The Vampire Diaries Review: A Pierce to the Heart

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Someone has to tell Julie Plec and company that they got Valentine's Day all wrong: it's a holiday where one's heart is meant to race out of love, not fear.

But following the concluding events on "Down the Rabbit Hole," most Vampire Diaries fans are now in full-on panic mode: Is Tyler really gone for good? Is Jeremy actually dead? Is Damon truly a decent person?

And is Matt at least getting paid for all this overtime at The Grill?

Charlie Bewley on The Vampire Diaries

For the most part, this was a strong - albeit far from spectacular - hour of The Vampire Diaries. It meandered in certain places, most of them involving the irritation that has become Shane and the annoyance that somehow, prior to tonight, NO ONE BOTHERED TO ASK ABOUT THE CURE.

Sorry, my keyboard got away from me there. But considering how big of a deal this little elixir became for all characters, it was a constant source of consternation that no one asked the obvious question: How much of a cure is there? Everyone just heeded the words of a professor who claimed to know all just by... knowing it all.

But that ignorance did at least lead everyone to the island and to the well and, by extension, to the developments that now have every Internet user buzzing. Let's break each down:

Katherine is back. Not entirely shocking, as one astute member of The Vampire Diaries Round Table did make this call two weeks ago after that intruder broke into Shane's office. But while we've often joked at TV Fanatic that they ought to changed Katherine's name to Plot Device, I'm intrigued by her appearance here.

Mostly because I can't imagine she wants the cure for herself. If anyone adores the life of a vampire, it's Katherine Pierce, right? She craves power and she's all about survival. No way she's take a sip of something that would guarantee eventual death.

So... why does she want the cure? For whom? Those are the questions we ought to be asking.

Tyler is gone. We all love Michael Trevino and we all hate to see Caroline cry, but this departure would have more impact if Tyler didn't also skip town during The Vampire Diaries Season 2... and The Vampire Diaries Season 3... and was absent for weeks until last Thursday. The guy spends more time away from Mystic Falls than Bonnie's dad.

So, yes, he'll likely be elected Mayor in a couple years. But his exit here doesn't have that great of an impact. We've seen it many times before, although sources do say Tyler will truly be gone for an extended period of time. Still, his goodbye (sorry, his Until We Find a Way) led to one of my favorite moments from the night:

Caroline basically admitting she didn't want the cure. Thank you! This is one human being who has seriously evolved as a vampire. As Klaus said, she's become strong, ageless, fearless. And also gorgeous, of course. Let's not forgot gorgeous. Really, really, really gorgeous.

But Candice Accola gushing aside, it was refreshing to hear a member of the undead admit that it's sort of awesome to be a member of the undead. And I won't even mind the Klaroline chatter that will inevitable follow now, considering Klaus is right: these two do have that affection for power and strength in common.

Jeremy is dead. I mean, he's not really. Right? Right?!? I just don't see the series going there, no matter what next week's preview implies. It would be a bold move for the show, killing off a legitimate main character. And the fallout, especially for Elena, could go in any number of directions.

But Jeremy has finally come into his own this season as a hunter and as a really good wearer of wife beaters. Heck, I've been more invested in his storyline than the repetitive love triangle. I never thought I'd say it, but I really hope Jeremy Gilbert is not dead.

Which, of course, is exactly why he probably should be dead. The more a viewer thinks that way, the bigger impact a death has.

So that's where we stand heading into next week's "Stand By Me." Were you shocked by Katherine's return? Jeremy's apparent demise? Tyler's farewell? Totally and completely turned on by Vaughn's accent?

Sound off now!


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I'm so confused, didn't Jeremy become "one of the five" as soon as Connor died and the mark started to appear? Cos in the very next episode after Connor dies and you see Jeremy is the new hunter or whatever, Elena is going through the hunter's curse and stab's Jer in the neck ,but the ring brings him back...? I am 4 min into tonight episode and had to pause it, because i HATE when supernatural shows break there own rules and

David and sabrina 2014

There will be many mysteries involved in the show and who knows if the show will ever get better again. ;P


This show has become so dumb already... Shane is this mad idiot... Stefan doesn't know what he wants. Klaus is just doing things because its in his nature. He can't not kill Tyler. They all thought this cure was a fountain or something that everyone can have. That idiot Julie Plec really believed that having this shocking revelation that the cure was only for one person would make people ooh and aah when we all knew that it was for one person all this time. And then to have Katherine who was last seen in the botched attempt on Klaus in season 3 come and just take the cure away... Seriously?


Definitely not surprised by Katherine's return, I knew she'd be back the moment Jeremy said her name in the episode where they killed Kol. That was their way of reminding us of her existence. Plus they'd been showing that there was a third party looking for the cure for a while now. I really like Tyler's character, unlike most it would seem but in response to where he went? I think he went to find Elijah. Ways I'd love to see the cure used: Klaus shoves it down Katherine's throat and makes her human so he can make more hybrids and because really... would there be any worse way for Klaus to punish Katherine for becoming a vamp in the first place? Katherine could cure Stefan and compel him to be with her. They could give it to Damon, for some reason I really want to see how he acts as a human and that would break this god forsaken sire bond crap. About Jeremy: it would soooo suck if he is actually dead I love his character and just UGH I'd hate it.


Ok, the only things I liked about the episode: The hunter, Elena admitting she didn't want the Cure, the translating part, Caroline admitting she was better off as a vampire AND Katherine !
Now, I don't think Jer is dead, being killed by a supe and all BUT I haven't seen him wear the ring in a while... Why does Kat want the cure... Next episode ! lol


im going to miss Tyler so much .i hope he comes back and Jeremy too !!! As for Damon he has proven time and time again he has alot of kindness in him


I hope Elena goes all "Dark Willow" for the remainder of the season. That would be exciting!


Cure aside, Im actually glad to see Katherine back because the 'villans' this season ie; Klaus, Rebekah and even Stefan have really sucked, the writers are trying to hard to show their human sides. Katherine does not care about anyone but herself, but probably with good reason (she did have her entire human life destroyed not only by Klaus but Elijah as well) She'll probably use the cure as leverage, maybe to make a deal with Klaus (like that always works so well). I think Rebekah and Katherine should 'pretend' to team up, can you imagine the backstabbing.
I'm also a little surprised as to why the writers chose to turn Elena so quickly into a vampire, because the 'cure' comes up awfully quickly afterward. Maybe its a plot device to turn every vampire back to human. Inf fact maybe the writers should stop focusing on Elena so much and concentrate on some of the other characters for a change.


It's like Supernatural: dying has no meaning at all. So no worries there. Loved this week's episode and I am excited to find out more about Silas which probably will become the main antagonist. And yes: Klaus and Caroline will most probably hook up, the question is how many episodes it takes to forget about your boyfriend. LOL.


@Jen : I don't think it's the way it works. They are just potentials before they are indeed activated. But in the mid-time hunters are like any human. It's like in Buffy, when weird monsters need a Slayer's blood for their rituals, they do not go get a potential, they need the real one. For as long as you are not activated you do not count.

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