The Walking Dead Review: Brotherly Love

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Holy curb stomped zombie heads, The Walking Dead is back!

The hiatus left me chomping at the bit, especially because "Made to Suffer" cut out right in the middle of the Woodbury battle and the first meet up between Daryl and Merle.

Of course, "The Suicide King" immediately picked things right up, concluding the last moments of major action before giving the characters some time to think about all the craziness they've been though.

Rick at Home

I was especially excited to see the interaction between Daryl and Merle, mainly because both have such great and stand out personalities in addition to them being brothers. Merle decided to welcome Daryl back with a punch to the face (true brotherly love) before they got lucky with Rick's return. A little scuffling never hurt anyone, right?

Yet, I'm not surprised that Daryl chose to leave despite every part of me wanting him to stay with Rick. And, sure, Daryl as a person has grown so much from just the racist redneck into the quietly caring good guy. When it comes down to it, though, Merle is still Daryl's brother.

Now, will Daryl stay with Merle in the long run after he gets a chance to really be with his brother on their walking adventure? Maybe he will realize that he's grown beyond Merle, and Merle needs to change if he wants to stay with Daryl. I think watching their relationship will be an interesting one.

In a lot of ways, having Carol reflect on Daryl's decision was perfect. After all, she was in an abusive relationship and even questioned what decision she would make. At the same time, there's always been something between her and Daryl (call it romance, friendship, or whatever) and it's sad that she doesn't have her poncho wearing guy to be there.

And while, Tyreese and his followers can never fill that void, I'm already on board with Tyreese as a positive addition. I'm always hesitant with new characters and what their role will be, but Tyreese has a powerful presence without being overbearing or over acting.

Even when Carl and Rick don't initially invite them to join, Tyreese remained positive and honest. Major kudos to actor Chad Coleman to bringing a different but already memorable character to the show.

The same cannot be said for his three followers, who I'm waiting to be the next members of zombie fodder. Can anyone guess which one will meet their end first?

I hope it's the guy who was willing to pick on the "kid and woman." That guy has got to go. I may have had my jokes about Carl, but he's turned into his own little bad ass. He can walk wherever he wants for all I care.

I'm really glad that Carl brought up being mean to his mom. The kid's been through a lot, including killing his own mother, so to have feelings of guilt for the way he treated her is completely understandable and it's great he could admit it. True, he wasn't always horrible and I hope he soon realizes that, but it certainly takes a lot to recognize one's mistakes.

Can Andrea recognize hers?

I still have no idea why Andrea wants to stick around The Governor. I get that she desperately wants to fix Woodbury and rebuild a sense of civilized hope... but c'mon Andrea. What's it gonna take to make you really see the light and walk away from the depraved one-eyed leader?

I know, I know. The Governor looks like a bad ass when he walks through the smoke or finishes off the dying dude when no else will. He's got charisma, but heck, he also had walker heads in fish tanks.

It's certainly no surprise that Glenn wants to take the Governor out and he went to town on that walker head. He's really stepping up from the quiet helper. It's wrenching to see him desperately want to have revenge for Maggie and at the same creating a rift in his relationship with Maggie.

At least Glenn isn't as unhinged as Rick who we thought had maybe managed to pull it together after his phone call in "Hounded."

Rick is such a great character and watching him slip into insanity is a wild ride. That scene with the offbeat sound of the baby crying and Rick's wild eyes in that moment, I was worried something was wrong.

Then, having a ghost Lori return to really send Rick over the edge was a fantastic scene, although not good for showing Tyreese and his group that they should even join. Swinging his gun around and screaming out? Somebody needs to calm him down and quick. He's supposed to be the sound leader!

This was a nice solid return for The Walking Dead and it makes me happy that this entertaining series is back on television again.

What did you think? Are you glad The Walking Dead is back? Will Daryl return? Is Rick insane? Sound off below!


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So glad its back. The show felt like 10 mins when one hour passed by. The episode is average but I am just really glad the show is back. Best series on TV now ! Next episode should be better !


I love the Dixon brothers. Darryl has grown so much and there is a vulnerability about Merle that keeps me liking him although I hate everything he stands for. Merle's love for his brother is only out weighed by his desire to save his own butt. I'd like to see how far the writers can push that point and how Darryl would respond. I'd be very disappointed if we never see the Dixon brothers again.


Liked the episode, but I was shocked when Daryl went away. Yes, I can understand his reasons, but still... how could he do that?! Drives me mad :-( Were the writers afraid the prison could become too crowded?! Andrea still annoying, Michonne still unhelpful. But as I said, all in all I liked the episode.


Felt like the episode went by too fast. Guess that is because it hasn't been on for so long. And hopefully we will see Daryl back soon. Carol and Daryl need to be together more than Daryl needs his brother. Other than that, good to have it back.


Loved the return of the show ,was more than a little disappointed with Andrea ,and was a little surprised at Daryl leaving,but i do believe he will see how rotten his brother is and return to this new family.Rick is more than a little messed up right now ,hopefully Carl and the baby can bring him back .This show is so amazing ,sure the zombies are wonderful but the actors who are portraying all of the characters are all doing a Great job,love it ...hope this show stays around for a very very long time...


Strong episode. It is always interesting to see the psychological effect on the characters, especially Rick. I do hope next week's episode will feature more suspense and action, perhaps the usual drama.


As for Daryl, any opinions/spoilers on how he'll be joining the group back?
I'm guessing, he's realize how much he's changed once he's spending some alone time with his brother who still thinks of Daryl as a little pup, when he's actually turned into a wolf. Then perhaps Merle will alter his attitude, join the group(?) only to be killed in the battle between the Governor and Rick.
Or maybe they'll just join in as last minute reinforcements, saving everybody (or whoever hasn't died as yet) and then Merle dies saving Daryl perhaps.
I don't see a future for Merle in the show anyhow. As for Michonne, I'm glad she took the backseat until her character is fleshed out a bit more. Talk, darling, talk. Perhaps Tyreese will help with that as well. Musings:
Carol and Andy. Andy, die. Now. She's not supposed to be with you.
How right Daryl was when he said Carol would understand.


Speaking of Carol, I absolutely love how they've developed her story as the survivor of an abusive relationship. She's so strong, but at the same time there is so much raw honesty there (her admitting she wasn't sure what she's do if her husband walked back into her life), that it's beautiful.
I understand that Andrea just wants to hold on to hope, but really, even after everything she's seen? HEY, ANDREA, IF YOU REALLY WANNA SAVE WOODBURY, YOU SHOULD START WITH KILLING THE GOVERNOR.
He TELLS her that Merle captured Maggie and Glenn, and that's why Rick's group attacked. Goes on with his "woe-to-me" attitude about his people being killed, and Andrea replies with a "Don't drive me out"


This was great. Andrew's acting is just brilliant, and also, the actor who plays Herschel. You could read in his eyes that what he was trying to say was "Rick, I've been here. I was wrong." He serves well as an old guy who's lived life out and has a lot to say, without being overbearing the way Dale was.
In the comic, Rick's madness was prolonged, and never revealed to the group. In this, it's out in the open, so I hope his recovery is also a lot faster. In any case, his going mad only justifies the need for tyreese even more. Damnit, RICK needs Tyreese more than the group does.
And Daryl, poor Daryl. Carol was so right to compare his situation to that of somebody who has been abused.


it's about goddamn time this show came back !! fantastic episode tonight....

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