New Girl Review: Turbaning the Tables

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On this week's episode of New Girl, "Table 34," Nick and Jess dealt with the fallout from their big kiss last Tuesday night.

Via moonwalking, turban-wearing and table-building at an Indian marriage convention, of course.

Nick in a Turban

As has been the cast throughout this sublime New Girl Season 2, the installment combined the absolutely ridiculous with the impressive character-building, as Nick reacted how most viewers expected he would after planting a wet one on his pal the night before:

In sheer panic and embarrassment.

But a lesser show might have dragged out this secret, leaving Jess with Sam and creating some kind of awkward love triangle. Not New Girl. It ended that relationship (via a cool exit) and had Jess and Nick directly address what went down. Sort of.

Despite a lip lock that forced Jess to travel through space and time, these two aren't simply together. They recognize how big a deal it would be to date one's roommate. They aren't even entirely sure of their feelings for each other. Will they end up as an official couple? It seems hard to believe otherwise at this point.

They do have a strong foundation of friendship on which one could be an indestructible table of love. But I applaud the writers for both tackling this topic head-on and also delaying it in a believable way… all while dressing characters like the fortune teller in Big and revealing that pink robes are like cat nip to our man Nick.

Yes, it was a half hour of utter absurdity, yet it managed to tug on heart strings while also pounding on our funny bones.

Schmidt, as over-the-top as ever, took Cece to bed after telling off India and seducing the love of his life via some squirrel-based nut talk. BLAMMO! That happened, readers.

Elsewhere, Winston rediscovered his mojo, despite only doing "side stuff" in bed and we learned Schmidt actually likes The Love Guru. Sound off now on another terrific episode and visit our New Girl quotes section for the top lines of the night. BLAMMO!


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There's no way the Jess/Nick kiss can result in anything yet. It has to be simmering in the background as a tease to keep fans watching as long as possible e.g. til S7.


Okay - I'm about willing now to follow these writers and actors anywhere. I will henceforth watch anything that Jake Johnson or Max Greenfield is in. These guys are just so incredible. This episode was great. I love how they picked up right where the kiss left off, the immediate aftermath. The whole thing played out in a way that was just so believable. I am sad to see Sam go - definitely one of the cooler TV boyfriends I've seen - but I just love this story. The only thing I kinda wanted to happen was for someone to question Nick about WHY HE kissed Jess. Winston's immediate reaction was chastisement, and Cece's reaction was to mention how their impulses make them hurt people. I really wish someone had a real conversation with him about it....I think that would have been quite interesting. That being said, I trust the writers :-)


Has anyone else saw Nick's and Jess' reactions after they hugged? First, big eyes.. then a twitch in the eye.. *start of something awkward.. :)


When I heard Schmidt say: "You look at the roof of a bus and say, 'That's not just a roof. That's more seating" I CRACKED UP. It was hilarious!!! Loved the episode, loving NG!


Everything this show does just works. It's really come into it's own as a comedy. I don't even find the ridiculous stuff all that ridiculous anymore. It's just who these characters are. Schmidt was absolutely hilarious in that costume doing the things he was doing. I'm sad to see Sam go, but yes, I think it was time to end this storyline to move on only the way new girl could.

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