The Walking Dead Review: Talk Talk Bang Bang

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Let's talk about feelings.

For a major portion of "Home," The Walking Dead characters wanted to talk, express emotions or walk around getting a chance to think... and then talk some more. Which, unfortunately, felt like a really long lull before that explosive and surprising ending.

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One of the more standout moments during the talking time was definitely between Maggie and Glenn. These two are hitting some major bumps in the road because of everything that happened during their stay at Woodbury, and finally getting a chance to discuss it was as tense and uncomfortable as it was to watch.

Maggie's obviously trying to deal with feeling violated on her own, while Glenn simply wants to take action. It makes sense, too, that he's so blinded by trying to do something for his girlfriend that he ignores everything else.

It's certainly no surprise that she was upset with him either, opening his eyes to the fact that it was her experience and not his. This felt exactly like a real fight and one that I hope they can come back from.

As for Glenn, his attempt at leadership continued while Rick was on his crazy train, but it seemed pretty clear that Glenn will never take Rick's place. Even Hershel acknowledged it, and I'm sure if you took a poll, most of the characters would agree.

I like the fact that Glenn has really stepped up, but I do wish that we could actually see people get behind him as a possible leader. Maybe if he toned his crazy rage down, it could happen, but otherwise, he's playing imaginary leader.

Daryl and Merle's trek through the trees also featured exceptional moments, and frankly, anytime these two actors get together, you get TV gold.

Daryl is a good brother in picking to go with Merle, but his time apart has changed him from the complete and utter follower that he used to be. Having Daryl stand up for himself was a great step for his character, especially in the face of the sibling who has been that dominant one of the pair.

Even saving the family showed how much Daryl has become that good person. And just how much of a bad ass he is when taking down a ton of walkers. The guy looks so cool in the face of danger firing off arrows, knifing walkers or slamming van doors on walker heads.

But I'm glad that Daryl chose to go back. At the same time, I'm happy that Merle knew his chances with Rick's group were not good. Behind all that sarcasm and banter, there is a person with a sense of fear and acknowledgement for the way he acts. Perhaps, remorse and a chance to change too? Merle really is that guy you love to hate.

Of course there was some other stuff with Hershel trying to be the wise old Jedi telling everyone what they should do, despite nobody really listening. And then there was Andrea trying to be some type of leader in Woodbury, even though the Governor has other agendas.

And for the most part, I was prepared to end the episode with a few more convos, such as a final sentiment about becoming a leader or fighting the Governor or letting Tyreese join (where the heck did he go?).

Except what we got was a fantastic wake up to a rather quiet episode.

I couldn't believe Axel got a bullet to the head. Although, maybe I should have seen it coming as he was opening up and getting some more lines.

While I do give props to the shocking start of the attack, I'm bummed out that once again another character that could have grown on this show was quickly wiped out.

It feels like we could have explored more of the prisoners' psyche or seen their chance to change from the so-called bad guys they were locked up for... but, nope, all the prisoners are dead without having had anything to really do but stand around in the background. Kind of a wasted chance.

Yet, Axel aside, the attack sequence itself was stirring and action-packed. Planting that truck inside and unleashing the walkers was a brilliant move on the Governor's part. And who was behind that masked driver? Did they get away?

Sure, no one could seem to manage hit anyone with the barrage of bullets except for the random guy in the tower (how did he get there?), but it was a fun and cinematic battle. Michonne got to show off her cool sword skills, Rick was pistol whipping walkers, Merle was saving the day and Daryl was being his awesome self.

The prison group really needs to prepare themselves for round two because, even with one eye, the Governor is a good shot and a really bad dude.

Plus, I wonder how with the walkers caught in between the group members, how Rick will not only manage to get back, but take up his leadership again. That final look was definitely one of  action and revenge. You don't mess with a guy trying to follow around visions of his dead wife.

Overall, really, save for the last battle, most of the episode wasn't all that exciting. I do get that the show isn't all fighting and bloody deaths (and I never want it to be just that), but sometimes it feels like when the show slows down, it slows down.

For the most part, The Walking Dead Season 3 has done a good job of finding a balance between character drama and action, and with the Governor starting his war with the prison, things should hopefully play out positively.

I'm already prepared for what should be a great Rick vs. Governor showdown.


