Pretty Little Liars Peeks: Where is Spencer?

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Based on last night's shocking episode of Pretty Little Liars, we have a number of questions heading into next Tuesday's "Will the Circle Be Unbroken?"

Is Toby really dead? Just how bonkers is Spencer? And, wait, is that really Missy Franklin?!?

Yes, the multiple-time Gold Medalist stops by PLL next week. So let's start there with this sneak peek ahead:

But most of the episode's focus will be on Spencer; her whereabouts, her state of mind. Watch this clip to see the other Liars, along with Melissa, wonder about their loved one:

And then check out this footage of Spencer in the insane asylum, opening up a bit and sadly admitting she does not want to be herself:

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She wouldn't of had an Id on her therefore they don't know her age and would probably think she was 18 or older. She also wasn't arrested she was not in trouble therefore no need to take her prints, and being given over to a park ranger is different to being handed over to the cops.


@Josie C She has been arrested, remember? They had to do community service after they found the shovel.
Also, why get the police involved if Spencer was at school? Maybe she didn't have Emily, Aria or Hanna's number.
And she's a minor. Parents always have to be involved in any medical treatment.


@Kelly - unless you've been arrested, your fingerprints would not be on hand. as far as i can remember, Spencer has only been questioned by the cops. also, in most mental hospitals/psych wards, when you're taken in for 72 hour observation they don't take fingerprints. i find it stupid/weird that Melissa would go to Spencer's school instead of calling. why waste the time when she can get the answer in a few minutes?


Does anyone else find it beyond stupid that they want us to believe that a person can be sent to Radley and her parents don't have to be notified. And don't go on about they don't know who she is....what century do we live in...fingerprints alone would tell them that. Let's step into reality writers!!

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