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I loved tonight's episode and aside from the Naked episode, all of the episodes of the new year have been great.

I wish that Finn would have spent more time feeling guilty or at least admitted to Mr. Shue about the two of them rather than just jumping on Rachel.

I did love all of the old relationships (Klaine and Finnchel) hookups. Glad that the Tina-Blaine thing can finally be over. I kind of want Kurt to break Blaine's heart though. I love Blaine, but I think it would be good for Kurt as far as character development is concerned.

I hope Rachel actually is pregnant and the writers decide to explore options within this storyline besides making it a scare.

I wish Mercedes would find her way back to the series that is relevant besides the one or two lines she is being provided with. She is great! I also wish that the Mercedes-Kurt friendship would be brought back into light since Kurt has ditched her for Rachel. I loved when the three of them were close instead of just Rachel and Kurt.

The Santana and Quinn set up was random, but I loved it. My wish is for Quinn to have a better developed storyline though because she hasn't really received anything besides random scraps since her break up with Finn in season 2.

I'm sick of the Jake and Marley storyline. Hope Ryder shakes it up again. I hope next season the move forward with the New York aspect of the show and leave behind (or possibly revisit) McKinley.

Mr. Shue has also gone downhill following season 2. His character has become an asshole who I can no longer root for because he is such a douche. I loved whore version from season 1 and 2 of Mr. Shue rather than this crappy single guy who is insensitive to the 'love of his life'.

Anyways, tonight was a great episode and look forward for March 7!!


Finn's " she loves me, she loves me not." speech was epic. That and the " Anything Can Happen" performance were my favorite moments tonight. I hope Ryder doesn't ruin Marley and Jakes relationship I love them together. Although I kinda love Ryder as well after tonight. The love triangle ensues. Should be interesting.


This show should be cancelled, they seem to be run out of ideas. What's next? a threesome with the unholy trinity? not to mention that Quinn is a bit promiscuous, Puckerman,Finn,Sam,a forty year old teacher,Santana. Wasn't she a devoted christian in season 1?.


It is a refreshing story. glee is better in making a story LINE this season. The pregnancy thing is old. Hope it's just a scare. And OH QUINNTANA SHIPPERS ARE SAYING HI AND CELEBRATING OUR DREAM COME TRUE


I also thought Finn seducing Rachel was kinda sexy! I didn't see that coming honestly. I didn't even know her and Brody were still in an open relationship I guess, but that's cool. I'm over Brody so I'm glad she found out about all that and hopefully we can kick him to the curb! And open the doors again for her and Finn :) I actually thought the song Mercedes sang was awful. Since when does she sing like that?! Never… I loved Kurt and Blaine's performance and all their scenes together. It was nice to see just them having fun. I'm not all that invested in will and Emma anymore either. And Will's singing was terrible when he was at the alter. I was impressed Emma could do what she did so fast haha. I was just happy to see the gang all back together. Although I don't think they had one scene where they were all together. That was sad. I'm not a marley fan. I think jake's singing is a joke. It sounds so nasally. Ryder is way better, and much more attractive!


Wow, that was my favorite episode in a long time. This year, it feels like Glle is returning to its former glory. The past two seasons have been filled with one-episode-improvised-storylines, but this season they really take the time to develop the storylines.

I agree Finn was kinda hot tonight, the way he seduced Rachel. If Rachel is pregnant, I hope it's his baby (I don't know if that is possible, if enough time has passed between the hook-up and the end). Funny to see her relationship with Brody was filled with lies.

Quinn and Santana, that was hot too. But I would like a real love interest for Quinn she's been single long enough.


I feel bad for Emma :|

But wow, Quinn and Santana! YES. A thousand times yes! I'd trade challenged Brittany for Quinn in a heartbeat if the option was there.

Also, this pregnancy plot is so tired, every show did that and it probably won't be anything more than a scare anyway.

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