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This was one of the best episodes of The Lying Game I've seen in awhile. When it comes to mystery shows on ABC Family. we often find ourselves with more questions than answers.

However, "Much Ado About Everything" not only gave us the stuff we wanted to see, but provided a few gems we had no idea we were even missing. For instance, Kristin once had feeling for Alec. Man, is this crew incestuous! 

Laurel Grows Concerned

It turns out that the Kristin's old journal that Rebecca gave to Sutton was not only very informative but very real. For a minute I wondered if Rebecca had faked any of it, but after we saw Kristin's instant recognition at the dinner table it's safe to say that journal was definitely hers.

I'm sure every new mother has doubts when they get scared, especially if they adopt one kid and then are suddenly pregnant with another. That journal was obviously meant to be very private and never to be seen by anyone.

Unfortunately, Sutton has always felt like things were off within her family. I thought she felt that way with the whole family, but I never realized it was more directed towards Kristin. She must've sensed that things were off from Kristin's end, too. I can't believe that Kristin had feelings for Alec! Now it doesn't feel so weird that Alec is married to the woman with whom Ted had an affair. I mean, I know it's weird, but now it doesn't seem so one-sided. Ted and Rebecca, Alec and Kristin... it's like playing swap the spouse.

I understand part of Sutton's anger, but on the other hand I'm not even sure what she's trying to achieve. Does she still want to break up her parents? That's what it seems like now more than ever. However, why is she still so intent on keeping Emma a secret if she isn't bothering to cover her tracks all that well?

Emma is the one who is more careful to keep the twins stories straight when they keep changing lives as opposed to Sutton who is just careless. If Sutton wants Emma to go away, she should work a little harder at hiding the differences between them. Someone was bound to catch on sooner than later. Specifically, maybe a little sister who always wanted to be party of her bitchy older sister's world?

This was always my life. You were just pretending to be a part of it. | permalink

Sutton can really be such a bitch! I'm glad that Emma has Thayer on her side, especially while Mads is getting all Cruel Intentions with her new stepbrother. Incest is not best, sweetheart. Jordan became a whole lot more interesting, though, when Rebecca threatened to out his secret. Now I really want some Jordan background! Do you think maybe he killed Derek for Rebecca? Whatever the case, I don't think it was Alec anymore.

Now that Emma knows the truth what exactly is her plan? She's clued in Laurel so what will Laurel help her in doing? Does anyone feel bad for Sutton? Hit the comments! 

Also a heartfelt congratulations to Theresa and Dan! 


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Though Mads and Jordan aren't blood-related, I do like the sort of Cruel Intentions-esque element that their newfound relationship is adding to the show. Definitely since her involvement with Jordan, Mads has become a more interesting character to me. Also, I loved that they used "Naturally" by Middle Distance Runner during the pool scene when Jordan kisses Mads to prove to her that she does have feelings for him. Great song, and good scene that did a great job of building the tension.


Leigh, last season Sutton showed her specific displeasure with Kristin. I'm not a fan of the Alec/Kristin plot. Either Jordan or Sutton will flip on Rebecca at some point. I'm glad Laurel knows. Emma really made me feel bad for her when she learned about Rebecca and her lack of interest. From the beginning, I knew Rebecca or Alec had Derek killed. I guess there's a chance it's neither. I love Sutton's bitchiness, it's partly from a lack of concern, partly from a place of hurt, and partly malicious. Alexandra Chando has more facial expressions in one episode of The Lying Game than Stephen Amell will have in 1 season of Arrow.


"Incest is not best, sweetheart." they are not blood related, why is this even an issue? I hope Jordan is not the killer because I really like him and Mads is more a more appealing character since she started her thing with Jordan.


"Incest is not best, sweetheart." I'm sorry, but it's not incest! Mads and Jordan are not blood related! They didn't even grow up together!


Expected revelations. Can't wait for next week's episode!


Well, I guess I am pretty sure that Jordan killed Derek (but even when Ethan and Alec were suspected, it seemed sort of reasonable to me for it to be a case of maybe manslaughter if not outright self defense but not murder) and I am guessing more of an accident than we thought. I am so glad Laurel finally knows, I know she is going to be mad for being lied to for awhile, but I think she spends five more minutes with Emma as Emma, she is going to focus her anger on Sutton. What I have doubts that Laurel can do, however, is be able to effectively keep this a secret from Kristen. And seriously, Jordan does appear to be right, Rebecca's goal is less getting together with Ted and more to punish Kristen. Okay, she is potentially more psycho than I thought when just focused on Ted. At least he played a knowing (I think) role in everything before with Alec. And weirdly, is Alec somehow actually becoming the good guy (not entirely, still a total rat bastard towards Thayer).

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