The Big Bang Theory Review: Romance Ninja

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It's Valentine's Day ... and romance is in the air! 

I'm not sure who had the worst Valentine's Day, but Raj definitely had the best. He ... went ... out ... with ... someone! His day went from a singles party to heading out for coffee on a date. Could the dry spell finally be over for the chronically single friend? 

Penny & Leonard's Valentine's

On "The Tangible Affection of Proof," the other friends had a moderately successful Valentine's. However, despite the bumps, they ended up with their loved ones and happy. That's quite an accomplishment. 

When Penny was distracted by her ex-boyfriend, I thought, "Oh no, here we go again." But that fear was unnecessary. Yes, Penny has a fear of commitment, but she at least acknowledges it now and Leonard also gets it. He gave her the best present: no more marriage proposals. They love each other, but it's in her hands now. We don't have to see any more awkward Leonard proposals, yet I expect that at some point we will see a glorious proposal from Penny. I can't wait. 

Penny: Leonard Hofstadter...
Leonard: Yes?
Penny: Will you be my valentine?
Leonard: Sorry. Maybe, next year. ... I'm just kidding. Romance ninja. Let's have sex! Wah! | permalink

The married couple of the group was having problems of its own. Howard's disregard for Bernadette's request for help around the house; marital bliss at its best. The Xbox: The biggest source of conflict in a modern marriage. Their interactions were the funniest of the evening.

Howard: She hid my Xbox like I'm a child. And, my mom got me that for my birthday so if you don't give it back, I'm telling. | permalink

Bernadette: If you like pushing buttons so much, try pushing them on the washing machine. | permalink

As usual, they realized their love and relationship was worth more than a little disagreement over chores. I was glad that Howard didn't use his failed gift as an excuse. Yes, he spent a night on it, but the Xbox problem was greater than just at one night. Their "I love you" exchange at dinner was adorable.

On his own, we saw Sheldon continue the growth we've seen from him during The Big Bang Theory season 6. He asked Alex to find the perfect gift for Amy and when two of those didn't meet his standard and he kept the third for himself, he came up with a gift that proved his commitment to Amy. He added her as his emergency contact on his employment records. AWW. And, Amy gave Sheldon the perfect gift of a night at home with pizza and watching a Star Wars Trek things. The perfect relationship. 

Though, Amy certainly didn't realize what a time commitment Sheldon's present would entail.

Valentine's Day on The Big Bang Theory was complete with plenty of love and laughs, despite some relationship setbacks. Just like the day should be!

Check out all the funny lines in the "The Tangible Affection of Proof" quotes section.

Are you looking forward to a future proposal from Penny? Excited to see Raj with a potential girlfriend? Will Amy regret her present?


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I just want to say they've hinted that Raj is gay so many times and he seemed to be so happy and awkwardly cute with Stuart.... I think pairing him up with a girl now is just fear to finally push him put of that very unlocked closet... So what if he's gay? He would not be the only geek who is! It would show diversity and respect for all kinds of people, if he's happy, and can make, say, Stuart happy, it would be just another couple dammit, just like Lenny or Shamy or whatever Howard and Bernardette are called nowadays. We love Raj too damn much to see him settle just because of the status quo.


as i did like it thrusday show. i want the show to back to just the 4 guys and penny. it's has been an verry long time since we saw just the 5 of them. and i miss that and it's time for an very very long break from amy please.


I don't think the relationship stories work well on TBBT, and I thought it was a pretty dull episode. All the couples look akward, and in the case of Howard and Bernadette, boring. As for Raj, it's great for him to have a love interest, but I am afraid the writers will continue to make fun of his character. Even in a relationship, he will still be the complete jerk of the show. I just hope the new girl won't be another Amy or Bernadette!


This is the Valentine's episode so story is based on couples. For me though TBBT works best when the guys are hanging out together with Penny. The couple stuff although cute, a little too grown up for the nerdy takeover of the show. Though I was pleasantly happy with Sheldon's gift for Amy.
Finally Raj got a girl. Hopefully that will end his dry streak and get some nice story arcs for the show.


i like last night show. it was sweet. i can't belive i am saying this all you know how much i hate amy and shamy they were cute and i could stand amy last night boy that was hard for me to say. i do think at some point any is going to reret that gift from sheldon. i so cant wait to the day penny ask leonard to marry her


The whole Romance Ninja thing was funny, I didn't like the Raj talking to Stuart about his being a girl...this angle doesn't appeal to me. Why can't they just be friends hanging out, without the gay vibe? If they were gay ok then that would be ok but the whole inference thing is not cool. It would be funny though if Stu were gay then Raj would rethink every thing he said. Just find somebody for both Stuart and Raj so they can be part of the couples club.


raj was holding a beer in his hand when he was talking to stuart so that is probably why he could talk to the girl.
I like the idea of penny proposing, maybe they should try living together first...

Sue ann

You know, I did not see any alcohol beverages at the comic book store, yet Raj was able to speak to that woman who approached him, with no hesitation. Has he shed the selective mutism, at long last? If so, it is past time to do so. If not, then where was the booze? I want Alex to do my shopping for me....


Romance ninja,WAH!!!


Amy will not regret her present from Sheldon. I am excited to see raj to have a potential love interest. Hopefully there would be a future propsal from Amy.

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The Big Bang Theory Season 6 Episode 16 Quotes

Well, this time is going to be different because I'm a like a romance ninja. You don't see it coming and then BAM. Romance, watch out, hearts, kisses, love, ewww wah.


Penny: No, I said "Oh my God, I think that old guy's choking" and one of the busboy's Heimlich'd him.
Leonard: You're a hero...
Penny: Yeah ... that was the point of the story.