Grey's Anatomy Review: This Is a Family

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Even after all of these seasons, you still can’t help but love Grey’s Anatomy. Especially when it come sout with an episode such as "The Face of Change," an installment that has all your favorite parts wrapped up in just 60 minutes. Let’s talk about it.

Sneaking Around. Normally when you think of the docs sneaking around, it’s with each other. Not this time. All of the leads banded together to take on a trauma patient without the ER. Even with the new cast, this felt like old times. The group sticking together, covering for each other and doing its best to perform the medicine they were trained to do.

It didn’t hurt that Cristina was yelling out her dwarf names: Happy... Mouse...Ponytail...Dopey...

This was a risky move and not totally realistic anywhere other than Seattle Grace Mercy West. The writers did an excellent job in bringing in the patient by way of April and her new potential paramedic boyfriend. Way to tie things in in a sensible way.

Docs In Surgery

Competition Time. In an attempt to sell the hospital to Pegasus, Jackson and Alex were put in the running to be the brand ambassador. This led to some hilarious one-liners that are worth checking out on the Grey’s Anatomy quotes page. 

The not official girlfriends were into the competition as well. Stephanie and Jo went to bat for their guys regarding who should be the mug of the hospital. Again: hilarious. 

But, of course, it was Derek’s gorgeous face that made its way onto the elevator doors. Even though it was a little creepy looking, you can’t go wrong with McDreamy. 

It is not a horse. It’s a pegasus. The company looking to buy SGMW owns another hospital that Callie and Webber went to check out. These two have such great chemistry together. First playing husband and wife, then again as reps from Pegasus. I knew it would be Callie that would break about the hospital and come up with the idea to buy it. The thing I didn’t expect? That Richard has an early retirement package waiting for him. Personally, I don’t want to see a Grey’s Anatomy episode without James Pickens Jr. in it. 

Jalex? Looks like the worst kept secret will be coming true sooner rather than later. Jo and Alex are definitely on the path towards a couple - and it is a pretty great path. Everyone sees it, Meredith told Alex to go for it and by the end of the hour, it looked like Alex saw it for himself. Seriously, these two need to happen now. 

Side Notes

  • Alex did the voiceovers in this episode. Pretty cool way to change things up.
  • How cute are April and Matthew, the paramedic cutie?
  • How much do you hate Cahill? 
  • Check out the EXCLUSIVE TV Fanatic interview with Constance Zimmer on her character. 

Overall, another great episode from Shondaland. What did you think, TV Fanatics? Were you a fan of “The Face of Change?” What do you think will happen next? Will the plane crash victims buy the hospital? Will Richard retire?

Sound off below and don’t forget to check out the Grey’s Anatomy Round Table later in the week! Here's ABC's first promo for "Hard Bargain" ...


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Don't get me wrong. McDreamy is gorgeous and I adore him. But that picture in the elevator is kind of creepy.


Need a plot sneak Peek of a later Episode?
Here it is
I like Jo, therefore it inevitably follows. Shoda kills Jo. Every one I like, Shonda mercilessly slays.


Taking that patient was something that they would totally do. Only at SGMW! Deep down, even Owen can't argue, with his history as a medic and trauma surgeon. When Alex's patient's dad grabbed him, I was waiting for the punch to the jaw back. But no punches were thrown and security was called. He's really grown up. I was glad to see Alex and Jo make some progress. Mer is right though, she kicks ass. Jo is no Izzie or Ava. She's been through hell, so she gets what Alex goes through, and she's focused and objective. No matter how hard Izzie tried, she didn't have a single objective bone in her body. And most of all, she has a sense of fun. Just what Alex needs. I'm happy for April. I was waiting for Matthew to come back. If Shonda had any mercy, she would keep him around. He's wonderful for her. She deserves the fairy tale. She wouldn't have worked with Jackson. Even though they are best friends, they are totally different on the topic of relationships. April is holding out to out for the real thing, and Jackson won't be able to give that to her no matter how close they are. I have a feeling that Matthew is also on the same page when it comes to faith as well; he really seems like the type. Shonda, I'm begging you....please give April her happy ending in Matthew!!


As for the hate on Jackson and Stephanie, can I just point out that these two have really great chemistry and that with the actress getting a potential SERIES regular option, they could be here to stay.
However, it’s not like he is claiming to be in love with Stephanie. IF you’ve been watching, he broke up with April for a decent reason and then she wouldn’t have anything to do with him afterwards so he has moved on. The BASIS of Jackson and Stephanie hasn’t been discussed, so for all we know it’s just a friends with benefits thing that is going on.


It is episodes like this why I love Grey’s Anatomy! It had the dynamic of mixing comedy and drama together, while also allowing the entire cast (regular and recurring) interacting together to do what they do best; save a patient.
Furthermore, it was episodes like this that ALLOW me to see the chemistry between Jo and Alex, so if the writers continued to keep their relationship on that path, I would route for them to be a couple.
As for Alex being the voiceover, I remember Alex had a narration in season 5 around the time when Izzie had cancer. I really wish Cristina would get a chance at it, seeing as past characters like Derek, Bailey, Callie and George have all had a chance at it.


I hate the new love interest with Avery and the intern. It is terrible. Kepner and Avery had such a cute story line. So disipointed in where they are taking it. And I Callie!


Are you fucking kidding me! This episode was amazing and the best of the season so far, IMO. I loved watching everyone band together in order to fight this change in their own domain!


I think that this episode was a bit lackluster. The hospital takeover arc has been uninteresting for me...will hang in there though since I do support this show.


Callie once again made the episode. Seriously should be her beautiful face that represents SGMW.


How much more boring can an episode get? There was just nothing in this to make it interesting. Like we didn't know that the doctors won't bring up saving the hospital! Snooze fest!

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