The Good Wife Review: Alicia and Cary FTW!

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After some very disappointing episodes and storylines in The Good Wife season 4, "Red Team, Blue Team" brought real stakes, conflict and fire back to the show.

Rather than settling a case, the firm's client, Thief, decided they wanted a mock trial first. Often when a series does such a thing, the internal antics get in the way and it ends up either ridiculous or boring. But here this "fake" trial had higher intensity than a real trial has ever had on the drama.

Will and Diane faced off against Alicia and Cary. It was about time for Cary to get some quality screen time this season. Alicia and Cary work incredibly well together, even better than the named partners. And they had an added incentive to beat their bosses.

The Internal Mock Trial

The bankruptcy story came to an abrupt ending, but the ramifications of the shift from near financial ruin to overflowing coffers made up for it. With Chum Hum now signed as a client, Lockhart/Gardner secured its financial viability ... for now. 

The downside being that the equity partners no longer wanted to share the profits with the fourth years that were offered partnerships when the firm desperately needed their money. Ouch! They had every reason to feel betrayed. The sound of Florrick, Agos and Associates had a nice ring to it. 

Alicia and Cary would always have tried their hardest to win their case, but their feelings of betrayal made it personal. They didn't hold back and argued FDA manipulation, they marketed to anorexics, settled a previous case and even asked the CEO if he would let his own daughter drink Thief. It was game on!

There was a reason that a settlement was on the table in the first place and the fourth years proved it. It's a good thing the real opposing counsel didn't see the mock trial or they would have demanded a trial. 

Alicia and Cary outmaneuvered their opponents in the mock trial, but not at the firm. The fourth years plan to scare the partners into action worked, but didn't have the intended outcome. Instead of all of them getting their partnerships, it was offered to only one: Alicia.

The dream of Florrick, Agos and Associates was now just a dream. Alicia was honorable in her reaction by mentioning it to Cary before taking it. Not that she had to follow his advice, but it was the right thing to do. Alicia is not the bad guy in all this and given his reaction outside the partner's meeting it doesn't look like he will hold it against her. Now that she has a seat at the partner's table, she will have influence that can help him.

The mock trial and partnership battle were both brutal and pitted Alicia and Will on opposite sides. The anger built up and exploded with a kiss. They kissed! I've never been a fan of Alicia reuniting with Peter, but I also haven't wanted her to get back together with Will ... until now.

That was some passionate heat in that moment. More than Alicia has recently shown with Peter. She's just been using him when she wants a release from either her mother, her career or her obligations. Both Will and Alicia definitely are not over each other. What will come next? 

While the firm was dealing with their clients and issues, Eli was trying to protect his career with the help of the odd, yet brilliant, Elsbeth. When she first was introduced, I found her to be annoying to watch, until she proved that her methods work. Her distracting demeanor works in her favor. Plus, you can't beat the back and forth between Eli and Elsbeth. They crack me up.

When Eli decided to wear a wire to bring down Jordan, I was shocked. Even though Eli doesn't care for the guy, his arrest would still hurt Peter; plus Eli's not the type to do that, right? Instead, Elsbeth and Eli pulled a fast one on Josh. They used the wire to get proof that Josh altered the wire tap request. Well done!

Now, will that be the end of the Justice Department's case against Eli? I doubt Josh will be fast to give up on it, especially after being outwitted by Elsbeth. As much as I hated this storyline initially, if it keeps her around, I'm all for it.

Do you want to see Alicia and Will rekindle their romance? Do you think Cary will turn against Alicia now? Are you enjoying Elsbeth? Rate the episode and leave a comment!


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I don't really understand why people are so upset with Alicia, if the shoe was on the other foot Cary would have jumped at the opportunity. That's not to say I don't feel bad for Cary, it definitely sucks for him right now, but he knows he would have done the same thing if he'd been offered partnership. Also, Will and Alicia have twice the chemistry she has with Peter, hands down. Clearly they still have feelings for each other and I can't wait to see how the rest of the season plays out.


