Grey's Anatomy Review: Deal or No Deal

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The tension was so thick on Grey's Anatomy this week, you could cut it with a scalpel.

"Hard Bargain," complete with extra drama-inducing rain, was not an episode overly filled with joy, miracles or ping pong tournaments. Rather, the stress surrounding the hospital buyout continued to push the doctors closer to the proverbial edge, leading toward a final decision that's bound to have major consequences.

Remember when the survivors found out they won $15 million a piece and Cristina jokingly said, "Mo' money, mo' problems?" Her words couldn't have been more true.

After all, the entire predicament of the hospital is based off the fact that it couldn't afford to pay off the survivors in the first place... leading to the need for new ownership to keep the place running. So what do they want to do with their newfound money? Buy the hospital!

It's a weird circle of life, right?

That Yang Look

Yet, even if the whole concept of the survivors owning the hospital sounds ridiculous, that's definitely looking to be the plan going forward and ultimately it spawned some great character drama out of the buyout mess.

I was certainly glad that not everyone was on board with the idea to pool all the money together right away. Arizona had some great points, even if the argument got heated and Derek was called "egomaniacal."

Even Cristina laughing her head off hysterically at the thought of the survivors' idea was funny. It's true that they don't know the first thing about how to run a hospital.

Thankfully, Derek had a financial advisor who was able to spin the negative situation into a positive one, albeit with some unfortunate side effects.

And I guess on some level, I'm kind of glad that all of the survivors finally decided to band together to do what was right and keep the hospital from turning into a robotic factory.

It was also truly great to see Derek stuck with some real problems. Normally he gets to just be the smiling nice guy, but he was conflicted over being the face of the hospital and taking fake surgery photos, all the while trying to lead the crusade for the hospital. Derek was getting his hands dirty.

Which of course resulted in the hilarious revelation that he sent the intern, Shane, to deface all the posters with his face on it. You have to admit, those posters, including the defaced ones, were funny. A photo with Derek and the word "compassion" was genius.

But can you believe that the doctors decided to quit as a last resort to stop the buyout? They're definitely gonna have a lot of free time to come up with that new name for their group now.

It's just unfortunate that Owen, who has been desperately trying to make up for putting the doctors on the plane, had to become collateral damage.

Even if the group thinks that this "bitter pill" will make it better later, it's going to be hard to get Owen back on their side. He felt completely betrayed and I've got a feeling this will push him even closer to Alana, perhaps even romantically.

Cristina and Owen have been doing so well that it was unfortunate Cristina got stuck in the middle. Can their relationship even go anywhere now because of what she chose to do? I get not telling Owen because of the lawsuits he could face, but on the personal level, for him, it's like that huge slap in the face.

There's definitely going to be a divide now, and I can only hope that the eventual outcome brings them all back together.

In addition to the heavy handed drama, there was a bit of romantic relationship happenings as well.

While the show seemed to have been pushing Jo and Alex closer together, it took that dangling love rope and yanked it right back. All that talk about co-worker romance and the hinted possibility of the two of them getting together... only to find out Jo is seeing someone else? Poor Alex, harsh world.

At the same time, April received some sound advice from Jackson (who I can't tell if he actually wants to get back with her) about being open and honest with the paramedic Matt. And I'm glad that she planned on doing so, but was bummed that the situation became contrived in that Matt happened to be saving himself too.

It's fine that he's doing that, and it's great that she found someone she can be with that thinks the same, yet it felt way to easy of a fix for their relationship. And I'm glad that she didn't mention sleeping with Jackson to him because let's be honest, she doesn't need to tell him.

I'm sure he'll find out and get upset because she's now not really a virgin, but I guess for those two crazy kids, I hope it all works out.

This was actually a pretty intriguing episode that really dug into some major drama for the characters, reinforcing the idea of taking action and standing up for what you believe in. It just makes me wonder how smoothly and nicely that final outcome will be.

Will the survivors' plan work? Should they buy the hospital? Sound off about the episode below, and check out the promo for next week's "This is Why We Fight"!


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isnt that weird that i dint cry as much when lets say lexie i did when in all the owen scenes in the last half.. his finding out cristinas quitting to, his telling cayhill that everyone who he thought was on his corner has betrayed him, his almost crying outside cristinas house ...heartbreaking.

Sarah silva

This was a good episode. I like how the rain was symbolic for all the turmoil. It help add to the drama.
It was the worst kept secret that they were going to decide to buy the hospital. However I am liking so far how they are going about it. Let's hope they keep it up.
I am sad that Jo is dating the other doctor. I hope Alex tells her he has feelings for her soon.
I still am not a fan of April's but I liked that her boyfriend is saving himself for marriage too, I am sure it is a semi common thing so it is not unrealistic that he is too. However, sadly I think if April does tell him about her and Jackson he will dump her.
I do not like Alana!


I loved all the intrigue. The secretive moves, can they keep Owen out of what's going on. Great! Owen will be out of the loop with the new doc owners now, his relationship with Cris will definately suffer. Perhaps he'll find that Cahill wants what he wants out of life, a family? Love Der's offer to marry Mer again cos of her stealing the financial papers. LOL


I think Derrick will divorce meredith and end up dating that intern boy.


I just don't like the hospital buyout storyline. Be done with it already! Want to see more medical cases. As for Alex and Jo, they need to end up together.


If they didn't take the money to being with none of this would have been an issue its silly that they will own the hospital. This show needs to go back to they it use to be before plane crashes, crazy persons shooting up the hospital. It use to be about the characters and how their cases effected them as doctors and people and plus their relationships with each other. I'll always watch but its just not the same anymore.

Sp mckenna

@Grey fan - An interesting connection choice but I like it! @Nina - For some shows, not everyone wants to be spoiled about what's going to happen in future episodes. In the case of Alana, I felt that it could have been a direction the show might go, not one it was guaranteed to go. But I completely understand that if you watch the show and do know that it's going to be her last episode, it makes perfect sense that she wouldn't be a love interest. As for being a CO fan, their relationship is one of the one's I root for. I just know that with Cristina not being able to tell Owen about their plan, it could cause problems. That said, I'm hoping they are able to get through it because those two having been doing great together!


Are you kidding, are you not feeling the pain of this story line? If you are that's what so brilliant about it...I believe that when we come out of the other side you will appreciate it!!!! I actually think it probably the most interesting thing to happen in a while... its so different!


How can Owen be romantically be involved with Alana when next epi is her last?How can Owen be romantically be involved with Alana when Rhimes confirmed the baby issue of CO would be discussed soon?Sometimes i really wonder how you guys make the research here. Constance Zimmer already said SEVERAL times she is no love interest. And seriously.With all the stress Owen has, now this "betrayal" really think he is in the mood for that? why dont you just write you are no CO fan and hope they wont make it. Would at least be more credible. just saying


I hate this story line! I hate it! More then any other story line in all the seasons!

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