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The "War" we waited for all year finally arrived on the Suits Season 2 finale, but the parties at issue were quite the surprise.

I always expected the battle to be waged between Harvey, Jessica and Hardman. Instead the real war was fought between Harvey and Jessica - and what a fight it was!

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It really all started when Harvey went at Darby, swinging with a wager that he was out of turn to make anyways. In all honesty, that bull-headed move really sealed his fate.

That said, it seems there was a conglomeration of additional factors, all of which conspired to bust him out of the big leagues and named-partner contention.

What sometimes gets me about Suits is how fast it moves. In an attempt to not miss the forest for the trees, I usually pick up big picture stuff in lieu of the minutiae. This week, that minutiae - in the form of the back and forth between Harvey, Darby and Jessica over the frozen assets of Pearson clients by Darby's - was a bit over my head.

What I did get, though, was that it was really just a power struggle between Jessica and Harvey. He wanted to do everything in his power to prevent a merger and she wanted to do everything in her power to make sure it went through for the future and security of the firm.

In all honesty, I feel like Harvey and Jessica's signals crossed like ships in the night. Harvey wanted to be out of the vulnerable position of having a single-partner and wanted to move up from his subordinate status in his mentor-mentee relationship with Jessica. She wanted to prove that she was on top and put Harvey in his place.

That doesn't excuse her behavior in trying to assert that relationship, however, as she proceeded to assert it by placing a firm wedge in the middle of Mike and Harvey's bond. That was uncalled for. Just because Harvey had one over on her, she squashed it like a bug and threatened to squash Mike with it.

Jessica will no doubt be paying for her sins and feeling the consequences of her decision to merge, which will likely include a second round with regards to the power she thinks she's secured.

While Jessica un-friended everyone at the firm, Louis made a new pal of his own in Nigel Nesbitt. Clearly the British version of Louis, Nigel provided one of the few comedic outlets of this episode. The mud back and forth was refreshing and fun. I really would like to see these two pal around. But if Louis' decision to place his new friend on the efficiency list, there may not be much more bromance in their future.

But from bromance to romance, two relationships took a turn for the unexpected.

Harvey and Scottie: Now we knew that Scottie clearly had feelings for Harvey, but I wasn't sure they were at the level of love, at least not with such force that she would seek out Donna to try and enhance her chances with him. That in itself was a little more than I bargained for. But I'll be darned if the next minute she wasn't giving up classified documents to prove her genuine desire to get Harvey's attention in a way that doesn't involve suing him.

Unfortunately for her, that choice came at the ultimate price in terms of getting her name on the door: it got her fired.

Color me impressed, though, that Harvey went to bat for her with Darby. Now if only we knew which location her chose to have her assigned to.

Mike and Rachel: The long overdue consummation of their relationship finally took place, but probably in a way some of us could have done without seeing so much of. Mike coming clean to Rachel has needed to happen since the early episodes of the season, but the fact it had to come out in the heat of the moment when Rachel confronted him about not getting himself any further engrained in the Harvard rejection mess might play badly once the adrenaline cools off.

That's something we're gonna have to keep tabs on when the show returns for season 3. But it's certainly a liability that there is now an additional person that know Mike's secret. Here's to hoping she'll keep it.

To everyone at Suits: Thanks for a great second season, we can't wait to see what you have in store for season 3!

Everyone seems to have accepted their current situations for now, but will they still accept them come next summer? Time to sound off below.


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Im not sure I understand the negative comments. The episode was fast and very tense - but a breath of fresh air that I wouldn't say was long overdue but was certainly welcome. The climax between Mike and Rachel was one of the best moments in television for myself personally. Everything that has built up to this moment and then it happening and the way in which she finds out. Blew me away and that was before the unexpected turn to their heated affair which was very well shot and not at all crude or distasteful. I have literally watched this scene over and over (and by that I do actually mean the dialogue).


I loved your blog.


I feel like I missed an episode between 15 and 16. What was going on? Who was suing whom? Was there a lawsuit going on? What did Scottie's file have in it? Were Darby's clients fighting Pearson's clients? What the heck was going on? What happened with the gender discrimination suit???


I really liked your article post.Thanks Again. Awesome.


Oh yeah: don't like Scottie; get Zoe back


I'm so glad I found this website. I typed on google " isn't last episode of suits ridiculous"? And there u go I reach here.
Love the negative comment:
- we really didn't need the last scene;
- sick n tired of seeing hardman..moving on;
- hate that they turn vs each other;
- the character ! Come on: euh..why does mike act like if he were a senior partner?! The way he talks to Jessica and Harvey Oh we'll I know it's just a show but season 1 was fab; amazing impressive lawyers fighting for what's right


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Suits is a good entertaining show. I get it- Mike & Harvey are 2 of the 3 main characters---Jessica Pearson is no push over. Obviously she did not get to her position by rolling over & just taking whatever from people including Hardman or Specter. she didn't invent the game but she has mastered it..In the finale her team sided with Harvey (Louis, Donna, Scotty, Mike & she still kicked their butts- criticized for fighting for the good of her firm & herself -- Harvey is cheered for looking out for himself regardless of the cost to others.
Jessica Pearson for POTUS 2016!!


slapping him. I loved Donna slapping Hardman, but enough of repeats already. Rachel is no Donna, though I like both.


I was also disappointed with the final and I didnt think i would ever say that about Suits! I am tired of this saving the firm thing, they won many battles already, so why do they need to merge? Enough of it already. Lets get back to solving the cases and the amazing bromance of Harvey/Mike.
I hate how Jessica treated Harvey, especially how he blackmailed Mike! I dont want Harvey thinking that Mike betrayed him. I hoped Mike would go to Harvey and tell him about the blackmail...
The only good thing about the final was Donna. Love her.
I really like Lois, but was annoyed with his Brittish version. I liked that Katrina is becoming the new bad guy:), as Lois is slowly getting into the team ... I hope there still is a team and that they will take down Jessica and the Brittish guy next season.
I dont like Scottie, she was good as a bit of fun for Harvey, but not for a relationship. So I hope she`ll work in London never to be seen again.
I get Rachel having angry sex with Mike, but not slapping. Donna slapping Hardman was great, but enough of the repeats!

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