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After all these years the stories are still great. I hope they are still chasing bad guys 5 years from now.


Interestingly, this isn't the first time our friends at NCIS have pretended to fly someone to Gitmo. They pulled a similar stunt in a much earlier episode, though they only got as far as the plane, if I recall correctly.

When they started talking "old school" tactics, I thought of the Mission: Impossible series, where the IMF did exactly this sort of elaborate deception on occasion. Classic! Jim Phelps would be so proud.


Way to go NCIS this is what i'm talking about everyone on the team showing why they are there everyone was perfect in their role. I have been asking for a season long bad guy for NCIS for the last couple of years and I would love to it to be this MC's organization sound like a worthly candate and would be something new and fresh.

Good Job NCIS


@Keith: thank you for that catch! I'm updating the quote now. Appreciate the assist...

Thanks to @MickeyG123 for getting the disease correct. (I heard "Ebola" and thought "anthrax". Weird.)


I thought it was a weakened strain of Ebola that was stolen not Anthrax.


I think you're missing part of the Deputy Director Craig quote. I mean I wouldn't bet my life on it, but I thought he added the qualifier "Yet," or "Not yet," which seemed to please Gibbs. If I'm correct, you've essentially misquoted him by reversing the sense. If _I_ misheard, please tell me so.

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