Once Upon a Time Round Table: "Manhattan"

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"Manhattan" transported some of our favorites to the Big Apple this week, where Emma helped Rumplestiltskin finally find his son - but the adventure had its consequences for everyone.

Below, our Once Upon a Time Round Table team of TV Fanatic writers Jim Garner, Carla Day, Nick McHatton, and Christine Orlando are joined by Gareth from Once Upon a Fan to decide if the seer's predictions are destiny and whether Regina plans to go along with Cora's evil plan.


What was your favorite scene?

Jim: I loved Emma confronting Neil about being Rumple's son, mainly because I had called this months ago. But second because it opens up so many questions and possibilities for the story!

Carla: The way the realization of the truth came about at Neal's apartment, including Rumple realizing something was up due to the window weaving, then that Neal and Emma knew each other, then when Neal realized that Henry was his son, and for Henry to realize his father was alive, and Emma's reaction to all of it. It all played out so well.

Nick: August showing Neal what's in the box! I really loved how everything is tied together this week. It's reassuring to know they have a plan since parts of the show have been rocky, to say the least, this season.

Gareth: Wow. Far too many to pick just one. This episode was the best so far this season. Highlights included Emma's bar talk with Neal and all the scenes set in his apartment. I loved the Seer as well. Very unnerving.

Christine: I loved Rumplestiltskin and the seer. She was so creepy yet I couldn't look away and Rumple was so desperate to get back to his son. Watching it all play out was heartbreaking but fascinating.

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Are the seer's predictions destiny?

Jim: Yes, I think so, but it's all about perspective. As the seer (and Rumple) said, the future is a puzzle missing pieces and never what it seems.

Carla: Yes, but it's all about the interpretation of what the prophecy actually means. For example, Bae would be "left fatherless" definitely didn't end up meaning what Rumple thought it would mean.

Nick: No, she said the sees many things. I'm assuming that includes multiple futures, so I think there's some wiggle room for free choice.

Gareth: Like Gold said, predictions are tricky and never quite what you expect. I certainly think this will be the case with the seer's last prediction. We are all worried for Henry but I think the part he plays in the prophecy may be a positive one for Mr Gold.

Christine: I agree with Gareth. I'm hoping that Henry plays a role in the dark ones downfall but not necessarily in Rumple the man.

Will Regina go along with Cora's plan to kill Snow, Charming and Emma?

Jim: Regina has her own plan and I'm willing to bet it's Cora's death (again). But she will go along with Cora as long as it meets her needs.

Carla: She may go along with it initially, but in the end, she won't do it because of Henry. She will realize that killing them would cause him too much pain.

Nick: Yes, because it means less competition for Henry. Henry is Regina's only end game goal at this point, and she's going to let her mother manipulate her if it means she can get close to Henry. The only time I see Regina not going along with Cora is if she oversteps the plan; which, knowing Cora, is very likely to happen. She always has ulterior motives.

Gareth: I'm hoping that Regina is actually playing Cora. Learning all her plans so she can defeat her. It will be interesting to see how Regina handles the news that Henry's father is back and who he is. Will it change things for the better or will Regina be more desperate to get Henry away from Emma and Neal?

Christine: I think that right now Regina may actually working with Cora but I'm hoping that will change on Henry's return. As much as she'd like Henry all to herself, I don't think she's willing to put him in that much pain to achieve it.  We'll have to wait and see if I'm right.

What kind of grandfather do you think Rumplestiltskin will be?

Jim: Scary. A very scary grandfather.

Carla: I actually think he will be a good grandfather. There will be bumps along the way, but the prophecy will be fulfilled. The boy will be his "undoing," in a good way. Henry is the key to turning Rumple good again.

Nick: From the ending, not a very good one, but it stands in direct contrast to Rump and Mr. Gold. Mr. Gold is fond of Henry, and isn't afraid to help him out without any dealmaking. I think he saw a lot of Bae in him (for good reason, naturally). The problem now is he needs to juggle prophecy and staying to his word with family, and he doesn't have a very good track record with family.

Gareth: I think he will be a good grandfather overall. Perhaps Henry will be his chance to make up for the sins of the past. I'm hoping that Henry will bring out the man in Rumple rather than the beast.

