Grey's Anatomy Review: Heart Of The Hospital

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Grey’s Anatomy aired "This is Why We Fight” tonight, an episode that focused heavily on the group's quest to buy the hospital and the impacts it will make on everyone around them.

Between investors and meetings, arguments and asking for help, the gang did the best its could. But was it enough? 

Derek, Meredith and Zola

Financial Fun. The majority of the hour centered around Derek, Mer, Yang, Callie and Arizona in their attempt to get a financial backer. After a few meetings, they were able to meet the top dog. His request that they have an administrative leader on their team was legit. In all seriousness, what do these surgeons know about running a hospital? Nothing. 

If this scenario got CHIEF back in front of Richard Webber’s name, I am all in. To this day, I still refer to Richard as Chief Webber.

I know I was not alone in being worried about this story arc. How does a show about a hospital of great looking doctors who have relationships and cool surgeries focus on anything other than that? I wasn’t sure of the idea of selling off the hospital or changing the way things work. Or even just the idea that there was a bigger focus than their relationships. But it's worked. It has kept the viewers interested and shaken things up in a good way. 

So, after some twists and turns, they get their money from somewhere least expected. Catherine offering up the Harper Avery Foundation is pretty awesome. It keeps the hospital open, keeps Catherine around for Richard and promises to make things a bit messy. How? As the majority shareholder, they get to choose someone to sit on the board of directors, AKA Jackson. How are these seasoned docs going to feel with a younger doctor being in charge? Who knows?? One thing is for sure: I can’t wait to find out.

Adios, Phil. Possibly the best part about this installment was Alex and his cool tumor in a bag surgery. This character has grown in such ways that it has been a joy to watch. Alex has earned his place and deserves everything he gets. I know I wouldn’t have hated going to the doctors as much if I had a cool doc like Alex. Things are still budding between him and Jo. Whether they acknowledge it or not.

Alex, Jo and Patient

Side Notes

  • You could totally see Mer’s baby bump in this episode!
  • How cute was Brooks’ haircut?
  • Anyone else think it was a little soon for Stephanie to want to follow Jackson across the country?
Overall, an interesting episode. Harper Avery offering to invest was a big surprise, but putting Jackson in charge is an even bigger surprise. What did you think of “This Is Why We Fight?”
Were you entertained or are you tired of the hospital drama? Sound off in the comments and check back for the Grey’s Anatomy Round Table later this week.


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Sarah silva

I knew Catherine was going to buy the hospital.
I actually think that Jackson will not want to be in charge, he is the main plastics surgeon since Mark died and Jackson loves operating so I think he will ask to me a silent partner and have Owen continue as Chief of surgery and appt Derek as the man in charge of the hospital as Derek is still a rock star but I think his passion for surgery is gone and it also gives Patrick Dempsey the chance to keep his scaled back role.
I want Jo and Alex to hoop up already.


I don't mind Jackson on the board. He is only one voice on the board and his family did donate 175 million dollars to save the hospital. I am so glad Webber will be Chief again! However, if Christina, Mer/Derek leave I am finished with the show. I watch the show for Cris/Mer/Callie and then Derek, Webber and Bailey. Too many of the originals have left for me to stay interested if more leave. The current crop of interns are not interesting enough to make me keep watching. Owen...Ok. April getting better...miss Lexie , Sloane etc etc... I hope there will not be a huge exodus next year. I think this show has at least one more season in it! If soap operas can stay on for 20-30 years with the same characters I hope we get at least one more season from this crew!


Part II - look on Richard's ... I am looking forward to finding out what Cristina & Owen told Alex when he brought out the liquor bottles from the OVEN!!!


Next GA episode 9x17 will air on 3/7/13


The show isn't on next week?


This episode prepares GA to continue after the core three characters of MerDer & Cris leave.I couldn't see how any of them would be written out if they owned the hospital. Now they are small shareholders and Avery is the 'owner', very smart move by Shonda. Mrs Av continues to manipulate her son and it makes me dislike her even more. But is the new owner really gonna like being an administrator?
Poor MerDer Calazona Crowen and Webber. They will never get anything done without the HarperAvery seal of approval.


Good to see comments from kimski and some of the others. I had been wondering about the executive and Chief of Surgery positions. I knew there were "administrators" and wondered how much actual medical/surgical experience was involved. So, thanks, kimski.
After the initial shock of the plane crash (actually the aftermath as well), I have been intrigued about how this would play out. Pretty d**n interesting to me, and glad the main 3 couples are still least in some form. Sooo looking forward to the remaining episodes.


I loved the show. I felt so bad for Hunt. He really was having the wool pulled over his eyes both ways. Glad he finally found out. I'm glad that it didn't work out exactly as the 5 Dr's wanted but I am glad that it did work out. Oh Catherine Avery, give your Mama a kiss, she just bought you a hospital, was so funny. Avery didn't like that very much but I suspect he knew it was the only way to keep the hospital open. I guess Richard, Cheif Weber will take him under his wing and shepherd him through this. Having worked at a Hospital for 25 yrs I know this isn't really how a hospital works. The Chief of Surgery is not the CEO of a hospital.
I love the Alex and Jo story line. I think the part about the other Dr is just a farce to see if Alex cares. I loved how she bared her heart to Alex about how much she would miss him. It's so nice to see a relationship cultivate between them before he just hops in bed with them. It's so nice to see how much he really cares too. Alex can be a douche sometimes, that's just how he protects himself, but when he cares for someone he falls deep. I hope this relationship works out. I still have a hard time accepting that he will not end up with Izzie. I know get over it.
It's going to be interesting to watch Avery struggle with all that has been put on his plate. And yes he is a gorgeous man!


I can't believe people are still watching this crapola ....I kicked GA to the curb after those super annoying episodes with ghost Denny ....and nothing is more boring on commercial network tv than an entire cast doing each other - prefer to watch paint dry !!!!
Is everybody still matched up like dogs in heat ?


I, personally, am soooo bored with the buying the hospital story line. You could see it coming from a mile away that Katherine was going to step in and save the day. Putting Jackson on the board could create a little drama, but that was a serious blow to Richard - you could see it by the look on his face. They just need to get back to the medicine, let us start to see what the new interns can do (they haven't done much of anything in the way of surgery to even know how good they are or what specialties they will really be good at), and definitely let us see more of Bailey and what's going on with her new marriage. I don't know how much more of this hospital thing I can take.

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