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Glee doesn't have a great track record with holiday-themed episodes. The Christmas episodes have both been holiday album commercials that added nothing substantial to the ongoing stories within the season.

Tonight's Valentine's Day episode, however, breaks that streak, and was - dare I say it?!? - a fantastic hour for Glee.

"I Do" turned into "I don't" when Emma took off in a taxicab and left Will standing at the altar. While his heart might be broken, Cupid's arrows were definitely hitting everyone else as hook-ups abounded.

Glee Wedding Pic

Since tonight's episode centered around various pairings, of both the endgame and right now varieties, it feels only fitting for those to be the focus of tonight's review. Here we go.

RIP Will and Emma. Maybe.

After Finn kissed Emma last week, her OCD went into overdrive, though it's probably fair to say that it wasn't Finn's kiss that had her scrubbing Artie's locker since she seemed rather nonplussed by his pucker. I've always loved Emma and I think they've played her OCD well. At times it's quirky and kind of her thing, but then when the writers have her breaking down and attempting to control her world by controlling the chaos around her, it plays as very real instead of farcical. 

It was easy to see her spiraling out of control and it was also easy to see Will being kind of oblivious and dismissive of the fact that it was happening, as he's been time and again with her disorder. When Sue walked into the bridal room in a gown matching Emma's, I half expected her to have one of her moments of kindness and say the words that would pull Emma together so she could walk down the aisle to marry Will. But in the end, I'm glad she didn't. (Sue's words to Emma can be found on the Glee quotes page!)

I think I like it this way better.

In Glee season 1, I pulled for Will and Emma to be together. It was clear that he loved her and not Terry. It was obvious that Emma loved Will. When they kissed for the first time, there was probably fist-pumping in my living room. But since they've gotten together officially, he's been kind of an ass who doesn't deserve her.

But, people change. At least on television. Maybe losing Emma in this manner will make Will realize and appreciate what he had so that he can be a better husband when and if they ever manage to find his runaway bride.

Jake and Marley. With a side of Ryder.

Jake wanted to do something nice for Marley for Valentine's Day. Except he has the OG Puckerman for an older brother who told him to take her to dinner and then buy her some lingerie so she could put on a fashion show. Thankfully, Jake has Ryder in his corner and Ryder is hip to what women want, which is emotional vulnerability.

Ryder saved Jake by knowing about Marley. Ryder knew her favorite song was "You're All I Need To Get By" and that her favorite flower is the peony. Ryder also had a heart pendant necklace in his back pocket just in case Jake needed it. And Jake did need it.

He planned to try for a home run in a hotel room upstairs after the reception and thought the necklace would be just the ticket to tip those scales in his favor. Ryder knew Marley wasn't ready and said so, and Jake said he was falling in love with her and promised he wouldn't hurt her. When she said She wasn't ready, he was okay with it, which proves he's learning a thing or two, one of which is don't listen to Puck.

Marley knew Ryder was behind all of the gifts and told him she knew and he kissed her. So that's not going to be any more awkward for the three of them now, right?

At Will's Wedding

Quinn and Santana. It's a one - maybe two - time thing.

So of the hook-ups I didn't see coming tonight, this was one of them. 

It was fun. It was experimental. I don't think Quinn will suddenly start using the train pass Rachel got her so that she can visit Santana in New York.  Otherwise, that apartment would be mighty crowded.

KLAINE! Because weddings are good for hook-ups.

Ahhh! When Kurt was in the back of the Prius, I thought "Did he bring Adam home for the wedding??" And then it was Blaine!

Yes, Blaine cheated. Yes, he has both said and shown that he's sorry for the hurt he caused. If Kurt can forgive him, so can I. They're not jumping on Facebook to change their relationship statuses. They're just friends who happen to like each other a great deal, who may sleep together on occasion, and see that there is potential for them to be together in the future. 

There were so many awesome and hilarious things about their hook-up, like Kurt thinking that Tina was knocking on the car window again and the Tina-Kurt showdown by the cupcakes. I'm glad Kurt was able to talk some sense into Tina about her Blaine-crush. When she accidentally admitted to the "vapo-rape" she knew things had gone too far and realized that any romantic relationship with Blaine, even a non-physical one, would not happen. They can be best friends. 

Finchel is endgame.

Rachel came home for the wedding. Not shocking. Finn getting some game and basically seducing her at the reception? Shocking.

It was interesting to see this hook-up come to fruition because historically, Rachel has pursued Finn. Tonight, he turned the tables, laying it out for her that it doesn't matter where they are now. What they both know is that their future is together.

