Once Upon a Time Clips: New York, New Discovery

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Forget the fairy tale world for a moment.

On this Sunday's all-new episode of Once Upon a Time, Henry, Emma and Mr. Gold will journey to a truly mysterious land: Manhattan!

What will they find there? A young man by the name of Bae, Gold hopes. And have they stumbled upon him in the following sneak peek? Watch now and see for yourself:

Back in Storybrooke, meanwhile, Hook will stumble upon a very different discovery, one he thinks could bring his rival down. Find out what it is now:

Once Upon a Time Season 2 resumes Sunday at ABC at 8/7. Visit TV Fanatic the moment "Manhattan" concludes for a detailed recap and review!

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Spindae 2o

I believe Rumpel and Belle forsaw this and have made a trap for the evil gang! Can't wait for Emma-Neal face-off!


I hope is a trap too, is not fear 3 people Plotting against 1.


Seriously?! Drawing a MAP where to find your greatest weakness? Hope it's a trap, maybe even from Regina to get rid of her mother... Loved Henrys comment about which UPS/FedEx :-)

Once Upon a Time Season 2 Episode 14 Quotes

Regina: Do you really think you can just walk up to him and stab him in the heart with your sword?
Hook: Well I prefer my hook but I can't find that now.

Let me guess, he's not expecting you. Well, who doesn't love a surprise?