Hart of Dixie Review: The Break Up

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We all saw this coming, didn't we?

On "Where I Lead Me," Zoe and Wade broke up. After a dramatic out-of-character (OOC) twist on last week's Hart of Dixie, all of those decisions came to a head and no amount of begging from Wade could save this relationship.

On a lighter note, though, we were given more Wanda and Tom on their wedding day in Bluebell. These two saved the hour for me.

Annabeth & Lemon Arrive

I might as well get the negative out of the way. Here's the gist of what happened: the writers needed a reason to end the Wade and Zoe relationship. Their conclusion? Making Wade OOC by having him sleep with a woman who wasn't Zoe Hart.

This is where my problems begins. In my review last week, I blew up and scorned the writers for doing this. Now that we've reached this far in Hart of Dixie Season 2, it seems like this was the writers intentions all along. Every week has brought a new problem for the couple; the pattern has been obvious and irritating, as they argue over something or hurt each other's feelings and then quickly make up for 10 minutes before another issue arises.

If this was the plan, HoD team, then why did you waste most of this season catering to this couple?!? I will admit that I'm the kind of viewer who watches this happen and says, "it's all apart of their character journey" and continues to enjoy the story. But it's hard for me to wrap my head around the OOC and "dark place" Wade was put in just to break him and Zoe up.

I can't say I'm looking forward to seeing how the bitterness is swept under the rug. It's not like Zoe can forgive him anytime soon and be back with him. If she did, then she'd be OOC.

On to the positive! Debra Jo Rupp was wonderful in this episode! I want her back for more because, honestly, who wouldn't want more of that lovely lady? She also said, "YOLO!" Ha! So come back Kitty!

Speaking of Wanda, her and Tom's wedding was absolutely adorable. What I would have given to have an invite to that event! I would have dressed up as a Droid or something. Nerd heaven! At least love is working out for one couple on Hart of Dixie.

I truly hope we continue to have more Tom and Wanda! Ross Philips and Mallory Moye are underused in the show.

Finally, after OOC Lemon last week, she came to her senses and forgave Annabeth. I spoke to Kaitlyn Black recently and she made a good point: I need to look at it from Lemon's perspective. She said that Annabeth was the most constant thing in Lemon's life and she had been hurt by AB. That's very true and I'm more forgiving of OOC Lemon than I am of OOC Wade now.

It's nice to see that the bond of two friends is strong enough to make it through this. I definitely ship Annabeth and Lemon as best friends forever!

Overall, this episode brought back the funny and picked the show off the floor after last week's disaster. It's time for us Dixie fans to move on and accept the journey the writers are taking us.


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I'm done! Can't stand that they have broken up Wade and Zoe. Sorry Hart of Dixie it was fun while it lasted - I will use the space on my DVR for another show.


I am a little surprised to see that people are so disappointed in this story line. Obviously, I love the 2 of them together, but I've been a little bored with WZ since they got together at the end of the Christmas episode (except the one where George's mom interferes). What makes Wade so fascinating is that he is trying to so hard not to hate himself in life. He expects himself to fail, ergo he has to ruin things before they may or may not end naturally. It's the classic behavior of a self-sabotaging person. I felt it was totally in line with his character development. He's always 1 step forward and 2 steps back. However, I don't think this is the end of Zoe and Wade. I expect him to mope for a couple of episodes, then beg, and finally prove to himself and her that he is a MAN, not a scared boy. Perhaps he will open the bar and that will be the signal that he has come to terms with his past (mom's death, dad's drinking, coming from the wrong side of the tracks, fancy brother, and lack of career) and is ready to be the man that he knows Zoe deserves He first has to love himself, before he will let her love him.


so please fix this writers as quickly as possible! I will never stop watching the show as I love it so much but is definitely going to be very painful to watch going forward for the time being. I will be Team Zade always Correction- where I said as an audience, it should say from an audience perspective


