Hart of Dixie Review: The Break Up

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We all saw this coming, didn't we?

On "Where I Lead Me," Zoe and Wade broke up. After a dramatic out-of-character (OOC) twist on last week's Hart of Dixie, all of those decisions came to a head and no amount of begging from Wade could save this relationship.

On a lighter note, though, we were given more Wanda and Tom on their wedding day in Bluebell. These two saved the hour for me.

Annabeth & Lemon Arrive

I might as well get the negative out of the way. Here's the gist of what happened: the writers needed a reason to end the Wade and Zoe relationship. Their conclusion? Making Wade OOC by having him sleep with a woman who wasn't Zoe Hart.

This is where my problems begins. In my review last week, I blew up and scorned the writers for doing this. Now that we've reached this far in Hart of Dixie Season 2, it seems like this was the writers intentions all along. Every week has brought a new problem for the couple; the pattern has been obvious and irritating, as they argue over something or hurt each other's feelings and then quickly make up for 10 minutes before another issue arises.

If this was the plan, HoD team, then why did you waste most of this season catering to this couple?!? I will admit that I'm the kind of viewer who watches this happen and says, "it's all apart of their character journey" and continues to enjoy the story. But it's hard for me to wrap my head around the OOC and "dark place" Wade was put in just to break him and Zoe up.

I can't say I'm looking forward to seeing how the bitterness is swept under the rug. It's not like Zoe can forgive him anytime soon and be back with him. If she did, then she'd be OOC.

On to the positive! Debra Jo Rupp was wonderful in this episode! I want her back for more because, honestly, who wouldn't want more of that lovely lady? She also said, "YOLO!" Ha! So come back Kitty!

Speaking of Wanda, her and Tom's wedding was absolutely adorable. What I would have given to have an invite to that event! I would have dressed up as a Droid or something. Nerd heaven! At least love is working out for one couple on Hart of Dixie.

I truly hope we continue to have more Tom and Wanda! Ross Philips and Mallory Moye are underused in the show.

Finally, after OOC Lemon last week, she came to her senses and forgave Annabeth. I spoke to Kaitlyn Black recently and she made a good point: I need to look at it from Lemon's perspective. She said that Annabeth was the most constant thing in Lemon's life and she had been hurt by AB. That's very true and I'm more forgiving of OOC Lemon than I am of OOC Wade now.

It's nice to see that the bond of two friends is strong enough to make it through this. I definitely ship Annabeth and Lemon as best friends forever!

Overall, this episode brought back the funny and picked the show off the floor after last week's disaster. It's time for us Dixie fans to move on and accept the journey the writers are taking us.


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I'm pretty disappointed that the writers had Wade cheat on Zoe to break them up. It's been stated by quite a few people in previous posts, but it definitely seemed as though the writers have been headed this direction all season by creating ridiculous problems between the two. At any rate, W/Z were the main (only) reason I watch this show -I'm not sure how much longer I'll be sticking around.


WOW! What were the writers thinking??? Didn't make any sense that Wade would cheat on Zoe after falling so hard for her just a short time ago. It's so early into their relationship-doesn't make any sense. It would have made a lot more sense for Wade to have broken up with Zoe because he felt like he wasn't good enough for her (Not to mention, it would allow for the happy reunion a few episodes up the road!) Super disappointed in the decision to end the W/Z relationship and in that manner, not sure I'll have any desire to watch HoD if Zoe starts dating George.


While I absolutely HATED what happened between Wade and Zoe, I still thoroughly enjoyed the show! (as tears are flowing down my cheeks whilst I'm typing this comment). The acting in this show is so refreshing and phenomenal, that emotion they bring is superb. Though we may disagree with their plotline, we can definitely agree on the fact that this sets up several more seasons to go in the future where Zade can be reborn.


This episode was awful, just beyond horrifying. Right now, I hate the writers with the heat of 10,000 suns. Yes, the cheating was OUT OF CHARACTER for Wade. Just a plot point to break up the couple we love so much. I sincerely hope it doesnt hurt the ratings. I mean, I know I am not interested in watching.
For what?
To see the characters be OUT of character and do things the viewers know they would never do?
Why would I want to see that?
The writers were very stupid having Wade cheat, he is a favorite character why do you want us to hate him? I am too upset to write anything other than dribble right now.. I better go compose myself. I will NOT be watching next week. Stupid, dumb writers!


Well, the break-up was poorly executed but inevitable (thankfully, I hope and believe their eventual reunion is equally inevitable but hopefully will be developed better). And the self-sabotage isn't 100% OOC for Wade, if we're perfectly honest. Also entirely predictable: George rushing to defend Z's honor; I think we can all see where that's heading. (Although the rest of George's behavior this ep was completely bizarre and made no sense. Kept waiting for it to be revealed that the other lawyer drugged him or something. I wish they would figure out how to write him better and consistently.) Tom and Wanda are a great couple, and I love Annabeth and Lemon's and Lavon and Zoe's friendships. That will have to be enough for me for now.


Didn't like the majority of this episode. Did like Debra Jo Rupp as Wanda's mom. She was great. Liked Tom and Wanda's wedding. It was very cute. I knew the Wade/Zoe breakup was coming too. Of course I found out last Wednesday after reading the spoilers on E! Online.
I'd like them to get back together but something tells me if they do, it won't be this season. They better hope people don't start leaving because of this breakup. I could see it. I'm extremely mad and sad at the breakup and I teared up when they did. Zoe didn't deserve what he did to her. Nice to see Tansy and Zoe being civil to each other.
The writers better worked some miracles because I know how people get into shows because I've been one of them. When Gossip Girl postponed getting Chuck and Blair together in season 2, I was so upset I didn't go to work the next day. I know it's just a show but that's how into it I was. If they don't work some sort of miracle, I could see the show ending with just two seasons. Really don't want it to happen but I could totally see it.


Lauren,.... my thoughts exactly. Not looking forward for what's to come and I really loved this show and W/Z. I'm not quitting though. Let´s hope the writers make some sense after this.


I didn’t like this episode much, at all. There were parts that were great. IE; Tom and Wanda. George is so great. And so glad Lemon and AnnaBeth Made up... But Zoe and Wade breaking up, even though I knew it was coming. Bothered me more than I even thought it would. It's an hour later and I'm actually still bummed out. call me a dedicated fan. Wade had evolved so much and for him to take such a step backward seems so out of character for him now. I just think it was a bad move on the writers part to do this so early on in their relationship. I think they could possibly lose some viewership. Hopefully that’s not the case, but I’m honestly not looking forward to what’s to come with them apart, not because of the love relationship, but their scenes together and chemistry were one of a kind on this show. It’s going to be tough to watch. Hopefully it all works out by the season finale. Quite a bummer of an episode.

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