Hart of Dixie Review: Little Miss Popular

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Well, I'm going to have "Jolene" stuck in my head all night now, but it was worth it to see George serenade Tansy's dog. Is that man not that sweetest!? And hello shirtless scene!

Wade takes a lot of credit for Bluebell's most famous washboard abs, but "Take Me Home, Country Roads" let us all acknowledge what George Tucker has on underneath that button down. Amen. 

Will Zoe Make Room?

Despite babysitting and then losing Tansy's dog on this week's Hart of Dixie, George and Tansy now seem to be stronger than ever. I wish I could say the same for Zoe and Wade, but those two hit a new bump in the road what seems like every Tuesday. Let's hope they can keep patching things up because I felt so bad for Lavon sitting on the couch with those donuts eating his feelings; we don't need to see all three of them heartbroken.

Obviously, what Zoe said about Wade's job slipped out and wasn't meant to upset him but sometimes she needs to take her criticism down a peg. In the end it worked out because Wade was reminded of how happy he was when he was working on opening his own bar. But what if next time Zoe makes a criticism it isn't something constructive? I get that she was on a high after the way everyone was treating her, but it's important to remember that Wade always spoke to her even when the rest of the town kept up an icy demeanor.

I'm gettin' a little tired of having to appreciate you by myself, if you catch my drift. | permalink

I think we all catch your drift, Wade. You're one of the horniest people east of the Mississippi. And the pet cemetery? Really? That feels kinda dirty and not in a good way, but, hey, whatever floats your boat. Did anyone else catch a little flirtation between Zoe and Jonah Breeland? He was quite cute, but Zoe and a Breeland? I just can't see it.

Speaking of the Breeland, there already is a Lemon 2.0 and her name is Magnolia. Quit it with the nice act, Lemon, we all know what you're made of. I know she was genuinely hurt about Annabeth and that does suck. It seems like there should always be clear cut rules about dating someone your best friend had feelings for - but Annabeth developed feelings for Lavon before she knew about him and Lemon.

According to girl code and any sense of friend morality, Lemon has the right to be upset. BUT Lemon should've made it clear to Lavon she still had feelings for him. Instead she hid it when he was pissed at her and moved on to Walt. 

Lavon isn't a mean guy and I don't think he would've pursued Annabeth had he have known her best friend was still in love with him. He did, after all, have feelings for Lemon for a long time. I would say it must get tricky in a small city like Bluebell but the truth is this kinda thing goes on all the time, no matter the population size. People fall for who they fall for. I would be lying if I said I didn't have sympathy for Annabeth as well. It's an all around crappy situation. The one thing I will say is that Annabeth should've spoken to Lemon before she slept with Lavon.

Well, hey, at least one Breeland is happy romantically! Shelby is a pretty good dancer and she truly is into Brick. I'm glad Brick introduced her at the party. Somebody's love life has to go right and Brick is also dealing with his patients leaving him for Zoe. 

Do you blame Zoe for indulging in her newfound popularity? Do you think Zoe and Wade will make it? What's your take on Lemon and Annabeth's fight? Hit the comments and enjoy humming "Jolene" all day long!


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It might have been because I was anxiously awaiting Emily Owens (not worth the wait, it turned out) but I couldn't really get into this ep. I'm stuck on 3 things.
1)Just weeks ago, Wade had no idea how to be romantic and now he's preparing fancy dinners?? Well...this show never was one for consistent characterization. At least they finally remembered he does have some ambition in his career.
2)Girl code aside, Annabeth does indeed deserve happiness. Lemon wasn't exactly being straightforward about everything either, and I know that I certainly wouldn't feel like my happiness had to come second ALL THE TIME. I'm sick of this idea that Lemon somehow has the right to control her friends' personal lives. Girl code also suggests you should be happy and supportive of a friend, especially if you've already attempted to move on yourself.
3)GOD ANOTHER MUSICAL PERFORMANCE?! Muted the TV. I'm so sick of the song and dance routines on this show. Also preemptively sick of the hinting at something between Zoe and Jonah.


I found myself mad at Lemon this week..Yes, she should have been upfront with Lavon a LONG time ago, but she's made it quite quite clear that she's happy with Walt. She's acting like no one can be happy in their love life except her..Esp. Lavon and AB...Lavon deserves to be happy and so does AB I was also ticked at Zoe with what she said to Wade.. He's making it clear that he wants this to go somewhere.. COME ON ZOE.. what girl wouldn't want her guy to take her away for a weekend!? I would like to see an episode where things do go right for Zade.. they deserve it. Although, next weeks episode doesn't look like we'll get it anytime soon George singing to Dolly was pretty awesome....looks like George now has two new girls in his life =) I would like to see this show get renewed for another season...


annabeth=dodgy she should have been upfront with Lemon


A thought that kept running through my head was, wasn't it like two weeks ago that Wade was wondering what a bartender could make in New York (with what I assume is the wrong headed thought that Zoe wants to return), her schedule would actually be ten times crazier if they did. And heck, he was friends with Lemon in high school, did he not notice she was basically in charge of her house and her sister because her father was never around? And then next week we are focused on the risks of Wade's job as a musician to Zoe...these two could be happy for a whole episode, it wouldn't kill the show.


I am growing tired of this show... I do not know why they are so off track. At the rate they are going, there will not be a season 3. I hope the writers wake up or shake up the creative team. They are losing me really quickly. The Plot lines are just dumb. They make the characters look stupid. They have some talented actors on the show. Give them good material to work with instead of the garbage they are throwing out there right now.


I dont like to see Zoe with Wade and George with Tansy. I truly think George and Zoe belong together. Like Lavon & Lemon.
As you can all think I dont like the show at this time. And I dont think a turning back now ( I mean with George & Zoe)is possible now. Its really a pity!!

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Hart of Dixie Season 2 Episode 16 Quotes

Annabeth we're not animals, we can control who we do and do not sleep with.


I'm getting a little tired of having to appreciate you by myself, if you catch my drift.

Wade [to Zoe]