Lost Girl Review: Is Dark Bo Dangerous?

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Lost Girl went all kinds of crazy on "Faes Wide Shut."

Bo fed outside of her relationship and the partner ended up dead. Kenzi was possessive of Bo and acted unlike herself. Lauren was doing her best to be okay with Bo feeding. And Bo went dark again. Oh, and there was an octopussy!

Close Up of Bo

Bo and Lauren were so cute together at the Dal picking out a sex partner for Bo. It was all a game until it started becoming a reality. As much as Lauren puts on a front that she's okay with Bo being with someone else, she is so NOT okay with it. She wouldn't be human if she didn't struggle with this situation, but she's brave for doing so.

As a doctor, she intellectually understands why Bo has to feed elsewhere, plus Lauren loves Bo and want her to be healthy. When Bo actually partnered up with someone else, she was uncomfortable with the awkward situation.

However, this may not be the biggest complication in their young couplehood. Bo's darkness has become a problem. When her romp in the sack was found dead, Bo was immediately a suspect. Could Bo be responsible for the deaths of two Fae? At the sex club, Dark Bo re-emerged to save Lauren and Kenzi. This dark persona within Bo has become a troublesome part of her life. Lauren has become concerned enough that she called someone for help.

Will Bo see Lauren's action as a betrayal? It depends on who she called and the motivation for them to even be talking about Bo. Unlike when Lauren was under the Ash's control, she's making her own decisions now. I doubt she would do anything that she didn't think was ultimately in Bo's best interest. The question is: Will Bo see it that way?

Meanwhile, Kenzi was acting all kinds of weird. She was clingy to Bo, said out of character things, and tried to sabotage Bo's relationships with both Lauren and Trick. Why? At the end of "Fae-de Black," Kenzi was grabbed on the street. It was almost immediately clear that the Kenzi that returned was not the same person, but her friends didn't know she was taken. It wasn't until after eating peanut seasoned food, Bo realized that Kenzi was not Kenzi at all. 

Bo: So, tell me, bitch. Where the hell is Kenzi? | permalink

What creature took Kenzi's place? And, why? Perhaps, it will tie into the stuff that got on Kenzi's arm at the Norn's place. It was surprising and a bit disconcerting that no one caught on that something was wrong with Kenzi though. Besides the general odd behavior with Bo, Trick and Lauren, she said specific things that should have drawn attention: going to the casino and paying for her beer.

These relationships are filled with so many secrets and lies right now. When they all come out, which friendships and romances will remain solid, if any?

Odds and Ends

  • Tamsin is still convinced Bo is responsible for the Dark Fae death and now this new death.
  • Kenzi was on Team Dyson, then last week shifted a bit to accepting Lauren in Bo's life. It will be interesting to see if Faux-Kenzi's comments to Lauren about Dyson stick with Lauren or not. Lauren did show up all sexy to the club when she heard Dyson would be there.
  • Dyson and Bo had a moment at the sex club gazing at each other, but once Lauren showed up Bo's attention immediately shifted to her girlfriend. With the secrets piling up, the love triangle could easily get reignited.
  • Lauren: The secret to any relationship is trust, understanding and compromise. | permalink
  • Lauren: Oh my lord, there's choking. | permalink
  • Kenzi [to Lauren]: Doesn't mean you won't be the first one to get a Valentine's Day card. | permalink
Did Lauren put her relationship with Bo on the line when she made that phone call? Where you surprised no one realized it was Faux-Kenzi? When all the lies and secrets come up, will that reopen the door to a love triangle?


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The Norn took someone's jealousy?possessiveness? and Kenzi absorbed it when she broke the receptacle. It's Kenzi+possessiveness/jealousy not another person.


Actually, Bo didn't kill the Dark Fae. According to Tamsin, he is in a coma. The only person who died is the girl Bo picked up at the Dal. Although I love this show still, I miss the ensemble interaction of the first season. The interaction between Hale and Dyson as well as Hale and Kensi is missed1


The emotional highlight of the entire episode was Lauren calling Bo back from her darkness. Of sharing with her when she fell in love. It was powerful. And omitted. Nice. Carry on.


I for one find it disturbing that it took until 10:59 for Bo to realize that wasn't Kenzi. I'll never not like Bo but more and more recently it has been clear that she's kind of a sucky friend. How did she not notice something was wrong? It's her best friend. Trick may get a pass because he wasn't around her as much...and Dyson is usually more perceptive but Bo is inexcusable. That actually kept me from really enjoying a pretty good episode.


I must confess I simply thought our Kenzi was being affected by a curse or puppeted. I actually am surprised Dyson didn't notice even if she smelled the same she wasn't talking the same and Dyson knows her thought patterns. I am guessing no one believing Bo is better than the more predictable of Hale and Dyson feeling bad they didn't notice and Tric and the guys especially realizing a lot of their implicit trust in Bo's intrinsic goodness is through Kenzi. I like when Lauren is more secure than when she seems to be idk simpering.


I have a bit an issue with this review. It bothers me Carla that you totally brushed over the fact that while Bo was in her darkBo persona, it was LAUREN and thier love that pulled her back from the edge. Not one mention. So was that not important to even access? yet we get a sentence about Bo gazing at Dyson and then Laurens probable "betrayel" when she was most likely asking Trick for help? So what's up with that? If Dyson had been the one that had connected with bo when she was in the Dark we would have had a whole paragraph on it?


I was a little surprised that no one knew kenzi wasn't kenzi especially Bo but in the end she knew she wasn't her friend even if it was after she are something she was allergic to. I knew right away that kenzi wasn't kenzi because paying for drinks kenzi never pays for drinks especially with trick and kenzi would never say that to trick about Bo not wanting him around if anything she would make a joke about him going to a sex club. I can't wait till the next episode it looks like Bo tries to tell her friends that kenzi's not kenzi and they don't believe her they think its the darkness. Thy should be interesting because if she can't get her friends to help then who will she get to help. Can't wait for next episode should be good.

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Science takes time. Keep calm and carry out experiments.


The secret to any relationship is trust, understanding and compromise.