Hart of Dixie Review: The Break Up

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We all saw this coming, didn't we?

On "Where I Lead Me," Zoe and Wade broke up. After a dramatic out-of-character (OOC) twist on last week's Hart of Dixie, all of those decisions came to a head and no amount of begging from Wade could save this relationship.

On a lighter note, though, we were given more Wanda and Tom on their wedding day in Bluebell. These two saved the hour for me.

Annabeth & Lemon Arrive

I might as well get the negative out of the way. Here's the gist of what happened: the writers needed a reason to end the Wade and Zoe relationship. Their conclusion? Making Wade OOC by having him sleep with a woman who wasn't Zoe Hart.

This is where my problems begins. In my review last week, I blew up and scorned the writers for doing this. Now that we've reached this far in Hart of Dixie Season 2, it seems like this was the writers intentions all along. Every week has brought a new problem for the couple; the pattern has been obvious and irritating, as they argue over something or hurt each other's feelings and then quickly make up for 10 minutes before another issue arises.

If this was the plan, HoD team, then why did you waste most of this season catering to this couple?!? I will admit that I'm the kind of viewer who watches this happen and says, "it's all apart of their character journey" and continues to enjoy the story. But it's hard for me to wrap my head around the OOC and "dark place" Wade was put in just to break him and Zoe up.

I can't say I'm looking forward to seeing how the bitterness is swept under the rug. It's not like Zoe can forgive him anytime soon and be back with him. If she did, then she'd be OOC.

On to the positive! Debra Jo Rupp was wonderful in this episode! I want her back for more because, honestly, who wouldn't want more of that lovely lady? She also said, "YOLO!" Ha! So come back Kitty!

Speaking of Wanda, her and Tom's wedding was absolutely adorable. What I would have given to have an invite to that event! I would have dressed up as a Droid or something. Nerd heaven! At least love is working out for one couple on Hart of Dixie.

I truly hope we continue to have more Tom and Wanda! Ross Philips and Mallory Moye are underused in the show.

Finally, after OOC Lemon last week, she came to her senses and forgave Annabeth. I spoke to Kaitlyn Black recently and she made a good point: I need to look at it from Lemon's perspective. She said that Annabeth was the most constant thing in Lemon's life and she had been hurt by AB. That's very true and I'm more forgiving of OOC Lemon than I am of OOC Wade now.

It's nice to see that the bond of two friends is strong enough to make it through this. I definitely ship Annabeth and Lemon as best friends forever!

Overall, this episode brought back the funny and picked the show off the floor after last week's disaster. It's time for us Dixie fans to move on and accept the journey the writers are taking us.


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Gave it 3 stars only because of the cute wedding and the George scenes (some of his best I believe). Lemon and AnnaBeth had some cute interactions. Everything else sucked.


This cheating business just comes out of left field, why would Tanzy want Wade back a while ago if he was a cheater!? It seems that the only reason Wade and Zoe were brought together was to please the fans and they could not even do that properly, constantly creating stupid drama out of nothing. I feel, as a loyal viewer, like I have been condescended to and now the writers and etc. have given up on this so they can create some drama before the end of the season and start back on the Zoe-George trail! I am so disappointed, they have made one of my favourite TV males unlikable by making him something every girl hates!




I think what's most disappointing to me is it's so...lazy. The weakest part of this season, IMO, has been the focus on the romantic relationships at the expense of the friendships, professional career storylines and most importantly independent/individual growth. And here they've done it again. Their break-up/conflict now isn't about their different personalities, priorities, backgrounds, goals, etc. It's about sex. They'll have to work through the physical act of cheating before they can really work through the REAL character stuff underlying it, if they ever manage to get there.


I have read that this show is "on the bubble " to be renewed next season. I have recently discovered the many websites dedicated soley to the characters Zoe & Wade. It seems like the writers are committing series suicide here! I watch this show because it's cute, quirky & fun. I like to escape from reality & be simply entertained. What a horrible, horrible let down. I just can't watch!


One more thing: there was NEVER any evidence that Wade was a cheater, even with Tansy, until this episode. We all knew he was a player and that he slept with a lot of women. A guy sowing his oats is totally different from being a cheater. If we had been given any indication of his cheating in the past, I don't think Wade would have had so many fans for 2 seasons. Tansy NEVER called Wade a cheater until this episode. Previous shows had indicated they broke up because they fought a lot. Total cop out from the writers.


For the Zade fans, there is still hope. Wade can become a better man and prove to Zoe that he won't do this again. That would take for him to admit to her the reason why he cheated in the first place. The situation kind of reminds me of the movie Circle of Friends. If you haven't seen it, rent it now because I think it would put some Zade fans at ease. The movie shows that good guys can do stupid stuff when they are drunk and that it is possible to rebuild a relationship after a person cheats. This is hardly the scenario I would like but it is possible. I hope some fans can forgive Wade and I still hope he and Zoe get together in the end.


Just finished watching the episode. The George fans are probably very happy I'm sure, but this is not the way the writers should have handled this triangle. Even if Wade hadn't cheated, it was very foreseeable that he wasn't in the right state of mind to be with Zoe right now. There needs to be more character growth and maturity for Wade to feel confident enough to know that he is good enough to be with Zoe and do more than just be a bartender. I understand that this could take 1 to 2 more seasons. The cheating is unjustifiable though. I'm sure they will lose viewers over this.


I'm with Marisa - as much as Wade may have come along way in the past season, why are you surprised that he screwed up a good thing by cheating? Look at Tansy's experience of him, for her it was no surprise at all that he would behave that way - it was even the same excuses. I think the writers have been trying hard to show the character developing but also having some regression issues and have succeeded very well. They even had him screw up the last time the possibility came up for the bar by hitting on the lady from the bank.
My perspective may come as someone that supports Zoe and George as an end game as they just make more sense to me but I still don't find it at all surprising that Wade acted as he did - more like the fall of someone who has been trying too hard to be someone else...


I'm about to watch the episode in a minute but I hate that the writers made Wade cheat as a reason for the break-up more than just breaking them up over their constant bickering. Why? Because in real life, I would never tell a girl to go back to a cheater and I want Wade and Zoe to get back together. For them to make Wade a cheater just makes it very difficult to justify Zoe getting back together with him in the future. I also dislike the fact that the writers think so lowly of Wade that they would make his character do this. I agree that it was very OCC after Wade's growth this season.

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