Grey's Anatomy Season 9 Finale Spoilers: Will Anyone Die?

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Almost every year, the Grey’s Anatomy season finale is one you have to sweat out.

Plane crashes, bus accidents, shootings you name it. Choose your own disaster.

So what will May's Grey's Anatomy Season 9 finale entail? More of the same?

Torres and Karev

Maybe not. Creator Shonda Rhimes tells TV Line she has some other ideas.

“I have a general idea of what the finale is going to be, but it’s been evolving as the season progresses,” the executive producer says. “At this moment in time, I would not consider it to be a catastrophe.”


Of course, we've also seen major breakups, hospital shakeups and other emotional drama. So you know it's going to pack a punch. Just a matter of how, and who will be impacted the most this season.

Major deaths seem to be off the table this year at least. Probably. Phew.

What do you think will go down in a few months' time at Seattle Grace? Share your thoughts and theories about how Grey's Anatomy Season 9 could/should come to a close in the comments!

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Ah! I know! I know what it is going to be (eventually)! Remember, when Izzie was about to undergo cancer treatment - they harvested her eggs which were fertilized because embrios keep better frozen? Well, imagine Karev proposing to a new gal, and at the same time Izzie appears with the child and - kapaw! - Karev is a biological father... Wow!! :)


Burke - bring him back, yes! The rest are optional :) The woman Owen slept with should appear and hand him over a baby he wanted to take care of ;) "Congratulations, Daddy!"


I agree about the drs pitching in with their settlement but I think Callie's dad will come through with the rest, and could April and Jackson please get back together? I love them together and yes bring Izzy back and Burke. I really miss George could we
Have a new character like George


PLEASE bring Burke back... The storylines haven't been the same w/o seemed like all the characters started to change or lose something after he left... Nothing could better than bring Dr. Preston Burke back!


Or Christina discovers she's pregnant with Dr. Parker's baby. Even better Season Finale!


Since when does anyone whom a regular character slept with disappear to never return? The woman Owen slept with last season shows up with a baby. Good season finale!


Let everyone wake up from a dream so we could once again enjoy Lexi, Mark, Izzy, Burke and Teddy. I know....goofy, but that was when the show was REALLY spectacular. Characters like Shane and April are boring and have no real fit in the show.


ring back the IZ! I mean Izzie.


Hope Izzie NEVER comes back. My least favorite character (I even like the interns more than her). And yes, I'm a longtime viewer. I couldn't stand her from the very beggining


I also feel it's time for Izzie to come back!

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