Necessary Roughness Review: The Family Fixer

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"The Fall Guy" proved that Necessary Roughness has more than one fixer... and The Hawks certainly needed all the fixing they coulc get.

Was it really such a huge surprise when Juliette wanted to fire Coach? He accused his boss of "swigging booze and swinging from chandeliers." Those type of comments generally put you on the fast track out the door.

Still, I was surprised to find out that he was involved in The Hawks bounty system. I suppose anyone is capable of anything when pushed hard enough - and Juliette must have pushed hard. Despite her innocent act, I'm sure she knew exactly what she was doing and just how wrong it was. 

With their backs against the wall, Matt and Nico worked together and went to Dani for help.

Dani's Sister

The scene with Nico and Matt in Dani's car was my favorite of the hour. When Matt asked if this happened often, all I could think was that there's so much about Dani and Nico that he doesn't know.

On a side note, doesn't Dani ever look in her car before getting in? You'd think she'd learn, or perhaps she enjoys Nico's little surprise visits.

Dani's family visit highlighted some of her issues. Her mother's a gambler, her sister's a kleptomaniac and her father was a habitual cheater. That left Dani as the family fixer.  

Unfortunately, she was rather quick to judge her own mother. Despite asking her mother to tell the truth, once Angela did, Dani didn't want to hear it. It's always hardest to remain objective when it's your own family.

Once again, I felt for TK. He was really trying to put his life back together. I was even prouder of him for standing up to Rex and not shooting the turkey. Leaving any judgements about hunting out of it, I don't believe anyone should be bullied into killing another creature. 

I even enjoyed TK's rationale for not pulling the trigger as he told Rex in this Necessary Roughness quote

TK: I'm just looking at this turkey like he's chillin'. What did he ever do to me? | permalink

When TK fell off the wagon, Dani's reaction was perfect. She remained calm. Recovery from addiction is a long road. She told TK he needed a sponsor and she's right. Not that a therapist isn't helpful, but he needs someone who knows where he's been and what he's going through. 

That TK recognized his short comings and was willing to ask for help truly showed how far The Hawks star bad boy has come.

Speaking of bad, RayJay's in trouble. There's no possible way he's going to resist a billionaire bad girl who wants him to join in on her fun. I can't imagine this road leads anywhere good.

Any clues on who will be TK's sponsor? Do you think we've seen the last of Juliette now that she's left The Hawks. And am I the only one who recognized the similarities between Nico and Dani as they are both the family fixers? Only two more episodes of Necessary Roughness left to go.


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To Linda: The USA network split this season into two parts. The first part was last summer and these few episodes are part two of season two (16 episodes in total)...if that makes any sense. There are two more episodes left until the hiatus. The good news is that the network picked up the show for a third season so it should be back again next summer.




I really like this show and love Callie Thorne. I'm not at all fond of Danielle Panabaker. I didn't like her in Shark and i don't like in NR and i hope her stint in the show is short lived. RayJay will not fare well in a relationship with her. She'll eat him alive and then spit him out. Why does the show have so few episodes in the session? i wish it were on for a full series season.


I was so glad that TK called Dani after taking that drink. He really is growing and I wish he would get more respect for that. I liked seeing Nico and Matt working together. The scene in Dani car was so funny.


Ctd from below: There are parallels between TK and Juliette. Rayjay is in above his head. But I hope she can get like TK did and turn her life around. This show is more interesting with her as an owner. I'm surprised they are heading this direction so soon.


I thought this was a good episode, but it definitely felt like the ramp up to the season finale that it is. I enjoyed seeing Matt and Nico working together, even in the brief snippets we got. I love whenever Nico just materializes places. And, yea, they made that pretty obvious about the similarities between Nico and Dani as fixers. I think she's attracted to him on more than one level. I also enjoyed TK's storyline. I'm glad he didn't shoot the turkey (not that I think Rex was really bullying him - if he had Rex would have said to shoot the turkey or not be targeted ever) because he didn't want to shoot the turkey. At least Rex eats what he kills. I definitely picked up on the fact that Rex initially meant hunting, but that could be because I know so many hunters. My money's on Rex coming out. I'm looking forward to seeing TK interact with his sponsor. Juliette will be around for a bit, they haven't milked a fraction of the storylines possible. There are parallels to TK with her. I actually hope she sticks around for a while.

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