Supernatural Review: The Gods Must Be Crazy

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You'd think someone would have said "Release the Kraken" on Supernatural this week, right?

Sam and Dean were back on the hunt for the strange and weird, leading them to a potential zombie case that turned out to be a little more divine than dead. Rather, "Remember the Titans" spun a classic Greek myth with a Supernatural twist.

The Zombie Investigation

As legend had it, Prometheus was the Titan who stole fire for humans, allowing them to advance and become civilized. Zeus got pissed and punished him to eternal torment, causing him to die over and over again... except Zeus lost him and Sam and Dean found him.

And yet, over time Prometheus gained Jason Bourne fighting skills complete with amnesia, along with a seven-year old son suffering the same death curse. Not exactly the best traits to pass on.

What better way to reverse the curse than summon Zeus himself?

While Liam Neeson didn't grace the screen, Supernatural's Zeus still had a certain level of screen presence that was both menacing and powerful. It was fun seeing the blue lighting bolts zap everyone around.

And while the demons and angels have always played at the forefront of being more on the top tier of otherworldly beings, it did make me think about the power of Zeus. Would it really be that easy to take him out? Most incarnations of the Greek god have been pretty all powerful, so I wasn't entirely sure Sam and Dean could finish the job.

In a way, they merely facilitated the victory through the actions of Prometheus and Artemis.

I loved Sam trash talking Artemis and calling out her love tryst with Prometheus. It was a bold move that got the brothers thrown around a bit (kind of fun to watch), while getting Artemis to quit following her father's orders.

Dean's facial expressions were spot on hilarious. Each time Sam said something to Artemis, Dean would switch from frown to smirk to wide eyes, all while being restrained against the wall.

However, despite the boy's mother causing Prometheus to get hurt even more because she freed Zeus (c'mon, did she really think Zeus was a nice guy?), the curse was ended when Prometheus gave his own life for a final time.

It really brings up Prometheus' point about saving the world only meaning something when he could save his son. It was certainly something reflecting of Sam and Dean's predicaments in saving the world themselves.

I'm assuming Zeus wasn't defeated because of his disappearing act, but it makes me wonder what the repercussions of fighting him might be, if any at all.

Not exactly my favorite bad guy the brothers have fought, but it worked out and was something different from what we usually witness. Will we perhaps see even more Greek gods in the future?

But on top of the case of the week, I enjoyed Sam and Dean's final comments about their own mission to save the world; a la closing the Gates of Hell.

Sam acknowledging that he was having doubts about surviving the God trials (he's spitting up a lot more blood), while Dean was there to tell him to quit being emo and be positive. At least they weren't worried about trust.

Yet, it was Dean's prayer to Castiel (seriously, where is that angel?) that was a great monologue about looking out for his little brother. It was nice seeing him get emotional, hoping his friend might appear to help, and then really shaking his head as to what might be going on.

We haven't heard a peep out of Crowley, Naomi or Castiel in quite some time.

This was a much more interesting episode than last week's "Man's Best Friend with Benefits," and although not mind blowing in concept, it was still an good take on Greek mythology, keeping the brothers together and driving forward on their quest to save the world.

After all, Sam and Dean are legacies. No big deal.


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I don't think I will ever stop watching SPN because I love my boys, but there were parts of this episode where I was like whaaaa? I disliked Hayley and the kid. Annoying. I liked Prometheus and Zeus, they were cool. I hate that Sam is hiding things from Dean AGAIN. I liked Dean's prayer at the end. That about sums it up for me.


After 8 seasons people seem to forget what happened early in the series. A lot of the things people nitpick about have been explained, mentioned, or used to be every day occurances. Sam was always the smart one. He did the research while Dean...ate pie. I was a little surprised they took the people to the batcave at first but really it was the safest place. And they've burned bodies before, it's easier then trying to explain it. Prometheus wasn't a god jrwt, he was a titan. Why shouldn't he recieve a hunter's funeral? The hunters got it from the funeral pyres of the Vikings, Romans, and other religions. It's not something specific to hunters.


This episode sucked big time. I didnt care about the characters, the kid was weird and Dean gets dumber each episode. And now Sam has doubts about the trials. So, Dean was basically right all along.. when he said he should do the trails, not Sam. What the hell is going on with SPN? I am go glad all the characters I like are back on the 20th. In the meantime, I am going to watch the glory days of SPN on Netflix.


I love this show and most always support these "off" episodes because I have always thought they were fun and they need other things to do than just fight the big evil every single episode...b u t this one just didnt do it for me, yes Dean nailed it as always with the looks, onle liner and wise cracks but the story for me just was blah with to many holes...when the previews for next show were the best part, well thats not a good thing! that said tho the next episode looks like it will be rockin'!!!


I think zeus is dead even though he disappeared. Wasn't that just Artemis taking her father with her when she left?


Alright if everyone watch this show since day one they would know that the show did explain that the gods of asguard thor,odin or greek gods did exist at one time but when god and his angels cames they handed the planet over to them because they where stronger


What I find confusing and a little irritating. They introduce God, the Devil, Angels and Demons- This is from Christianity (with a little Judaism and Islam thrown in), then they introduce Thor, Krishna and the Greek Gods. I get they want them to exist but how can they call them Gods when they've already established that there is one God and he's the one behind Heaven and Angels and created mortals etc... Dit maak nie sinnie. It doesn't make sense.


the problem with introducing angels now is that they mysteriously disapear whenever they are really needed. Also i love the greek gods and stuff but it really doesn't make any sense when they try to act like all religions are real at the same time. Also all these other gods pale in comparison to the christian one right? So i'm not sure how they ever thought they would be ruling the world while they were still around.


What the h311 was that??? Ick. I agree with you jnwt. Just take random characters to the bat-cave with little or no proof of their identity? Prometheus just happens to look like Christian Bale's little brother from The Dark Knight series. What viewer's gave this such a high rating?? And NO ONE looked or sounded Greek! Anglo-American or British. *groan* No one schooled the mom on bluffing? Sheesh. Lame, lame, LAME episode.


The concept of this episode was good, I just think it was poorly executed. in my honest opinion there is no way Sam and Dean can take out Zeus that easily.He's the freaking god of gods for petes sake !!... same issue I had in that 1 episode a while back when Lucifer took out all of those other gods so easily,including The all father himself ODIN !! other than that it was really kind of dull.. this was a poor episode to air prior to the show going on hiatus... something that should've left us on the edge of our seats should of occurred tonight.But insteasd we got dean praying to cass.

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