The Vampire Diaries Spoilers: Hot Hybrid Sex Alert!

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There. Do we have your attention?

A couple of sites have provided us with a couple intriguing Vampire Diaries scoops and spoilers, starting with the baddest Original of them all finally finding some action between the sheets. Read on for more...

Klaus at the Door

According to TV Guide, Klaus will "finally get some lovin" in an upcoming episode. It will air in March and the identity of the partner in question will be... unknown for now.

But might it be related to this second item?

TV Line reports "an imminent, shocking and much-anticipated return" is on the way, also leaving out any name behind the teaser of course.

Our best guess: the bedmate and the returning character are one and the same... KATHERINE!

Let your own theories fly now in the Comments section below and/or our Vampire Diaries forum.

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omg i think klaus is gonna sleep with hayley. i am beyond disgusted by that idea because i cannot stand hayley or phoebe tonkin for that matter. ughhhhhh. this is not working out the way i hoped it would.


I agree with San. While I like the Klaroline dynamic, I'd bet everything on it being Hayley. While the Originals spinoff may make interesting tv, it's sort of limiting the amount of surprises/twists we can expect on the rest of the season of TVD. We know it means that Klaus, Elijah and Rebekah ain't getting killed any time soon. Given that Phoebe Tonkin has also been signed to the series and is supposed to appear in the back-door pilot, it also means we can expect her to return and be involved with the Originals in a way that will allow her to make the segue to the other series. Hooking up with Klaus is the obvious explanation. Unfortunately, the spinoff also means that we can't really expect a relationship between Klaus and Caroline to develop further, as this would necessitate Caroline leaving TVD for the new series, which seems unlikely. I'm really hoping, though, that the writers lift their game and that we do get a few genuine twists and unexpected developments in upcoming episodes, cos so far everything that's happened on season four could be seen from a mile off.


So Katherine will come back to town and the first thing Klaus does is sleep with her? HAHAHAHAHA NO.


It's clearly Elijah


Finally some good TVD news - my man Kaus is finally gettin some action! It was about time! I just hope that won't be Katherin, that wouldn't make any sense whatsoever.


Everyone is forgetting this is The Vampire Diaries aka the show without logic. SO anything could happen. It could be Katherine or it could Caroline, I mean it be anyone actually.


Why would Klaus jump into bed with a woman he despises? So I don't think it'll be Katherine... I hope it's Caroline, but I fear it'll be Hayley (whom I really don't like at all).


If it is Caroline then maybe Tyler dies or something. Hmmm maybe Klaus kills Tyler, Caroline doesn't know and has drunk/I need comfort/confused hot sex with Klaus after a couple of episodes finds out he killed Tyler, she hates him and he flees to the Originals to be away from her and somehow find redemption. Lame I know but that is sort of the only way I see Klaus and Caroline hooking up.


You don't know Katherine. She wanted peace with Klaus in Season 2. Her only motto is: live


I wish you people would quit with Katherine. She's not sleeping with the guy who wiped out her family line

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