Pretty Little Liars Spoilers: The Future of Ezria

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So... now what?!?

Now that the Pretty Little Liars Season 3 bombshell has dropped and Ezra knows about his son, what kind of future will he have with Aria? If any?

The news is "huge," executive producer Oliver Goldstick tells E! News. "It's profound. It does make him reevaluate the other relationships in his life... like Aria, like living in Rosewood and this child is at a distance."

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While teasing that Ezra will have to "make some decisions and figure things out and take a step back from his relationship with Aria," Goldstick also says this Pretty Little Liar may not be alone when he does so.

"Wouldn't you know it, when [Ezra] steps back, Wes, his little brother, steps in, who is strangely comforting to Aria in a time when he shouldn't be."

Now THERE's some scoop! Visit E! News for a more expansive Spoiler Chat and sound off on this relationship news now.

ABC Family airs a new Pretty Little Liars episode, "Dead to Me," tonight at 8/7c.

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I personally will be upset if they break up. To be honest, they are the main reason I watch the show. If Ezra and Aria aren't together anymore, I'm not sure the A storline will be enough to keep me hooked!


Ugh, Wesley. Ezra needs to be gone--the novelty has worn off--but Wesley? ick.


i'm SO SICK of this show - whenever the writers get bored/uninspired with a couple, they just chuck in another individual character (sometimes singularly) for the purpose of drama fill. spencer-wren-melissa/hannah/toby... aria-ezra-noel/jason/maggie/wes. it's boring and unoriginal and a poor effort for an otherwise original and amusing show. i will be totally mad if ezria split up for good (for now is okay, provided there is eventual dramatic makeout sessions in carparks/rain/etc), because THOSE two will have AMAZING looking babies!

Spindae 2o

I really hope this is the end of Ezria. I really dislike them as a couple. Aria as an Individual is oKay but Ezria - FreeFall!


I think this relationship is so popular that after what happened with Spoby, tptb will get Ezria back together eventually. Besides haven't the show runners done a similar storyline with Spencer-Melissa-Wren? Siblings in a love triangle?


Ezra and aria are good together but I think they should break up I still feel he's to old for her and now he has a kid. I think aria and Wes should get together because he's younger and they'd be cute together or I think she should be single for awhile.

Avatar Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Episode 18 - Dead to Me [IN FULL UPDATED VIDEO AVAILABLE NOW FREE NO SURVEYS]
The girls are divided about going to Ali's memorial service. Elsewhere, Emily deals with unresolved feelings about Nate's death.


I'd much rather see her single. I've seen too much of Aria spending time with Ezra or the girls; give her a change of being single for a while!

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