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Last night show was okay. I was just happy to have the show back after 3 weeks off.

I like the twist of Jack storyline. She was so evil though and James wasn't any better.

I thought the whole scene with Leroy, Snow and David running from the giant and them fussing on what is David real name was funny.

I agree with Snow in the beginning of the show that David/Charming does look good in that holster.

Okay show but can't wait til next week to see who is Rumple son.


Did everyone got that David told Leroy his real name was actually David? Somehow it doesn't surprise me that they kept his name in Storybrooke...

In the canadian promo for the next episode they show Emma recognizing someone in New York. It's gotta be Neal. I bet he's Rumple's son.

Overall, I liked this episode. Especially the part in the fairytale land. I didn't expect Jack to be a villain and James was meaner than I knew him to be.


Good episode. Anton comes to storybrooke and wants charming dead and to destroy the town and the only one who e will believe is Emma who isn't there but snow and charming worked it out and now he's there friend. They really should just tell bell the truth it would probably actually help her. Can't wait till the next episode it looks great.


i think rumple's fear of because he has no magic outside of storybrooke. it was stated many times that his magic gave him confidence and w/o it he was a total coward. well..he has no magic right now and he's going to be terrified of everything.

i'm wondering though if the regina we saw, was regina or cora. when she was talking to snow/charming she was acting very surprised about the cora's in town thing, also the way she was talking to hook about "she needs her things" made me wonder if it was regina, or a shapeshifted cora.

i also love the way they twist the story so Jack, was Jackalyn. that was awesome :D


I also cannot see how Henry got on the plane because Emma would have need written permission from Regina for him to go because she is still his legal mother.


I thought this episode was ok and of course Bael have another connection to storybrooke. Bael is actually Neal the first love of Emma and the father of Henry. I do not think that Bael will forgive his father so easily though. I also agree that Snow needs to stop because you are messing with two witches now and Rumple would not help because he do not care for anybody and he have that truce that he cannot harm Regina and Cora but Cora never said anything about harming him. I also loved Snow and think that Charming is still a lost soul but I am getting bored with the Charmings now.


This episode was a slight let down. Don't care much for the Giant story but it had some nice twists and turns to it.
I did like Henry, Emma and Rumple story. Henry was irritating but in a good way.
Looking forward to next week's ep...


Awesome episode! I loved the Lost shout-out with "Ajira Airlines." And watching Cassidy Freeman on my screen as Jacklyn just made me miss Tess Mercer and Smallville.

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