Finn: [to Rachel] You and I both know how this thing ends. I don't know how, or when, and I don't care where you're living or what dope you're shacked up with. You're my girlfriend. We are endgame. I know that and you know that. | permalink

His entire thing with the daisy was--and I can't believe I'm saying this--kind of sexy. Yes, yes I think Finn Hudson just stepped into sexy territory instead of awkward and kind of goofy. This season has been about Rachel growing up and maturing. Well, it's time Finn got some of that, too, and tonight seemed to be his moment.

I love that he set the tone for this reunion by putting her in her place in the coffee house and telling her that not everything is about her. Then Finn challenged Rachel on the openness and maturity she claims to have in her personal life and in her relationship with Brody. I love that after she returned to New York her confidence in Brody and their "open and modern" relationship was shaken enough for her to wonder how he spent his time in her absence enough to snoop. Because now we know that Brody is a male prostitute

WHOA. Talk about reveals I didn't see coming. That, coupled with Rachel taking a pregnancy test with "Anything Could Happen" in the background? Anything really can happen now and a whole new line of storytelling just opened up.

Other notes:

  • Ali Stroker, The Glee Project runner-up to Blake Jenner, showing up as Emma's niece and love interest for Artie. I didn't really pull for her on The Glee Project, but I think this can work.
  • Where was Coach Beiste? She's been Will and Emma's biggest fan and she was nowhere to be found. Sad day.
  • It was refreshing for Mercedes to be singing during the wedding instead of Rachel. I loved that.
What did you think of "I Do?" Were you as happily shocked by some of the hook-ups as I was? 


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Emma killed it on "Getting Married Today." I loved the actor who plays Brody on Terra Nova but I really don't see the appeal of Brody other than his looks. Finn was great and it was nice seeing him pursue her again. I was wondering if they would bring the Ryder/Marley thing back up. I'm okay with Jake and Marley, although I'm not a big Jake fan. I've watched the performance of last week's "This is the New Year" a few times and love the little Ryder/Tina moment in it. Tina has had a big personality change, and while that can be contributed to her new confidence thanks to Glee club, I'm ready for her to back down a bit. Her, Blaine, and Kurt were adorable.


Nothing Against*** BTW the episode was very good except for minor things.


I know that this show was created by gay people and that the show it's for outsiders like geeks, artists, gay people. And I for one hve anything about homosexuals.. But why are the creators making everyone gay on the show?? Now Quinn's gay? What's next? Mercedes having a crush on Tina? Emma hooking up with Sue? Marley and Kitty on a make up session? Will and Finn having hot sex? Artie realizing that he has been in love with Mike all this time? Or Puck having feelings for Sam?


I find it really weird that there wasn't a scene with Tina and Mike. Not even a short one? Come on!


Horrible in every way. Quinn's a mess and they can't get her out of it.
Where's Emma? she might be dead by now.
Blaine's a sex addict. What's Kurt's excuse?
Why make Artie do that?
Marley knows officially that two adorable men want her and like each other. This was never Cyrano, not quite Camelot. Throw in a third ugly guy and give us The Hunchback of Notre Dame.
One thing I agree with: psychiatry never works.

Miranda wicker

@LilAngel--I think the test will be positive, but not falsely positive. And we don't see abortions on American television because that's a contentious topic among many factions of American culture. If the FCC and writers are reluctant to allow equal screen time to gay and straight couples, they are even further behind tackling the topic of abortion. I don't think even Ryan Murphy would go there.


I totally loved that episode (even though I'm a Brochel fan). Finn is finally maturing up. And it was a logical turn of events: when Rachel broke up with Finn, she said that Finn wa her first love and that she hoped he will be her last. So, right now, she is exploring her options (Brody,... and I hope maybe a little -or a lot- Puckleberry would be great) before she ends up with Finn. Anyway, I think the pregnancy test is positive but it could be a false positive (these things have a high tendency to be wrong) or that she would abort (I don't get why pregnant girls don't do that more often on American TV).
The Finchel song was awesome but the Mercedes' one was just plain boring


The pregnancy plot is very tired and Quinn's gay for a day is contrived. I wished Mercedes had more to do and lastly, where is Sugar?


This show used to be funny and fun for EVERYONE. But now it's Queet As Folk.


I HATED the episode. The wedding plot (which was the reason for this whole episode) lasted about 5 minutes and the rest was sex sex sex sex. That's all the show is now. Sex sex sex sex gay gay gay gay sex sex sex sex gay gay gay gay. I was pissed off by this whole episode. Everything was terrible. I miss season 1 :'(

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