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Oh...I forgot to add that I loved the kids club this week. Their b-story was really good and that Gunnar, he's getting more and more interesting as the weeks go by.


This was my favorite episode to date. I like that there has been some movement in Rayna and Deacon's relationship because their story is just so painful. Hope they get a happy ending but I see a lot of bumps ahead, especially if they re-introduce Liam.

I don't really like the music. I find the vocals seem to recede into the background and is being drowned out by way too much music. It makes me feel like the producer are trying to mask that their actors can't sing that well.

I really like Deacon. He's my favourite.


Great episode last night. Glad to see Teddy ask for the divorce. He knows that his marriage is over and further he cheated on Rayna.

I also like the direction that they are taking Juliette and Deacon's relationship. Friendship and trust. I think that she needs a friend that she can trust. This is a good thing that she has deacon.

I hate to say it, but I think that Rayna is going to be lead down a dark path with Liam. He is shady and bad news....

I also liked the fact that AVery told his agent that it would only be professional from now on... He may have some flaws but that is one thing that he should have done a long time ago. However, I am sure that there will be consequences to his actions.


What a fantastic episode!! And a great review.

1. The music on this show is just incredible. Juliette's song was one of the most beautiful things I've ever heard. Instant purchase on iTunes...

2. Teddy and Rayna getting divorced. My first thought - Oh no, the kids!!

3. Am I the only one that didn't want Deacon to kiss Rayna? Deacon's emotions are so turbulent; I was hoping that he wouldn't until there was at least a chance of his feelings being requited. Now it's just gonna get messier...

4. I disagree that the "kids club" is boring - I thought Jonathan Jackson delivered one of his best performances in this episode. Avery is just SO unhappy and friendless, I feel sorry for him. That being said, MAN, Gunnar clocked him GOOD! And he deserved it.

5. I'm SO GLAD they didn't make Scarlett kiss Gunnar in the whole wounded-for-my-honour cliche. Just...so glad.

6. Who else thinks that Rayna's gonna end up signing the new-and-improved Juliette Barnes to her label?


OMG! What a buzzkill when TEDDY was standing outside the door! Come on! And if the previews are to be believed, could she be gettin' a little somethin' somethin' goin' with the hot and sexy Liam next week? That's not gonna go over very well with Deacon... but she and Liam did have some decent sizzle when they were together last! Who's it gonna be?


Fav episode of season, I loved rayna and deacon, and deacon and Juliette, and Scarlett and Gunnar stories, they were all great and some really awesome moments


The battle is on between Teddy and Rayana
Teddy and Juliette dating?
Rayana finally hooking up with Deckan to push Juliette aside?

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