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In the midst of a decent resurgence, highlighted by Rainn Wilson's continued comedic genius, The Office committed structural suicide with its decision to turn the very interesting idea of bringing the documentarians in front of the camera into an excuse for another love triangle.

There were plenty of funny moments in both of this week's episodes, many of which came from Wilson in "Junior Salesman," but the frustration that this new arc with Pam and Boom Mic Brian caused ruined all of that laughter.

Dwight's Candidate Search

Again, the general idea was great. You are bringing The Office back to its roots. It has always been a mockumentary, and Michael Scott asking the camera to let him know when it would air in one of Steve Carrell's final moments on the show was one my favorite scenes ever, but there were better ways to go about it.

In this the final season it could have been something as simple as them preparing to make the final product. Because of that, they could have started to introduce themselves on screen, doing their own talking heads on what the experience has been like. Something like that would have been rooted in the show's DNA, and wouldn't have ticked nearly as many people off.

But really? A Jim/Pam love triangle? Yeah, that's where the show started, but it seems so forced now. Those two love birds can have struggles without another guy coming into the mix. The fight between them on the phone last week was one of my favorite non-comedic moments in a while because it felt so earnest.

Boom Mic Brian stepping in to console her didn't feel nearly as real, and his actions over the course of "Junior Salesman" and "Vandalism" felt even less so  It's lame, and it's just getting in the way of, or at least making me forget, the great comedy that there has been on The Office as of late.

Dwight's On the Case

While we recover from the tragic new reveals, let's take a look at some of the highlights from the first half hour this week...

  • Every single friend Dwight brought in to interview was gold, but my favorite had to be Badger from Breaking Bad as Mose's brother.  His beard was even bigger!
  • Clark: I've been working here 12 weeks. That's a full season of Homeland. Ton of things can happen in that amount of time, as we've seen.
  • Dwight went to a fake con man X-Men school!
  • Dwight: What makes you think you'd be an effective paper salesman.
    Trevor: Ooh, didn't see that one coming.
  • Pam asking Dwight if he wants to haze the new guy, and Dwight attempting to kill Clark with plastic wrap.

Finally, here are a few highlights from the second half hour...

  • Angela: Our house is not kid friendly. Most of our furniture is sharp. Also, eww.
  • Clark telling Pam she's "better than this" when she and Dwight use Clark as a mole in the warehouse.
  • Dwight: We can tell him his mother is dying. That usually works on him.

What did you all think of this week's hour of The Office? Are you as upset about the new love triangle? Or are you just happy to see some of the documentarians get out from behind the camera? What were your favorite moments from "Junior Salesman" and "Vandalism?" Check out our The Office quotes page, and then sound off in the comments.


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I actually am a big fan of Boom Mic Brian. And I don't feel like they're forcing it on us, at all. In fact I want more of it. I think that this is a great last season. I could actually see her ending up with Brian...


I actually like the Boom Mic Guy storyline. Jim and Pam haven't been interesting in quite a while. Plus, I think it's an interesting thought that Pam has theoretically seen this guy every day for years, and Jim is off pursuing his dreams. Maybe he's been in love with her longer than Jim?!


New plot ideas:
- Darryl gets enraged that his warehouse buddy was fired, comes back and flips out and attacks Pam and gets laid out by Val
- Jim gets enraged that Pam is doing it with the sound guy and gets laid out by a returned Todd Packer
- Everyone has sex with everyone and simultaneously cheats on everyone
- Every plot from the first 2 seasons rehashed Man, just let the show end already.




If I was Pam, or Toby I would have called the cops. Why wasn't Toby involved from the beginning? And the warehose lady, that is dating Darryl, it is her responsability to watch over those guys and she did nothing. She should be repremende or even fired. And for what they did to Clark


Great article -- you articulated my feelings exactly. I really, really dislike the whole Brian Mic Boom thing. I actually kind of like that Jim is becoming more human and less like a super guy -- he can be jerk and we've never seen that until this season. But jezz, cut the "love triangle" thing out. I thought the episode's weakness was the warehouse vandal shouting "you can't fire me" to Toby, who is the H.R. rep. He defaced company property. That should be grounds for firing. Toby's reaction (and Nellie's support of it) made no sense to me.


It was washable paint and he did it to her first… and here was even a WORK project. That's no cause for her to be fired by any means.


The episode was not my favorite; I do love Jim & Pam!!! However my favorite moment was when I realized that the Warehouse dude who ruined Pams mural was Owen from October Road (I will forever be heart-broken how they ended that show!)


What about Kevin sticking up for Angela and Oscar?! Almost made up for the whole love triangle thing. While I'm starting to like Brian(the boom mic guy) I don't like how they are forcing this on us.
I did like Dwight and Pam working together, the painting on the car was going too far. Pam should have realized this and stopped. She has two kids and her husband is away, and with that act she could have been fired or the cops called on her.
All in all, Kevin made the episode awesome.

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I've been working here 12 weeks. That's a full season of Homeland. Ton of things can happen in that amount of time, as we've seen.


Really Jim? You don't understand the difference between a slaughter house and a rendering plant? Uhhh, remind me not to lend you any dead cows or horses.