Christine: He's always had an affection for Henry which is why I was rooting for him to be Henry's grandfather. Their relationship will be untraditional but it could be good for both of them.

How should the residents of Storybrooke handle Greg and his videos?

Jim: They have magic, they should be able to wipe his memory. The bigger problem is whomever he sent the video to. How was someone not watching him?

Carla: They need to find out about them first. And, then it really depends on who Greg is and who he sent the video. They could erase his memory, explain them away as special effects to the outside world, welcome him back home if he is from Fairy Tale Land, or of course kill him.

Nick: Greg just seems like a sideshow at this point. Maybe they'll just play it off as our world's version of magic? Aside from that, I don't have a clue.

Gareth: I just can't get a handle on this character yet. I think how the residents handle him depends on 2 things: what does he plan to do with the evidence he is building up and who is the mysterious "Her" he keeps reporting too? Until that becomes clearer, I'm on the fence with Greg. 

Chrisitne: Like Nick, I'm kind of bored with Greg now. Perhaps Rumple can turn him into a bug and crush him.

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"Manhattan" was an amazing episode. It felt like a great tension release for Emma,Mr. Gold, Henry, and Baelfire. I loved the scene in the bar between Emma and Neal/Bae. I also really enjoyed the scene in Neal's apartment when the dream catcher triggers the argument between Emma and Mr.Gold and finally causes Neal to come to her rescue. The confrontation between Neal and Mr. Gold was fantastic! I'm glad that Neal/Bae was portrayed as angry with Mr. Gold/Rumple and that he stood up to him. I loved the line "since I didn't get any closure. You don't get any either. Get out of my apartment." I'm still intrigued by Greg's character and I think they are working on a slow build up with him. I get this feeling that both Greg and who ever "Her" turns out to be on the phone are going to be critical in moving the plot forward. The fact that they haven't revealed the woman's name on the phone is important. They are leaving her as mysterious as possible for a reason. My guess is that it's because she probably has a fairy tale identity that they haven't revealed yet and want it to be a surprise like they did with August/Pinocchio and Neal/Baelfire. I don't think they have fully flushed out who Greg is and what his motives are.


1. I liked the end scene with Rumplestiltskin & the seer.
2. There's multiple answers to this question, with tons of theories and explanations to back it up. Time is complicated.
3. I'm hoping Regina has a plan to backstab Cora, but it's unlikely.
4. Probably a good one. He has had a… bond with Henry for a while. Methinks he had something to do with bringing Henry to Regina.
5. Greg's story is boring. I think him & Belle will get something together before anyone finds out. The question is, who finds out? If it's Cora, Mr. Gold, Hook, or Regina, SPLAT! If it's Emma, Mary Margaret, or David, I expect a more humane way of dealing with him. Methinks it will be Ruby who eventually finds out.


In my opinion, the whole point of Greg is to get MM to want to go back to FTL. If Greg exposes their secrets and people from the outside world come to hurt them, she will have no choice but to go back there. They all will. This is the only way really.


Maleficent is dead. Emma killed her with her father's sword. Henry is going to be Rumple's undoing, as in loving Henry is going to complete the change in Rumple that began with his relationship with Belle. Rumple's ability to love is going to kill The Dark One in him.


I hope Regina is playing Cora as well! then a BACKSTAB will occur !


Two things I noticed in the episode:
1-The dress Mila was wearing was very "Belle"-like
2-The seer said the child that would be Rumple's undoing would be the child that led him to his son-Henry didn't physically lead Gold/Rumple to his son. My prediction is that Henry will somehow help to bring Rumple and Neal together emotionally over the course of the next few episodes.


I agree with Carla that I think Henry will be Gold's/Rumple's undoing in a good way...all fairy tales have a happy ending right? :) And, I think Greg has a bigger role than just a bystander. Who ever he is sending the videos to is an important part of Storybrook and Fairy Tale Land in my opinion.... Maleficent?


Not one word about Hook? Really?

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Once Upon a Time Season 2 Episode 14 Quotes

Regina: Do you really think you can just walk up to him and stab him in the heart with your sword?
Hook: Well I prefer my hook but I can't find that now.

Let me guess, he's not expecting you. Well, who doesn't love a surprise?