Girls Review: Hannah Plays House

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It seems like once a season we're going to have an episode of Girls that stars only our main character, writer and director, Lena Dunham.

In Girls season 1 it was when Hannah went home to Michigan. On "One Man's Trash," meanwhile, we watched Hannah have a fling with a sexy older guest star, Patrick Wilson.

The episode did give us a brief clip of Ray flipping out at Grumpy's, but that's just Ray being the usual cranky Ray.

The Man for Hannah

Hannah meets Joshua (Wilson) when he comes into Grumpy's to lodge a complaint about someone using his trash bins. Obviously it was Hannah because she lost her dumpster key and is afraid to tell Ray. Wouldn't you with his attitude?

Despite not even knowing his name, Hannah goes into Joshua's home to confess. 

I could really be putting myself in a Ted Bundy situation. He also looked handsome, clean...and probably had a brownstone. Okay. | permalink

The result of her confession is a two-day fling completely in the confines of Joshua's beautiful brownstone. He's 42 and she's 24. He's separated but seems to have a stable, really well built life and a very adult house (to say the least.) This is obviously not what Hannah's used to when it comes to guys. Naturally she's attracted to him, because let's be honest: Hannah is attracted to most guys. I mean, she slept with the Laird, the building junkie, just a few weeks ago.

Even though all we watched was this 48-hour affair, there was definitely a lot of subtext. The way Hannah interacted when finally faced with a stable guy who wants her to stay over with him was interesting. She wanted to be begged. Something about being with a guy who was fairly uncomplicated made her have a whole mess of realizations.

Mainly that something is broken inside of her. Really she just wants to feel everything and be loved and not feel so damn lonely. Joshua just wanted a girl to literally come in off the street who he could drink wine with, bang on his ping pong table and look at the moonlight with. 

As it goes with flings, it came to an end. When Hannah crossed the line from fun to neurotic, that put a damper on everything. Then again, if I just fainted in a steam room I'd probably be feeling like a disoriented mess a little bit. Nice meeting you Joshua, and good riddance.

What did you think of this week's episode of Girls? Did you enjoy Hannah's brief affair? What do you think prompted her freak out? Did you miss the other girls?


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Can ANY OTHER CHICK in the cast get paid WHATEVER it takes $$$$$ ... to get naked besides Hannah, who should be charged with a crime... for showing that body !!!
Those are FF scenes on my DVR .....preferably Marnie or Shoshanna ...


I'm sorry, Hannah is a freaking idiot! I know our 20's are to discover ourselves, but she just does some of the dumbest isht!


Well, I really liked this episode. It wasn't the usual hilarious stuff, but the entire episode provided an unusually deep insight into Hannah's character. I think this episode said more about her, her whishes, desires and genuine feelings than all the other episodes before. I kind of missed the other girls but this was a good Hannah-centric episode. By the way, WIlson was perfect in his role as a forty-something possiblly mid-life-crisis- handsome stranger.


I don't think many viewers really "got" this episode. It's really genius once you dig deep enough to realize what it's trying to say. And really sad. Lena Dunham is brilliant.


I watch this show like I watch an accident....this is really guilty watching, and not only guilty pleasure like TVD or PLL
on a side note, finally a handsome guy...and a great actor to pull it off with lena dunham.


I was really bored by this episode. Once I realized Shoshanna, Marnie and Jessa wouldn't be in it, I couldn't unsee the idea that it was just about Lena Dunham complimenting herself and I tuned out.


I actually thought this episode was really boring. I love Marney and Shoshana so it's no fun for me when they're not featured at all. It wasn't a terrible episode, just not the greatest in my opinion.


Holy crap! That was intimate! I was blushing at some points and it takes ALOT for THAT to happen!
Also every time Hannah shows her boobs I think its hysterical now. Love this show.


Hannah has sabotaged a lot in her life, and really don't have sympathy for her neurosis.

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