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I feel this episode was just as great if not better than the rest. The last part was excellent. I am really happy Daryl is back. A bit sad that Rick has gone to crazy town. Hope he is back soon too. They really do need him. I too was a bit shock by the killing of Axel but hey, better him than anyone else in the group. I have grown to like all of them too much. Judging by the preview, I think things get more exciting the next episode. I really liked the scene where his own son tells rick to give up the leadership. I have waited for that scene for some time now having seen it in the mid season preview. Now I totally understand why. Still the best show on TV now!


What a show. Glenn is a good kid but not a leader, yet. Some folks ae far better as followers. Loved the way Darryl stood up to Merle, best line was "He's Korean". Going up on the bridge and saving those folks shows how far he has come. When the walker delivery van crshed the gate, Hershal trapped in the lower field,Rick out of ammo and I am yelling "Where is the cavalry??", meaning Darryl and Glenn. In the ta da nick of time the rescue took place. They need to do a surgical raid on Woodbury and kill the governer!


You had to know something was going to happen - Govn'r said "no retribution' then was nowhere to be found... Glenn exclaimed: "Who's on watch duty!?"... Rick was trippin' the Lori-fantastic... All the talk about the prison breach on one side... and Axel had to go and say actual words to Carol. Looked like a recipe for an attack! :)
I think Merle, while not too accepted at first, will have to show his worth with insider knowledge. Tyreese will be back, by I am guessing not until near the end of the season as he will most likely be a major player next season.
And wouldn't you know - Yellow Jacket Creek.


Michonne went to town with that sword…and who was that masked out zombie driving chick? And how did the Woodbury guy get in the tower in the first place? I know everyone was preoccupied with their own thing but dang on it it’s the end of the world people wake up! They need to get act together and move because some crazy guy has you all in his sights and is name is the Governor. Is it me but why when they find a good place to hide out they never have a plan B! I’m with Hershel and while its warm they should be looking for another place to stay cause until he is killed the Governor will be a thorn in their side.


Sorry, but why all the fuss with Glenn and Maggie. I mean she wasn’t rape and she made a choice to give up the location of the others to save her man…..why does Glenn have a hard time with it. He needs to get over it because one person can’t save/protect everyone. Glenn will never be a leader with the attitude he has at the moment. Rick needs to find himself. And what happen to the new people from last week? This group is getting smaller by the minute they need all the help they can get. I am glad that Daryl came back and woke up to how miss guided & cold his brother is.


I completely agree with Larry! This show is about humans in a zombie apocalypse and how their lives are changed because of it. Not goddamn zombie battles. I didn't find the episode to be slow at all.
My main issues with this episode was just that Tyreese? Where did he just disappear to? Hello? Even the preview for next week had no mention of him.
Poor Daryl. I'm not sure I totally understood though? His father molested him? Or beat the shit out of him? Those were some awful scars.
I initially thought it was Andrea in the bus there to stop the Governor! Damnit Andrea! God damn you! You deserve no redemption.


Great entertainment! I agree with Larry below about Rick & Hershel talking, and Daryl & Merle, Glen & Maggie, and where Maggie feeds Judith. Great scenes..thumbs down to the isn't just about zombie attacks. Its the psychological breakdown of society, the kill or be killed makeup of the show, tust no one or be harmed from it. Loved the directing, where (oh No! Not Axel!! our family yelled.) and then the next frame was Carl with his pistol, and for a fleeting moment, I thought Carl had misfired his pistol & it went off! Then the camera goes to the govenor.. holy crap! He's just standing there, enjoying the mayhem he's created. The bus crashing thru the gate, and thinking it was Daryl.. whoops..surprise gift from the Gov. Yay to Michonne- she's out there chopping heads like no other.. wa-ching- loved the sound effects in the show.
I wonder what the viewer tallies were last night? Mid Season opener was enormous. AMC better realize they have a ca$h flow for this, and better gaurd thier golden egg laying goose.. such a superb show right now. Nbc, Cbs, Abc, they missed out on a great show, but they would have ruined it, it would look like Revolution or Logans' Run.


What a blast! The psychological part of the episode was linked amazingly to some great action scenes.. I absolutely loved it.
And of course Axel would be killed... WHY? He talked to CAROL.. just like T-DOG... LOLOL. :D
Can't wait to see Rick kick some Governor's ass!


@Chuck B. What's rather silly to me was that the Mexican fella told Merle the car didn't have any gas, but when Daryl told him to drive away, he did. No gas my ass.


I was NOT disappointed, at all!!!! Love the Drama and the zombie kills were amazing!!! The Governor needs too go, and soon. Andrea needs to get a clue and We all knew Axel was going to be killed . Loved this episode. Best show on tv.

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