Hawaii Five-0 Review: Man Date Mandate

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I'll admit it: as someone who has attended Super Bowl parties only because they are a place where it is socially acceptable to eat your weight in guacamole, I'm sure a lot of "Pa'ani (The Game)" was wasted on me.

Steve & Danny Lament

A few of the football-related Hawaii Five-0 quotes managed to penetrate even my thick skull, so I imagine that there was a lot for the devoted football fan to enjoy, and I apologize to you all for the important stuff that I am sure that I missed. Next round of guac is on me, guys.

But there are two things I do know a lot about: bromance and lite rock. And, luckily for me, they were both in plentiful supply in this episode (the latter in the form of Train's Pat Monahan as villain-of-the-week Neil Redding).

"Pa'ani (The Game)" took on bromance vs. romance, reaching a definitive verdict: bromance is king! Call it from the mountaintops!

From Steve blowing off Catherine to go to the Pro Bowl with Danny... to Danny blowing off the Pro Bowl to stay with Steve in the hospital... to the adorable McDanno bickering, this episode was a valentine to bromance, man dates and the fact that Danny is basically a way better life partner to Steve than Catherine.

I'm not saying Catherine was a jerk to go to the Pro Bowl and have an great time on TV while Steve was getting his shoulder jammed back into its socket at the hospital, except... oh wait, I totally am. Thank God Steve has someone to prioritize his well-being/ happiness/shoulder health, you know?

The episode's guest star MVP award had to go to throw-back lounge singer Nicky "The Kid" Demarco, who managed to be both hilariously over-the-top and true-to-life at the same time - there are still tough guy crooners like this, who claim that they used to roll with Sinatra, in almost every resort town in America (though most of them are nowhere near as entertaining).

With all the football and bromance-ular excitement in the air this week, the actual crime just couldn't compete. Monahan's evil and nattily dressed computer executive was fun to watch whenever he was on screen, and the murder was enjoyably complex - I certainly didn't guess the killer until he revealed himself.

But this week was truly about bromance and comedy, and the crime was just a vehicle to get it to us; much like how the corn chip is simply the vehicle to get guac into our mouths.

And that was more than alright. This episode was classic light fare (well, as light as anything involving a violent murder can be), and from the deep, frozen depths of a northeast winter, I certainly welcomed the sight of two guys who really care about and support each other, joking around in paradise.

What did you think of this week's crime? What great football jokes did I miss? Do you think Catherine made the right call with those Pro Bowl tickets?


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So much nonsence about who Steve should be with. I've no objections to good friendships on the show but I don't see any between Steve and Danny and god knows what kind of relationship Steve/Cath are meant to have. Not a good one and Steve is a jerk around her. The writers need to try and actually develop their characters and less of the stupid scenes between Steve and Danny. I couldn't care less who is the better life partner for Steve. I'd much prefer to see some decent detective work and Danny actually act like a cop for change and grow up. The writers need to stop with the inuenodes about Steve/Danny and who would want to be with a nagging wife!!. Cath is a great character but she's made to act the fool each week for the so called bromance. Its all become annoying and boring. The leads have become the least appealing characters for me and I'd much rather see more of the rest of the wonderful cast.


It wasn't the best episode, but it was enjoyable. Maybe it's me but It seems that Chin has less of screentime it's too bad. Catherine is really sweet with Steve, sincerely he doesn't really deserve Catherine. Honestly, I'm not a fan of McRollin, but I really love Catherine. I really adored the tiny scene between Kono and Catherine. I hope to see them more together for example working on a case. I really adored Larry Manetti and I was reminded how much I loved him in Magnum. It would be great a episode with Tom Selleck


How cool was that!!!! And this is football!!!! It was great having all the guys at the game, although I missed cutie, Fong ;) And since I am gushing, I did love the ending with the autographed football, Cat's description of Manning and Danno catching that she was on 1st name basis with him. Danno catching a throw from Steve on the actual field was pretty hot too! Overall, another favorite episode to re-watch : )


