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I'll admit it: as someone who has attended Super Bowl parties only because they are a place where it is socially acceptable to eat your weight in guacamole, I'm sure a lot of "Pa'ani (The Game)" was wasted on me.

Steve & Danny Lament

A few of the football-related Hawaii Five-0 quotes managed to penetrate even my thick skull, so I imagine that there was a lot for the devoted football fan to enjoy, and I apologize to you all for the important stuff that I am sure that I missed. Next round of guac is on me, guys.

But there are two things I do know a lot about: bromance and lite rock. And, luckily for me, they were both in plentiful supply in this episode (the latter in the form of Train's Pat Monahan as villain-of-the-week Neil Redding).

"Pa'ani (The Game)" took on bromance vs. romance, reaching a definitive verdict: bromance is king! Call it from the mountaintops!

From Steve blowing off Catherine to go to the Pro Bowl with Danny... to Danny blowing off the Pro Bowl to stay with Steve in the hospital... to the adorable McDanno bickering, this episode was a valentine to bromance, man dates and the fact that Danny is basically a way better life partner to Steve than Catherine.

I'm not saying Catherine was a jerk to go to the Pro Bowl and have an great time on TV while Steve was getting his shoulder jammed back into its socket at the hospital, except... oh wait, I totally am. Thank God Steve has someone to prioritize his well-being/ happiness/shoulder health, you know?

The episode's guest star MVP award had to go to throw-back lounge singer Nicky "The Kid" Demarco, who managed to be both hilariously over-the-top and true-to-life at the same time - there are still tough guy crooners like this, who claim that they used to roll with Sinatra, in almost every resort town in America (though most of them are nowhere near as entertaining).

With all the football and bromance-ular excitement in the air this week, the actual crime just couldn't compete. Monahan's evil and nattily dressed computer executive was fun to watch whenever he was on screen, and the murder was enjoyably complex - I certainly didn't guess the killer until he revealed himself.

But this week was truly about bromance and comedy, and the crime was just a vehicle to get it to us; much like how the corn chip is simply the vehicle to get guac into our mouths.

And that was more than alright. This episode was classic light fare (well, as light as anything involving a violent murder can be), and from the deep, frozen depths of a northeast winter, I certainly welcomed the sight of two guys who really care about and support each other, joking around in paradise.

What did you think of this week's crime? What great football jokes did I miss? Do you think Catherine made the right call with those Pro Bowl tickets?


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Latest ratings: Castle 9.7 million. H50 9.0 Deception 3.2. ABC swept the night for a change.


Got halfway through the coments and gave up on the Catherine haters. It is NOT the Steve and Catherine show, it's the 5-O team show, with a girlfriend for Steve, and an ex-wife for Danny, and a deceased wife for Chin, and an occassional boyfriend for Kono (Adam), and other minor characters that make for humor in the storylines! Everone hated Lori, don't know why, except she was made a member of the team for a specific reason. As for Catherine's Naval job....for the last time, Intell Officers have a shore job until a ship deploys and needs an intell officer on board. They work 7:30 to 4:30 most days, unless they have "24-hour duty", which could fall every 3rd, 4th, or 5th day, etc. And intoday's military, when off-duty you do not wear a uniform. So, Catherine's popping in every now and the is good for Steve and there for him when he needs her experise (which is really not suppose to happen). OK, off my military soapbox. Episode was good and I enjoyed seeing everyone included...including "the Kid"!


Enjoyable light episode. This must be H50's Valentine's Day episode with all the bromance. Danno and Steve are supposed to be opposites (like all "buddy cop" shows) Steve is the over the top take no prisoners guy and Danno is the levelheaded lets think about it guy but the writers go too far with Danno and he comes off as whinny. As for Catherine she should know that sensitivity is not Steve's strongpoint. He's not a hearts and flowers guy. Again the writers really haven't found a niche to put her in. A couple other comments. I'm a Cowboy fan like Catherine but I wouldn't be caught dead in a Tony Romo jersey after his performance against the Redskins. Also Duke apparently made a very fast recovery after being shot by the Hookman. Duke has to be in his 50's (Dennis Chun is 61) and you don't heal very fast at that age.


People who disagrees on Catherine I believe is not that they do not like her as Steve gf it is that her character should need to be written better and in a different way not the way so far she had been portrayed, that is why in my particular opinion, her character had let me down so far. I was expecting a different Catherine this season. I mean she does all the favors Steve asks her to do but at the end Steve barely has time for her. Why her character puts up with that? I should have dumped him a long time ago. Either make those 2 break up and maybe her role can be much better or improve her character in a different direction towards the relationship she has with Steve For me Cath is not like Max as some may find similar. Max is necessary on the show, and he is a guy and that is why his showing up not each episode do work on the show. On the other hand Catherine is Steve gf so that is very different the way she has to show up on the screen, she aint Max, Those are 2 different characters.


con"t. ..the commenters correct you. Just a suggestion. I would also like to suggest to TVFanatic that they give the comment section a few more words in our word limit! This is getting really annoying.


I really enjoyed this nice, light weight episode this week! It was definitely fun to see everyone end up at the game...except for Steve and Danny! Have to say I love Kamekona's clone - Flipper! I know there was a crime, I'm just not too sure what it was, and I honestly don't care. I'm kind of missing the big action scenes that have been nonexistent for the last few episodes, but I'm okay with that because I do enjoy the bromance - even the three-way bromance! Catherine is working out just fine for me, and I like the way she has become a friend to Danny as well. Steve got in a few good jabs to Danny this week - especially his remark at the end: "if that guy could run as fast as his mouth does, he could have a career in the NFL!" That goes on to my H50 classics list! My only comment to the reviewer: It might be nice if you were up on all your H50 eps like the majority of the commenters here are, and if you rewatched the ep to catch everything that happens before reviewing and then having commenters correct you. Just a suggestion.


I agree with what commenter Alex said here that he is on a fence about Cath, well so do I.

Mrs cleaver

Football plot-EH, but Steve was right about Tom Brady being the best ever. And it as sweet of Cath to get Danno that ball. Murder mystery-EH, though the lounge singer was terrific. Another "hope to see again" character.
I'll jump into the Cath debate. I like how they use her, in/out like they do with Max. She shows Steve's softer side, he acts goofy around her and smiles alot(always a good thing when Alex O smiles). I fear without her the Bromance might be a bit too much, she balances that. I also had no problem with Steve not going with her, he had previous plans. Agree too, we didn't know if she knew Steve was injured, so no obligation to go to hospital.


Danny has no purpose but I have to endure him each week. He adds nothing to the show except the annoying whiney factor. I have no problem with romance and bromance if it was done well, but both relationships or whatever you want to call them, suck. Cath's bows to all of Steves demands and her sole purpose seems to please him, while he can barely give her the time of day. The bromance is ruining the show as Steve is so much better when he's away from his clownish partner. Their characters become laughable and not in a good way when they are together. Cath's character has been ruined because the writers are so desparate to appease the McDanno fans. The ratings started to improve after the last disasterous McDanno episode and we had some good episodes, but I wouldn't be surprised if they start to drop again after this rubbish.


A lot of Cath debate this week! I'm on the fence. On one hand, I prefer when they have her just occasionally pop in as Steve's girlfriend and they don't have her fighting crime with the team (leave team alone!). And she and Steve are cute together. But then I also understand when people question why she is billed as a regular character, and she really isn't that necessary. If they wanted to add a new character this season, I wish they would've focused more on Doris. I think they could've done some really interesting things with the relationship between Steve and Doris, as well as exploring her background and relationship with Wo Fat. It does seem like the writers get off track as they go through the seasons.

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