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Be it with a show tune from Les Miserables or a new-age disco number like "Hung Up," no series knows how to pull a diva-off quite like Glee. Those girls - and Kurt - were definitely on fire tonight!

While we're still dealing with the clunker that is the Tina-Blaine crush, "Diva" was the Glee's best outing so far in 2013.

Mercedes as a Diva

While the diva theme was a convenient way to kill several birds with one stone, tonight just worked. The blend of McKinley and NYC was nearly seamless, bringing them completely together at the end with Santana's arrival on Kurt and Rachel's doorstep.

Finn needs a way to spark confidence in the glee club. Emma suggests giving them a competitive assignment, a la Will Schue. So he beams Santana in to have her shake it like a Polaroid picture for the class with four of her college cheerleader buddies.

Okay, so in the grand scheme of things maybe Finn bringing Santana in didn't make much actual sense. He has Wade-Unique and Blaine and both of them know how to be divas, so bringing in Santana for the master class was a huge plot contrivance just to get her back to Lima. 

A plot contrivance I'll ignore because of the smashing and phenomenal job Naya Rivera did on "Girl on Fire." That number will even make me forget about the "Sam's not good enough for you" line she fed both Sam and Brittany.

Sure, Brittany is her best friend and she'll always love her most, but she doesn't get to show up in Lima and break up with Brittany and then play the jealous ex-girlfriend the next time she's there. Especially not after their break-up was the most mature of the three break-ups in "The Break Up" and they agreed to see other people.

Thankfully, Brittany has moments of clarity when it comes to her own emotions and was able to articulate that she's with Sam because she likes him and wants to be with him. And then she sent Santana to New York since she's dropped out of college, which is the moment some of us have been waiting for. 

And - hold on to your hats! - the New York scenes were some of my favorites tonight.

Kurt has long been in Rachel's shadow, at least in her mind, and tonight she finally learned that her life could've been much, much different if only he hadn't thrown their very first diva-off to save his father the potential embarrassment of having a son sing songs written for a woman. 

That, dear TV Fanatics, was the best scene of the season. Maybe even the entire series.

Rachel has grown increasingly more intolerable and self-centered as her time in New York has progressed, but with that tiny bit of truth, Kurt shook her foundation enough for her to see that she's not infallible. With his rendition of "Bring Him Home," he threw Rachel back into the reality that while she's great, others are great as well. And if she wants to make it in that business and have any friends, she'd do well to remember that.

I just loved everything about Kurt tonight. How self-assured he is and confident in himself, his abilities and his choices. He's come so far over the course of four seasons, perhaps showing the greatest depth of any of our original cast members. I think he just became my favorite character.

My other favorite character, Blaine, is still trapped in this Tina Cohen-Chang-crush nightmare of a story line and he doesn't even know it because he was passed out on cold medicine while she professed her love for him. I just can't believe this story. 

Blaine said, as plainly as possible, that he's not attracted to girls. Tina's response? "Well, we're young."

And after she performed her diva number, it seemed like there was a hint of something like change in his face, or recognition. And it better not mean that in coming weeks the writers are going to make Blaine bisexual for the sake of putting him in a relationship with Tina. If Glee goes there, I will...well, I don't know what I'll do, exactly. Except be incredibly irritated and shoot daggers at the television from my eyes each week.

And finally, speaking of where Glee went that I didn't think it would go: Finn kissed Emma.

I sort of saw the glimmer of Finn having a crush on her when he called himself a "man-boy" and then checked her out, but I didn't think they would really go there. And then they did. That will be interesting heading into her and Will's nuptials next week on "I Do."

What did you think of "Diva?" Are you excited that Santana is moving to New York? What do you think about Finn kissing Emma?


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I was glad to see Reachel taken down a notch. She has been since the begining of the show my favorite character. I used to be able to like her and even love her even through the nuisance she could be at times because she was talented and made no apologies for it and because even though she could get annoying at times, she wasn't mean spirited, she was just a teenager trying to navigate high school whithout drowning in the hate others threw her way. But ever since this season started the writers have regressed and worsen her personality to unbelievable proportions. They have made her imposible to like and she's not the only character that has suffered this, Tina is also being butchered. Right now I'm only watching because I can't seem to let things unfinished and I've dedicated three years to this show already but so far I have not encounter the wow factor that used to drew me in.


