Joanna Cassidy to Play Booth's Mom on Bones Season Finale

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Fans will finally meet the mother of Seeley Booth in the finale of Bones Season 8.

After rumored to be making an appearance for the past few years, Marianne Booth, mother of Seeley (David Boreanaz), will appear April 29. She will be portrayed by actress Joanna Cassidy.

As Bones fans know, Booth's mother abandoned her son a quarter century ago.

This spring, she unexpectedly reappears in his life at an inopportune time.

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The 67-year-old Cassidy has also played mothers on Six Feet Under, Body of Proof and Hawthorne in recent years. Among over a hundred film and TV credits, Blade Runner may be her most famous.

What do you think prompts the return of Booth's mom? And how will he react?

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I hope that Hank & Jared are also in this episode


I also assume she was deceased. The last time they even mention her Booth & Brennan was having Chinese food in the middle of the night.


It's a wonder that Booth is as great a family man as he is. Abadoned by his mother, abused by his boozed up father. Bring back Hank.


Well I hope it does not amount to some lovey dovey reunion - eugh - she a nice lady but if the story is she abandoned a child for 25 years - making them hug and make it up - NAH!! it would seem very very false. I have a similar problem - my mother SHOULD have Abandoned me and did not - there is no justice


I always assumed she was will be interesting to see how they introduce her...Also, it will be nice to see more of Booth's life.


Can't imagine any storyline that explain her absence but I'm totally for it. Finally, finally storyline for Booth this season. Yay!

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