Grey's Anatomy Sneak Peek: What Are You Doing?!

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Everybody wants to know just what's going on amid the upheaval at Seattle Grace.

In this clip from tomorrow night's episode, we see that Alex Karev is no different.

As Meredith and Cristina discuss their plan to buy the hospital, Alex wonders why the heck they walked out - along with a ton of support staff - and sabotaged the Pegasus deal. He's not the only one in the dark.

Prior to Karev walking in, Cristina ponders the impact this will have on her relationship with Owen, and later, we see the doctors discussing their plan to pull off this 11th-hour financial coup. Will they succeed?

Watch the clip from "This is Why We Fight" and comment below ...

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I hope this is a success and they do buy the hospital. But if they put all thier life savings into this they'll be broke .
So this is a win lose thing.


Yay Grey's Anatomy


Seems like a rather dramatic episode to come.


nce again people bitching about a little SP they havent even see nall of the damn episode yet so sick and tired of people bitching shut up stop watching the show if you feel that this SL is going to long I am sure you can find something else to watch every week its the same thing can't even enjoy the show because of whiners shut up

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