I love the Will and Alicia thing. Peter is just a man who wants to go to the top at any cost. Alicia is a very popular woman and she can get him there. Will and Alicia are still very much in love and they need to do what it takes to make the romancce work. Peter is just using Alicia for power, okay and Alicia is using Peter for sex, but can she get Will for that, it will clealy the one I would go for ;-)


Good, fiery episode. But what will happen to Carey? Alicia and Carey work so well together. Don't want to see him turned in to an antagonist. I hope she really will get a partnership for him. Love the zany but brilliant Elizabeth (or whatever her name is). Keep her on the show often! What's with Alicia? Jumps Peter from time to time and then kisses Will in a moment of love/hate. I do not want Will and Alicia to get together or to rekindle a romance. I'm tired of this plot line.


It's an amazing episode though an uncomfortable one. I mentioned uncomfortable because I am a BIG Alicia fan and I did not feel good that she jump ship.Honestly though I think 9 out 10 of us would do the same. This is an episode about office mutiny gone wrong. I think Will is very smart. He stop the mutiny by offering the chief the gold and the plan works. This time Alicia really did betray her friends to be make partner. However I do think she is sincerely sorry about Cary and she do feel bad for him but that is life. This is probably the closest I come to really feeling sorry for Cary in all 4 seasons. This is also the new Alicia. I doubt 4 years ago, she would have even started the mutiny. Perhaps after making partner she might push for Cary to be the same but at the moment, I think she just really wanted partnership. On the bright side, I am really so happy seeing Elsbeth !I honestly thought this was Eli wanting to kick Jordan out of the campaign. I did not see that coming at all but was happily surprised ! I just loved Elsbeth. She and Eli are now officially my favorite duo in the show ! It brought such a big smile to my face. Two things the TGW writers did mess up. Firstly I do not think any audience actually believe they could be 100 million in the black now.It was also perhaps a little too easy they got Josh to agree to take down Jordan instead of Peter.


I was totally disquested with last nights episode, as a 5th yr associate with a law firm which takes about 10 years to be considered as a junior partner that Alicia stabbed all her other associates in the back when they met to force the firm to reconsider and she jumped ship. This shows how weak of a person she really is and can not be trusted again, she is so blind to see the firm keeps using her because of Peter. Little do they know he has a mole on the inside. As for the kiss the writers and producers made a very big mistake putting it back in, now everyone thinks its on again forget it Peter is the one and Will is done. As a woman I can read between the lines with this type of character which he plays and dump him fast. Her kids would make life so miserable for her not to say the one with the brass ones also.


Alicia and Will! Loved the intensity of last night's show.


The kiss was no surprise. But the intensity and passion Cary and Alicia put into the mock trial was great. But when Eli said "let's make a deal" I couldn't believe that Eli would sell out Peter but as usual his kooky lawyer saved them all. As to Cary smiling and accepting Alicia getting the prize well the look on his face when he was standing with Kalinda said a lot more than words. Wait for it.


I don't like Wil and Alicia together. I don't like Wil. I like Alicia and Peter together even though she is just using him when she needs sex or when she needs something done like the time she used him to get the kids into the private school when the head master told her they where on a waiting list. I don't think Cary will go after Alica because they are friends now and Cary knows how to play the game. Cary is very smart and knows what is what just like when he told Kalinda he knew they where offering partnerships because they need money. Alicia was they one who thougt they gave it to her only because of her work. Alicia does do a great job but Cary does too. I love Cary and they need to show him more.


Dianne, Chris Noth is always listed as a special guest star. He is not a regular on the show. And yes, not crazy about the Will/Alicia story arc. I would have loved to see Alicia team up with Cary in a new firm together before I ever wanted to see Will and ALicia back


I'm really surprised some people were shocked by Alicia and WIll kissing. It was so played up that the anger would lead to something passionate between them. I also think Will doesn't think they should be alone together because he knew she'd be offered the partnership and doesn't want anyone else to think it was because of him. (Although i'm sure most everyone will think that anyway.) Also, last I checked Alicia and Peter were still married, so maybe I can forgive the affair with Will, the continued misdiscretion by Alicia now makes her the "Bad" Wife.

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