Pilot Casting: Aimee Teegarden to The CW, Kim Raver to NCIS Spinoff

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A couple big pilot scoops to pass along as shows head into production with an eye on the fall schedule...

Aimee Teegarden (Friday Night Lights) has been cast on The CW's Oxygen. According to Deadline, the actress will portray Emily, a young woman who falls for an alien boy after he and his kind are integrated into a suburban high school a decade after landing on Earth.

Aimee Teegarden of Friday Night Lights
Kim Raver Pic

Kim Raver (24, Grey's Anatomy), meanwhile, will headline the NCIS: Los Angeles spinoff, appearing on the upcoming backdoor pilot as Special Agent Paris.

The leader of the show's Red unit - which travels the nation solving crimes - Raver's character has a degree in Forensic Science and prefers to work alone.

Other series regulars on the spinoff will include: John Corbett, Scott Grimes, Edwin Hodge, Gillian Alexy and Miguel Ferrer.

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If there is going to be another NCIS spin off it should have been NCIS:COASTGUARD with Diane Neal reprising her role as Abigail Borin.She has been terrific in the episodes featuring her and it is time NCIS had a female lead.


Michael, you mean like the CSI shows? They did fine. Or the Law and Order shows? They did fine. Some of the shows have closed up shop, but not because the writers couldn't keep it going, but because the networks shut them down to make way for other shows. They'll do fine with this new one too. PJ, the character that Grimes played died. Doesn't mean he can't play another character on another show, even if he is related. How many people have played roles on NCIS and NCIS:LA?


Scott Grimes, who played Tony's ex partner died, how can he be in NCIS red?


Aimee Teegarden should have stuck with The Selection.


Sounds very Roswellish...


I dont see NCIS red being pick up the writers have a hard time as it is writing for two shows I cant see them doing three


Guess this most likely means no guest appearances from Teddy in GA.


They could be more creative with Kim's character it sounds too much like a nerd version of Callen. Also besides third watch Kim doesn't exactly have the best luck with tv shows and the ones she does usually end up with her being written out of ex. 24, Greys's and Revolution. I'm not hating, I just don't have high hopes with her, especially if she's playing the lead.


Kim Raver... I liked her in 3RD Watch... look forward to NCIS:Red. :)

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