Another enjoyable episode with multiple great moments. I thought the writers did a good job making the crime du jour interesting without over powering the Pro Bowl extravaganza :) There's always room in a 5-0 season for a fluffy, light Ohana-centric story.
Great banter and team moments. Danno trying to get the data from his phone onto the smart table and then giving it up to Kono..hehe. Appreciated Steve not dumping Danno when Cat unexpectedly showed up with tickets. Yes, tickets on the 50 yard line is nothing to sneeze at but I appreciated Steve having the coutesy to not ditch Danno for Cat. I would have been upset if he did. And I had the impression that Cat was not really upset, she didn't push the issue and was quite certain she could get someone to join her. Her parting comment about Kamekona joining the man-date was cute! And best of all, Cat ended up with awesome sideline tickets and wait up...there's my girl, Kono joining her :) :) :) How cool was that!!!! And this is football!!!! It was great having all the guys at the game, although I missed cutie, Fong ;) And since I am gushing, I did love the ending with the autographed football, Cat's description of Manning and Danno catching that she was on 1st name basis with him. Danno catching a throw from Steve on the actual field was pretty hot too! Overall, another favorite episode to re-watch.


@ ALISA NOT EVERYONE IS A McDANNO fan ....DEAL WITH IT! Wonder how you would feel if were Catherine that if your boyfriend would rather go to a game with his friend than with you. Steve knows Cath now longer then 3 years so I expect he knows she is a football fan the least he could do was inform her before he and Danny decided to go together to the game. Steve is a lousy boyfriend.


I read ALL the comments here, and am amazed, just like a few weeks ago, that NOBODY mentions cameos by two famous musicians! Is everyone locked in their little tv rooms focused solely on the leads' bromance and that damn Katherine ?? My goodness, expand your horizons! A few weeks ago in "Hookman", the gun store owner was played by Springsteens E Street drummer (and band leader for Conan) Max Weinberg. This aint some b-list musician from the 1950's...this guy has been the Boss's drummer for a long time and travels the world often with him on tour. After seeing his name in the credits at the start of the show, I waited with anticipation to see what his role was. And he acted great ! Last nite (football episode) was the group "Train"'s lead singer Pat Monahan, who turned out the be the (eventual) bad guy. Again, great acting for someone whose main profession isn't ! I will add that while Train does not have the exposure of say Maroon 5, they DO have recent current Top Ten hits, and are by no means "yesterdays news". As popular as this show was in the 1970's, I never recall musicians of the day making acting cameo's, so this is great to see.....Lets hope we see more of this, say Adam Levine (Maroon 5) or one of the guys from Nickelback or whoever. Crossover with pop or rock music's stars can never be a bad thing !!


I enjoyed this episode which had a lot of lighter moments and some truly great stuff with Steve and Danno's bromance, which is just precious. Honestly, I love watching the two of them banter and argue like an old married couple, it is hilarious, and I love that they care about each other as people. There is nothing wrong with two heterosexual men being friends, and they add to each other's strengths and help with the other's weaknesses.
That said, I also would like more episodes that highlight the scrumptous Daniel Dae Kim (all of the men on this show are just drool-worthy, though) and I also want to know more about Steve's mom. Kono isn't really much of an exciting character, in my opinion, but I think Catherine shows real promise, and she's good with Steve.


GUESS WHAT PEOPLE: ALEX AND SCOTT ARE FOR MCDANNO....and steve ALREADY had plans with danny...WHY should he have backed out of those, to go with catherine....aparently the plans had been made ahead of time...catherine's tickets was last minute....the actors throw in those GREAT moments between danny and stve....and i for 1, was THRILLED that danny STAYED at the hospital....how else was steve supposed to get home? alisa

Mrs cleaver

Wow is it me or do we have alot of cranky peeps on here this week?
Thanks for posting the ratings every week @Walter.


i LOVED IT....i'm a MCDANNO FAN....and imo, catherine does NOT add anything....last week, she was only on for the last few minutes of the show....and imo, ALEX & SCOTT have far MORE chemistry, then alex has with the actress who plays catherine.....i LOVED that steve picked DANNY over catherine...and danny picked STEVE over the football game.....i want MORE of STEVE, DANNY AND GRACE. alisa PS: NOT EVERYONE IS A MCROLL fan or a CATHERINE fan....DEAL WITH IT!

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