TV Ratings: Cult Crashes, Smash Sinks Lower

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Smash and Cult competed for the unwanted prize of Most Disappointing Result last night, as former fell all the way down to 3.3 million overall viewers and a .9 young demographic ratings, while the latter premiere to 941,000 viewers. Total.

It seems very unlikely that either of these programs will be around for much longer...

Cult Cast Photo

8 p.m.
NCIS: 20 million viewers
The Taste: 4.8 million
Betty White's Off Their Rockers: 4.6 million
Hart of Dixie: 1.3 million
Raising Hope: 3.7 million/New Girl rerun: 2.8 million

9 p.m.
NCIS Los Angeles: 16.3 million
The Bachelor: 8.1 million
New Girl: 4.3 million/The Mindy Project: 3 million
Go On: 3.3 million/The New Normal: 3.5 million
Cult: 940,000

10 p.m.
Vegas: 9.6 million
Body of Proof: 6.6 million
Smash: 3.3 million

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Cult is a goner. That's it. You don't come back from ratings like that when you're a new show. See-yah Cult!


Personally, I didn't watch Cult but I did watch Smash. The things these execs have to keep in mind is that with each new season/pilot, there are changes that are being introduced. You have to give them time to win a loyal audience and then decide on their fate.


IDK if Davis would be back to TVD as he admitted he left as he didn't like being a secondary character (even though that what Alaric is in the books so technically like Caroline they gave him more than his book counterpart). I also think Davis's own comments last year with twittergate really is coming to bite him in the ass as I know alot folks are still upset with him. Bad thing about this is one of those crappy pilots is going to get okay and suck worse.
when they did the numbers for Ringer including itunes and reruns it did better than everyone except TVD and Supernatural. Ringer got hurt because it had a long hiatus hence why the network has kept the hiatuses this season for shows to minimum. As for SC, yeah they should kept it as it was giving better quality it second half than TVD was (and TVD has been a ratings slump for awhile).


Cindylou, at the end of the season Ringer was Barkley doing better than Cults premiere in demo, it was getting 0.4 that is terrible.?With SMzgs $90000-$125,000 salary it's too exspensive and it was supposed to be it the it show last year and with all the promotion and reruns didn't help, Ringer didn't grow out of its leadin.SC had the best leadin on CW and at the end of the season was only getting 0.5-0.6 that's unacceptable with VD getting 1.2-1.4 at least.So that was terrible too.If they were on right now in season two, they'd be getting the same ratings as Cult,90210.


The CW should really consider giving Emily Owens a second season. It was a good show that was really starting to come into its own. And it got better ratings in it series finale then I think any of the shows the CW showed either Monday or Tuesday night.


I agree with Rune, Davis back to TVD!


Take Cult off the air, and bring back Davis to TVD.


I don't watch Smash, but it has had some bad reviews for this season, so...
I just read somwhere that some people watched the pilot of The Cult online a week before it premiered so, I guess it messed up its ratings last night. But CW should blame itself for that. Hope they don't cancel the show immediately. I liked it - it's different and I think it deserves a chance.


The CW should have kept Ringer AND Secret Circle & allowed their ratings time to grow. Neither shows ratings were terrible. But they weren't even given a chance. Instead we get this confusing mess. I tried to watch Cult but could not follow the plot. AND the music was horrendous.
Let that be a lesson to U CW: LISTEN to the FANS!

Sarah silva

Oh and that is not good for Smash! Just proved that Parenthood deserves a full season!