Once Upon a Time Review: The Missing Piece

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Then I'll just have to kill him.

Those were the words left echoing in our heads at the end of "Manhattan," but will Rumplestiltskin stick to that plan or will new revelations change everyone's fate?

When Rumple bashed his own leg, he believed he was doing it so he could be there for his own son. Word of advice: never trust a seer.

Rumple and Baelfire

He couldn't wait to get home to his son, only to have his wife turn on him. Instead of being thrilled that the father of her child had made it back to them alive, she lamented the rumors that had travelled from the war zone.  She would have preferred a dead hero to a live coward. So much for love.

In New York, Rumple tracked his son with Emma's help and Henry in tow. I couldn't have been happier to see Emma using her tracking skills to pick the right apartment. Sometimes it's easy to forget she had a life before Storybrooke.

Did anyone else give an audible Woohoo! when Baelfire turned out to be Neal. Not that I really love the character. To be honest I'm not even sure I like Neal. He's been kind of weaselly so far but I do love the idea of Henry being Rumplestiltskin's grandson.  

Talk about a complicated and volatile family tree. As Charming told Snow in this Once Upon a Time quote

It's a good thing we don't have Thanksgiving in our land because that dinner would suck. | permalink

So Rumple left Baelfire, who took off on Emma, who gave up Henry. That's quite the family history of abandonment issues.  

Back in Storybrook, Cora, Regina and Hook hunted for Rumple's dagger. I almost felt sorry for Hook. Cora used his pirate instinct for maps and then tossed him aside, literally.  

We finally got to hear Cora's evil plan. Once they find the dagger, they will control Rumplestiltskin, not kill him. At least not yet. They can force him to kill Charming, Snow White and Emma.

That will leave Henry with Regina, Rumple as the bad guy and Cora as her daughter's hero. Our only hope is that Regina will find it in her heart not to put her son through that kind of pain.  

Speaking of pain, if Rumple really wants to get his Baelfire back, killing his son might not be the best way to go.  

A few side notes:

  • The seer's eyes were truly creepy. Kudos to the special effects department.
  • Are they ever going to release Belle from the hospital or is she headed back to the mental institution?
  • Greg was darn lucky Regina didn't spot him spying. Storybrooke wouldn't have to worry about their nosiest patient if she had.
  • Love that Emma called her mother as she struggled with finding Neal. Those two have come a long way.

Will the Henry be Rumple's undoing? Are we truly powerless to escape our fate? Can fans have one crazy family reunion back in Storybrooke in two weeks when Once Upon a Time returns.


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So I have been thinking that was almost Cora's plan all along (I actually believe she intends to kill him and become the dark one herself). I am guessing Regina is going to be swayed by Henry being more accepting of her since both she and Emma lied. I do feel bad for Hook it is weird one of the biggest villians becoming this almost sad figure (Regina to a lesser extent i guess).


the funny thing about prophecies is that how you interpret them gives them more power then the words themselves. it's exceedingly likely that the undoing that the boy will lead to..is of the dark one, not the man within. when henry equated emma with regina, i swear i felt my heart stop for a moment. it was just such a poignant moment for that kid, he's been lied to all his life and then he found that someone he trusted, lied to him about something pretty major. i'm curious about what they are going to do to greg. especially since he sent a video to someone outside of town. that could easily go wildfire. not happy about waiting two weeks btw!


I hope that Regina has a change of heart and will back-stab Cora. I'm glad that the truth has finally been revealed! It was funny when Snow White/Charming were trying to figure out their crazy family tree haha !


Does any one else remember that Rumple seemed surprised, in the episode last week, that Henry would be coming along? He specifically asked Emma to go with him...but the seer said a young boy would lead him to his soon...


painfully easy and kind of stupid.
The Canadian promo alluded at Neal being Pan so... I am kind of surprised at how much we are able to predict on this show in comparison to Lost, but whatever.


Well, I was lucky enough to watch this episode at 3pm PST due to getting Atlantic Canada's channels. I went to go post on the OUAT wikia and have been banned for posting fake spoilers. I guess they did not believe me, how annoying. I loved this episode, but I was't really impressed with Jennifer Morrison's acting. I feel like she was poorly cast and I often feel myself rooting against her. I also feel as if Henry was poorly cast. But whatever.
Do we really think Rumple will go after Henry? He saw how much Neal immediately waanted to know him, and would Rumple really kill his own grandson? It's almost like him getting a second chance. I was so annoyed with anything in Storybrooke. I just wanted to see what was going on in New York. I live in Vancouver where it's filmed so it was neat seeing that in the background for these scenes. Overall one of the best episodes we've seen for a long time on this show. I hope that doesn't actually lead to Rumple's dagger. That would be painfully easy and kind of stupid.
The Canadian promo alluded at Neal being Pan so...


I also liked the Rumple flashback scenes to why he was branded a coward and when Milah stop loving him.


We all seen that Neal will have been Bael so no suprise there. Now that Regina knows Cora true plot I think she is going to turn against her and side with the Charmings in the next episode. As much as I don't like Henry I have to like that he wants to give everybody a second chance but will they work on Emma magic skills now that she have to protect him from Rumple. I guess that man have the prove he need and I can see Storybrooke becoming a tourist spot.

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Regina: Do you really think you can just walk up to him and stab him in the heart with your sword?
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