Cut off...I wasn't surprised to see Finn attracted to Emma, but it will be interesting to see how this whole thing plays out when Will gets back.


Can I just say that Santana nailed 'Girl On Fire' to the wall??? :) What an awesome performance! I figured we'd see her in NY after an aside she made in the 'Naked' episode, but it's good to see it for sure. I wonder what they are going to do with the Blaine/Tina story line after she said, 'well, we're young' after he said he was entirely gay. Are they going to make it out like being gay is something you can 'grow out of'? I hope not, because that will basically set back every other teaching on tolerance they've had back a few decades. Unless, that is, they do it in a way that says it's normal to be a bit unsure of your sexuality when you're young or that, for a lot of people, sexuality is on a 'spectrum'...I've known several people who lean more toward the same sex in terms of attractions, but ended up falling in love with someone of the opposite sex; vice versa, as well. Anyway, that's another discussion. I wasn't surprised to see Finn attracted to Emma, but it will be interesting to see how the whole thing plays out once Will gets back.


I haven't been a fan of this season til Diva. It was fun, music was good. Santana is back. No new cast focus, yeah. loved Emma and Finn, this was an OMG moment, just to shock. a plot point for next episode. there are no intentions of either Finn or Emma, just pure comedy. I cannot watch Unique at all. The Diva off at McKinley I fast forwarded. Hoped that Tina would get a story, but this is not what I expected. the vapor rub scene was weird. I'm glad Brittany made a choice, since she has been silent for so long. She made a great best friend speech to Santana to go for her dreams, she deserved that. Estatic Santana is in NY. I feel that Kurt was not pretentious or annoying at all. he won fair and square. He was conflicted in that he was glad and happy to have won but regretful that his best friend lost and was humiliated. Rachel needed humbling. Kurt was a wonderful best friend to tell her the difference of diva the drive and diva the insufferable.


(my other comment got cut D:) And Jayma Mays OMG, my heart goes to Emma. I'm usually not interested in Lima anymore but Emma has just given me a reason to care (and Jenna's overall performance even if it is so ack!)


I loved Lea's and Chris' acting this room mates fight. I loved that we got back sassy!kurt finally, though I would have loved it even more if it was against Blaine instead of Rachel and also because even if Rachel was being insufferable, she is more often than not used to deliver a lesson and I love Rachel too and really I believe Kurt was left without agency in his break up and post break up storyline with Blaine. I do have to thank for the beautiful Bring Him Home performance both gave and I completely agree with anyone who says Rachel is superior vocally and I believe so too but Kurt's emotional subtlety is what made it for me. Anyways, wonderful performance :') The other two persons who I think were incredible were Jenna. Tina being in love with Blaine and that really uncomfortable moment of her rubbing his chest are cringe worthy to me but Jenna is bringing it and being impressive on her acting and performances. I really wish we get more solos from her a good storyline. Last but not least, Jayma, OMG. My heart goes to Emma in that scene.


I am so tired of Kurt being a victim. He is so petty sulking in the background while Rachel sings. If it's a free sing class, then stop complaining about the big bad bully and step up and sing. Then he challenges her to a sing-off like they're still in high school. Grow up Kurt, and start looking ahead. You and Rachel are not competition, have different voice types and will never compete for the same roles. Everyone hates him because he's gay and different and can't appreciate his talent. No, not in a NY theater school Kurt. You and I are no different than the hundreds of gay men in the business. Tina was out of line. It's inappropriate to straddle your friend, while he is sleeping. I don't care if her intentions are good, you just don't do that. If I woke up to find my friend on top of me, rubbing my chest, I would've freaked out.

Miranda wicker

@Draik--Thank you for sharing that comment. THAT is what I'm talking about with Blaine. While there may be some teens who are curious and experiment and find that their sexual orientation changes over time (and I know they exist because I taught them) there are many, many teens who just know they're gay and that's normal. (And I know they exist because I taught them, too.) Writing Blaine as suddenly bisexual for the right girl undermines the character.


I was literally OMG'ing when Finn&Emma kissed, saw it a little bit coming but that did not hold me back from screaming NONONO at my screen, At the other side SANTANA IS BACK! I am so happy about that i have missed her bitchy lines, Balance has restored


Just because Tina has a crush on Blaine doesn't mean isn't becoming bi. No one has said that yet so people are kinda jumping the gun here.

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