Scandal Episode Teaser: What's His Motive?

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Scandal jumped ahead 10 months on this week's "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot," as David Rosen watched his career prospects plummet and Olivia met a new love interest.

But can she really trust this baby-faced Scott Foley character? That's the question at the center of next week's promo.

Forget the car sex and the threatening line uttered by Fitz about Olivia and focus instead on the VERY creepy scene that concludes this preview for "Boom Goes the Dynamite." You might wanna run away, Olivia. Now. Quickly...

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Yeah..about Capt. Ballard..or Boward or whatever his name is..I can understand that "Fitz hit his head with a he is acting crazy..leaving no space for fear. As Mellie said: "Yea he saw baby Jesus or something". But Ballard was not hit by anything but an inate scizophrenic, bipolar personality that cause him to have no fear whatsoever for anything or anyone. Therefore he goes around behaving like he is married to the mob. Maybe the devil is his daddy..maybe he is the devil himself..I can't.. I can't wait to see what hate this s.o.b. will display for the next week or two. For his better be good, cause gladiators will be lighting up that twitter button...IT will be the real"BOOM!"

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Scandal Quotes

There is no us! There is no this! There is no Vermont! There is no jam! There's no future. Not anymore.

Olivia [to Fitz]

Olivia: I don't want normal, and easy, and simple. I want..
Edison: What? What do you want, Olivia?
Olivia: I want painful, difficult, devastating, life-changing, extraordinary love. Don't you want that, too?
Edison: Love is not supposed to be painful or devastating. Love isn't supposed to hurt, Liv.