Definitely agree that the wedding and seeing DebraJo Rupp again, Lemon and AB taking steps to mend their friendship, and Lavon trying to cheer Zoe up by insisting they dance were the bright spots in this episode. The breakup scene on the bench was absolutely heartwrenching and had me in tears also. Wilson Bethel and Rachel Bilson did an excellent job with the scene. Their emotion, pain, and tears were genuine. I am hoping for a reconciliation as quick as possible as I have been a die hard Zoe and Wade shipper since day one. I also agree with two points other reviewers have made- 1) if he has done this to Tansy before like she made it sound then why did she think about trying to reconcile with him near the end of last season and 2) being as how we have never seen him in a committed relationship before Zoe I definitely see this cheating story as extremely OOC for Wade. As an audience he has only ever been seeing as having a girl stay the night and then leave the next day. So please fix this mess writers and do it fast! I will not give up on the show as I love it so much, but it will definitely be painful not seeing Zade together


Ok let’s face it we all knew they were going to break up, but it was still so sad the acting was great. My heart still hurts, I get way to into these shows! I would be happy with Zoe being with Wade or George they are both so cute and funny that I find it had to pick one over the other, but I would like to see Wade truly better himself and win her back (I know not going to happen this season but hear hoping). To the writers if you have a character who look so amazing naked or wrapped up in a towel then why would you make him break up with the only person who can keep him undressed! Come on!! I loved the preview for next week the other Dr is so hot!


The writer and most commenters have pretty much summed up my thoughts on this episode. Like most, I expected a break-up, but the way in which it happened this was sloppy writing.
A valid comment made here: If Wade was such a cheater, why did Tansy want him back toward the end of S01? To me, it's just more proof that were too lazy to think up another way for WZ to break up and chose the easiest way out.
From what I've read, Wilson was quite taken aback by his character's direction, which tells me alot. Kudo's to him for making excellent work of a crappy story.


I too was very disappointed that Wade cheated..it didn't make sense for him to do so, with him being so head over heels with Zoe. Wade's tears and begging almost had me in tears. It almost makes me mad that he keeps denying himself happiness because he feels like he doesn't deserve it. I just hope the writers know what they're doing, cuz I for one have been pulling for Zade since the pilot. George and Zoe are good as friends, and just that, and I don't like the fact that Jonah is back..yuk! It was a relief to see Lemon and AB make up, and the wedding was really the only bright spot in the episode. I was a little confused to hear that Tansy "heard the same excuse" weren't W&T only together for 4 months..but it was nice to see Tansy and Zoe being somewhat civil to each other..
I'm still hoping for season three, pulling for Wade and Zoe... They really are perfect for each other, and hopfully they will get past this..


I don't think the cheating will get people to stop watching. If anything, from what I'm reading on this board, it seems the fans have gotten even more passionate about Zoe/Wade and the show. We've all seen shows where the characters who were meant to be took a couple of seasons before they get really commited. Don't forget there's a love triangle and they have to keep it going. Same thing they're doing whith Lemon/lavon. Personnally I am more invested in them and we haven't seen them together yet, so don't worry people the writers will get to it eventually! We waited 4 years for Caskett and Mer/Der, six years for Booth/Brennan, etc. So people, keep watching!


FtFitz, thanks you expressed my thoughts better that I was able to myself...


I agree with most of your comments about how this is so OCC for Wade this season after all his improvement. I think a break up was coming sooner or later just because there is a triangle going on and blah blah blah. But the problem is how the writers chose to do it. I feel cheated myself but not by Wade but by the writers and LG. They ruined their best character, most liked couple and perhaps the show itself. THAT sounds like self-sabotaging to me. And the fact that most of us who rooted for them, still do (despite that cheating is a deal breaker for most of the people), proves that this was such a bad idea and really hard to buy after all we've seen in this two seasons. I bet even Wilson Bethel feels cheated himself.

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