meanwhile, we watched Hannah have a fling with a sexy older guest star, Patrick Wilson.

The episode did give us a brief clip of Ray flipping out at Grumpy's, but that's just Ray being the usual cranky Ray.

The Man for Hannah

Hannah meets Joshua (Wilson) when he comes into Grumpy's to lodge a complaint about someone using his trash bins. Obviously it was Hannah because she lost her dumpster key and is afraid to tell Ray. Wouldn't you with his attitude?

Despite not even knowing his name, Hannah goes into Joshua's home to confess. 

I could really be putting myself in a Ted Bundy situation. He also looked handsome, clean...and probably had a brownstone. Okay. | permalink

The result of her confession is a two-day fling completely in the confines of Joshua's beautiful brownstone. He's 42 and she's 24. He's separated but seems to have a stable, really well built life and a very adult house (to say the least.) This is obviously not what Hannah's used to when it comes to guys. Naturally she's attracted to him, because let's be honest: Hannah is attracted to most guys. I mean, she slept with the Laird, the building junkie, just a few weeks ago.

Even though all we watched was this 48-hour affair, there was definitely a lot of subtext. The way Hannah interacted when finally faced with a stable guy who wants her to stay over with him was interesting. She wanted to be begged. Something about being with a guy who was fairly uncomplicated made her have a whole mess of realizations.

Mainly that something is broken inside of her. Really she just wants to feel everything and be loved and not feel so damn lonely. Joshua just wanted a girl to literally come in off the street who he could drink wine with, bang on his ping pong table and look at the moonlight with. 

As it goes with flings, it came to an end. When Hannah crossed the line from fun to neurotic, that put a damper on everything. Then again, if I just fainted in a steam room I'd probably be feeling like a disoriented mess a little bit. Nice meeting you Joshua, and good riddance.

What did you think of this week's episode of Girls? Did you enjoy Hannah's brief affair? What do you think prompted her freak out? Did you miss the other girls?


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Sorry, but I just don't like this show very much. I know the critics all say it is one of the best things fresh, funny and original. I get the original part but I don't find it funny or entertaining so guess the problem is me. I found myself glancing at my watch half way through this episode wondering when it would be over. Hannah's nudity is a bit shocking at first but now I'm over it. The girls just seem to be all terribly self absorbed...hope all 20 somethings are not like that!


absolutely loved SATC so i thought i would like this (as i'm a bit younger). but i just don't get it. i really wanted to like it, but this episode was just bizarre and boring to me. my life is in no way as glam as the SATC girls, but i still feel like i relate to those women better.


The episode really did provide much food for thought, as well as a feat for the eyes in more ways than one...or rather one feast was a bit larger, the other less so. If we are to talk about Lena Dunham, why does she so enjoy taking off her clothes. We have seen her naked a LOT. Hannah of course is our character, and as a character I get it...but does that make any sense? I'm trying to deal with that one myself. At any rate, Patrick Wilson never looked better and his acting was seamless and real. In fact, the whole episode was rather like a sneak peek through the keyhole of that slap-dash relationship. It was all there: the awkwardness of when to leave or stay and the entirely different life experiences of the two main characters in the "hook-up," though that's not what it would have been called in his day. And finally, the eventuality of the bubble bursting as we knew it would...we just didn't know when and that was half the fun and tension of the situation. It seems only natural to me that we have an episode of a single character, I've just had enough of seeing Hannah naked-that's all. Can't we all just move along? Surely that will be the case as life really does...go on with all its ups and downs.


Sorry Lena, this was the worst episode of the series.
No marnie or Adam = weak episode.


Lets face it. Lena likes to get naked. She is naked in almost every episode this season. She is the producer. I think she probably does it for free to save the budget while perhaps the other girls, she needs to pay a lot out of the production budget. And I think she must loved Patrick Wilson so she got him to come and guest star in the episode and does some sex scene with her. Like I mentioned,she is the producer. I think if any other guy does it, it would be called sleazy. I kind of like the show except for Lena getting naked.


This was a really powerful episode, even if it read like a French movie at times with its slow awkward place. It was the first night I convinced my boy neighbor to watch Girls & definitely not the best introduction episode! It has a lot of levels... although sometimes I was so overwhelmed by house envy I didn't notice all the other details. The only thing I think was wrong with this episode was it seemed misplaced.... the prior episode was just so not about Hannah... for once she kind of seemed like the most normal one, and there were so many loose ends with all the other characters that it just seemed kind of out of the blue. Last season the Hannah centric episode followed on from a moment where she'd pretty much hit rock bottom and we watched her explore her options, it had a more natural feel to it. Anyway, its so nice to see a show with such humanity.


This was the most insightful and well written episode ;of the not hilarious type. The actress/writer bared herself, and it shows how self-aware she is. I also had this experience in my 20's (more than once) and found it (the episode) really made me hark back to those times and those feeling of loneliness and trying to belong and/or conform to what i thought my life should be, only to realised years after that is an illusion and peer pressure from sources outside myself. Hats off to Lena. Girls has just become one of my top five series at the moment.


My first show and I was shocked!! But, I am a grandmother and could not believe that entire episode. I also couldn't believe that she stripped down in the shape that she is in for a young girl.


I loved this episode...I actually watched it twice! I totally identified w/Hanna...I've been there in my 20s LOL!! I think Hannah unintentionally sabatoged the situation while also discovering how much she would want that life in her future. I think Lena Dunham is great...and so honest. I also love how she embraces Hannah and her acceptance of her "not so perfect" body and "not so perfect" life. Well done! Besides, who can complain about seeing Patrick Wilson for 30 mins?? Not me!! :)


do some of these people get this is a show,a show!..and satire,showing how dumb we can be in early adulthood,but hopefully learn from our mistakes...and B Crowder it isn't a jo fanatsy for you ya know..and "hanna" is laughing ALL THE WAY TO THE BANK(i kept thinking this is one brave chick)...actually she is very rubiesque which for most of our past history were the 10's ...and it is more like real life, is so full of perfect people we forget that and should celebrate the fact that not everybody has to be a 10 to get out attention...esp since 99% of the world is not represented by the lot on tv...the brits have their share of gorgeous people,but they usually go with talent b/4 beauty...i wish we would do a bit more of that(well maybe i'm being a little hypocritical),i'm no differant with enjoying beauty...but no need to be need at many woman and gay men were thinking they would do these scenes with patrick wilson for free???

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