The Vampire Diaries Round Table: "Down the Rabbit Hole"

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The Vampire Diaries traveled "Down the Rabbit Hole" last night, as one significant character returned, one departed... and one may have departed for good.

In this edition of the TV Fanatic Round Table, staff members Matt Richenthal, Miranda Wicker, Steve Marsi and Leigh Raines break down the latest happenings and wonder: Where will Tyler head to now?


What was your favorite scene or quote from the episode?
Matt: It's short, it's simple, it's so Damon: Life sucks. Wear a helmet.

Miranda: This was a heavy episode, y'all. For its heartbreaking qualities, I'll go with Tyler and Caroline's conversation on the porch. It was so sad but there was just this huge amount of love between them. Ugh. Can't they just get their happily ever after already? Honorable mention goes to Bonnie telling Shane that if his leg was broken he better not stand on it. I love her best when she's snarky.

Steve: The climactic raising of Silas. For all my gripes about the ongoing search for the magic elixir, who wasn't on the edge of their seat as our merry band of cure-seekers meandered through the catacombs? Wondering who would reach him first and what would happen when and if that happened - followed by the actual result - made for pretty riveting 20 minutes.

Leigh: I'd say it was the split screen between Caroline and Klaus and Damon and that hunter all finding out that - dun dun dun! - there's only one dose of the cure.

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Sadder moment: Tyler leaving, Jeremy dying or Damon turning into a decent person?
Matt: Wait... Tyler came back?!? I kid, I kid. But that guy exits Mystic Falls so often, it's like it's some dangerous place full of supernatural creatures that want him dead. So I can't be too broken up about his latest departure. I also don't believe Jeremy's death will stick, so the answer falls to Damon. How depressing will be if he's just some saintly vampire now who isn't bitter, cynical and sarcastic? Perish the thought, right?

Miranda: Tyler leaving was definitely sad. See my answer to #1 for that. But Jeremy dying? Wow. I didn't see that coming at all. Shocking and sad. And also confusing. They just raised Silas who can supposedly bring people back from the dead. So, how long exactly will Jer-bear remain deceased before someone - cough... Elena... cough - brokers some kind of deal with the Super Immortal? If he remains dead, well, RIP Jeremy's abs. And biceps. 

Steve: Hard to be sad when it's unclear if any of the above will stick (I purposely don't watch The Vampire Diaries promo after the show, so bear with me if I missed any obvious answers there). Silas can raise the dead, so Jeremy may not be finished, while Tyler will clearly return at some point and Damon will forever be a complex emotional headcase.

Leigh: As evidenced by my almost violent reaction to my television, my saddest moment was Jeremy dying. We need some humans on this show. And as annoying as Elena can be, we can't totally off her whole fam. Plus, I like looking at Jer.

Where did Tyler go?
Matt: I don't know. But can he bring Phoebe Tonkin back with him again when he returns?

Miranda: Fiji. Tahiti. Somewhere warm and beautiful that requires him to be shirtless.

Steve: Does it matter?

Leigh: He went back to the mountains where he met Hayley. He can get out all that hybrid rage and meet more of his own.

To which character would you give the cure?
Matt: Rebekah. I would give her anything she asked for. Seriously... ANYthing, Claire Holt. Think about it.

Miranda: Knowing my luck, I would have the cure in my hands and then trip over a rock and spill it all over the ground and end up mauled by a pack of angry vampires. So, no one.

Steve: Kat. She'd theoretically be easier to kill off the show as a mere mortal.

Leigh: Tough call. I think Stefan wants it the most. Might have to give that idea a whirl. Klaus is also an obvious choice because so much drama and fear would end. However, I kinda wanna see what happens between him and Caroline.

Was Katherine's return a pleasant surprise?
Matt: Not really. I'll reserve full judgment until we learn where this is all going, but it's grown rather tiresome to just have Katherine show up here and there, with no explanation given to where she has been or how the heck she manages to come back at certain, precise moments.

Miranda: A definite surprise, yes, but not exactly a pleasant one because this one actually makes my brain hurt to think about. I get that this is a show about vampires and witches, but it's entirely outside the realm of plausibility that Katherine would show up on this island and be able to imitate Elena so flawlessly this time. I mean, where did Katherine get Elena's exact outfit? Did Elena pack doubles of every outfit? I did love Elena's face and the disbelieving "Oh, no" when Katherine jumped her. That was kind of awesome.

Steve: I wasn't expecting it, but that didn't mean I was pleased by it. Maybe the surprise will be more pleasant in the coming weeks, when we learn how and why she got there. Until then, it's hard not to roll your eyes a little at TV's Sexiest Plot Device.

Leigh: Katherine always comes out of left field, but I do enjoy her. However, she just killed Jeremy... so now I'm pissed.


Oh forget Jeremy was already brought back from the dead and after he came back he wasnt the same because he could see ghost and this time if he's brought back he could be more different and it could be worse.


I'm thinking the same thing. What if Silas can't really raise the dead and it was just a trick using the ones dead loved ones to rise him because think of what they kept saying they all said raise Silas but half of them would neve of said that. Even if Silas can raise the dead what's the chances they'll be the same when they come back because in any other movie or show I've seen when someone's brought back from the dead there always different somehow and it's not for the better.


My question is: Can Silas actually raise the dead.. or is that just something that he made people think so that they would raise him.. Just like he got into their heads and made them think that they were seeing dead loved ones..


1. Silas reviving
2. Damon turning into a decent person
5. It wasn't pleasant or a surprise.


Wasn't Jeremy wearing his ring??????? The ring that protects him from death caused by a supernatural??? He can't be dead, I was finally starting to love his character (and body)


Yes, Katherine's return was a pleasant suprise.Saddest moment:Jeremey dying.Who I give the cure to? Stefan (though now that there's only one dose and Elena dosent want it z& part of Strfans wanting it was to be human and hoping Elena take it and be human and have a normal life with him but she said that's not happening) or Rebekah.

Allison berry barbieri

Was Katherine's return a pleasant surprise? A surprise yes, but clearly not pleasant. Though, Miranda, I don't think she just suddenly showed. I think she is the one that broke into Shane's office. I think she has been following the merry band of travelers and lurking around Mystic Falls for a while. And we didn't see what Katherine was wearing in the first place, nor did we get a good look at what injured Elena was wearing at the end. I think knocked Elena out and switched clothes with her.

Allison berry barbieri

To which character would you give the cure? Rebekah. All she's ever wanted was a family, an epic love, children. She once said something like...she's lived 1000 years but hasn't had a life. She may be a bit of a double-crosser at the moment, but she deserves it most.

Allison berry barbieri

Where did Tyler go? Honestly, I couldn't care less. He comes and goes so often at this point, and I feel like there is some chemistry missing between he and Caroline (that really was once there)... I just want to see Klaus redeem himself to Caroline somehow...

Allison berry barbieri

Sadder moment: Tyler leaving, Jeremy dying or Damon turning into a decent person? Tyler leaves all the time. He's losing relevance for me.
Damon may be bad-ass (and always will be), but I think that he's always been decent at heart (and, again, always will be).
And OBVIOUSLY it was horrendous that Jeremy might be dead! And my theory is that, sadly, he actually is :-(

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