Suits Review: Something Wicked

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"He's Back" is the understatement of the century. Daniel Hardman returned to Suits this week, guns blazing, to deliver another volley in the ongoing civil war at Pearson/Hardman.

Hardman Sues Jessica

Let's face it: based on the Suits summer finale, we all knew it was only a matter of time before Daniel returned. But to be fair, in many ways it's like he really never left. The only thing that wasn't present was his body. The aftershocks have continued to rock the foundations of the firm Jessica, Harvey, Louis, Mike, Donna and Rachel call home.

This volley, however, really took it to the next level in every way possible. It took a ruthless bastard to not only bring a lawsuit against Jessica, but to do it using his mistress whose affair with her counsel got them both canned from the firm in the first place. However, it wasn't just the case itself that was disgusting, it was the vitriol with which Hardman pursued it that still has my blood boiling.

The plot was tactful and complicated. Daniel played 10 steps ahead. He thought if he could embroil Pearson/Hardman in a discrimination suit that he could derail the Folsom Foods case of identical nature. Well played, sir, well played.

While I am unsure exactly where we are in the success or failure of that particular goal, I do know where we at in terms of morale at Pearson/Hardman. Their rallying point? Their epic hatred for Daniel Hardman.

The struggle between Daniel, Jessica and Harvey is no surprise, but to see Donna and Louis get to take a shot at Hardman was something else.

I have never seen Donna with more commanding presence than when she lured Daniel into his old office and gave him a piece of her mind; she deserved the opportunity to do more than just slap Hardman. That will have to do for now, however.

But what about Louis? Talk about getting Litt up! Hardman really should start looking over his shoulder, because I swear Louis might really come after him. And I wouldn't blame him for a second.

Which brings me back to Monica. Is there even a word for the kind of evil that she possesses? Seriously, she's about to become the most hated women in America. Mark my words.

Despite the major drama that reverberated throughout the firm, there were a few hidden gems that riddled this episode.

Mike and Rachel were one of them. My first thought when hearing that Rachel was applying to law school at Harvard was that doing so would mean her absence from the Pearson/Hardman front. In order for her to return, however, it is important that she go to Harvard, as all of the firms associates are pulled from there. Does this mean that she'll be departing for a time?

If so, maybe we'll get our shipping fix from Donna and Harvey? If there was ever a time for us to start reevaluating the relationship that Donna shares (or would like to share) with Harvey, that time would be now. I was not expecting her reaction to Harvey's use of "beautiful."

The prevailing perception of the Donna/Harvey pairing has been more brother and sister than lovers in the night, so while I very much want to probe this intriguing insight into Donna's world and her perception of Harvey, I think it in everyone's best interest to leave that on the back-burner and give the majority of our attention to ridding our favorite legal eagles of their pest problem.

What did you think of tonight's episode, Suitors? What do you think the future holds for our favorite team?


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All I can say is OMG.... my fav gems were : the bitchslaps x2 loooooool, Louis/Harvey moment, it was so sad...I hated that Monica woman and Daniel obviously, but to see his hand shake while holding the glass was too much and Mike/Rachel.
Donna, honey, that was AWESOME !! I LOVE HER !!!! Jessica, bitch much? Wow, that woman is fierce, but Daniel took a good piece of her...seriously, the man is evil and must die ! Luis careful now, I hope the walls don't have ears...
Donna's face when Harvey said "beautiful"...I felt bad for her...she DOES want Harvey that way...
The episode was epic. I hope Mike gets a BRILLIANT idea coz...they're screwed ! Only 2 eps left, WHYYYYYY??????


Wheel spinning.


I enjoyed Jessica in this episode. I loved that she's seeing Mike in a better light. I love her dynamic with Harvey which is equally pivotal and correlates with the Mike and Harvey progeny relationship. I loved the return of Daniel and how he tried to play min games to destroy a loyalty that is fierce and unshakeable even at its worse. I loved Donna and Louis getting in on the action. Louis and Harveys scene was one of my favorite ones of the night. I loved the ending when Harvey told Jessica she was beautiful (to compensate for that horrible deposition) and Donna's face. I always seen Donna as more of a sister figure or best friend so the shipping stuff baffles me and when they hint at the unrequited love I cringe because its so beneath such exceptional characters. But Harvey looks at Jessica with respect,reverence, and care and Donna looks at him with love and understanding and the loyalty that shadows them all is mesmerizing. I like that and I like these bonds for transcending romantic hookups and entanglements.


Incredible episode! Loved it! I don't understand the Jessica hate. I find it interesting because she's the female equivalent of Harvey but she catches more heat for her behavior. Everyone else seen bitchy. I seen her unhinged, her back against a wall at an emotional point. Except like Harvey she doesn't do so great with emotional vulnerability so like Harvey she lashes out and gets indignant and throws herself into winning. Like Harvey her pride and competitive spirit gets the better of her. We've seen similar behavior out of him before...and her lashing out at him (who accepted it for what it was) was no different than what he does to Mike. I actually liked the juxtaposition between her and Harvey. It was like a role reversal. She was unhinged and he was being as composed and level headed as she typically is. I thought it was brilliant. I'm one of the few fans that probably finds Jessica and Harveys relationship the most fascinating and compelling.


Really love Suits, always interesting storyline. Macht is one great good looking character, and I enjoyed the episode with his wife playing a role. Beautiful couple, wonder if we get to see them work together again. Louis finally showed another side of his character, and I enjoyed both his and Harvey's being civil to one anothe, as well as Louis confronting Daniel in the elevator!


Suits gets 2nd billing on this site ...,YOU can not be serious ..what dimwit is running this site ? Absolutely the BEST show on basic cable .....and Game of Thrones better watch out ....


This show is so good. Jessica is so not my favorite person right now. She was a bitch to Harvey and asking Zane for a merger was...arghhh. I would really love it if Harvey quit and left the firm(for a short while, of course), I would love to see Jessica try to manage without him. I feel she doesn't appreciate him enough.
This season has been fantastic!


Won't be surprised to see the season end with Daniel's body found, with fingernail scissors (knock off brand, of course) lodged in his throat. Are we supposed to believe that Hardman is a genius, or that the others are just inept? Why would Jessica take such a deal with the confidentiality clause- oh, I heard her explanation, but really? Why do Harvey's big moves against Hardman always fail? Did Mike ever seem more out of his league? And does Louis' come to Jesus moment re: Hardman make up for his serial stalking of Monica? Yes, going to Rachel's dad was bogus. Obviously, she's not as confident as she pretends. But he's another cold s.o.b.


Excellent episode.........too bad there's only 2 left..........hate they break up the season like that................

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