Two and a Half Men Review: Meet the Parents

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After weeks of hearing about Tammy, Two and a Half Men viewers finally got to see her in all her tattooed glory this week - and it was fun.

Tammy might just look like another redneck who likes shooting people, but as the half hour progressed, it was quite evident that she was smart, funny and driven. And Jake must agree, as "Paint It, Pierce It, or Plug It" was centered on Jake's desire to marry this mother of three.

Jake's New Girlfriend

A valid question would be this: Why would he would want to do something so stupid?!!

He is not even old enough to buy a beer yet, and he wants to get married. Like Tammy said, though, the look is his eye when he sees her is proof enough that he's in love, while Jake's relationship with Tammy is making him a better and more responsible individual. Just thinking about marriage is a major step for the guy.

Now, Alan is a lot of things... but he's very realistic,and he knows a bad plan when he sees it. This? It was a bad plan.

Father and son disagreed, but made up after a little prodding from Tammy, which went down as a plus for her because showed that beneath all that ink and those piercings, she is really a composed and smart individual.

I do have a bone to pick with writers, though: I find it a little bit contrived that Walden was able to keep identity secret form Kate for this amount of time, yet all of a sudden he could not hold Jake’s secret plan to wed Tammy for just the duration of dinner. Come on now. Some consistency would be nice.

Jake might be grown up, but he is still very naïve. Still, we can't complain when since his stupidity provided for some of the best Two and a Half Men quotes of the night. Enjoy!


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They. ripped. Angus. Apart... wow... See what happens when you sign a contract & piss off billionaires, son? Wow! If you pay close attention, Jake barely spoke and Jaime's character had 10 times more lines & screen time than he did. Angus & Jon were barely in the same room together! Wow... Oh, it hurt to watch... but I did. And I'll tell you what, fellas--I'll take the show over the 19 year old who needs to GO TO COLLEGE!!! This lost phase should be going hand in hand with a sorely missing education on basic grammar, logic, world history and being an actor: tactics & subtext. (i.e. know when a guru is manipulating & lying to you to your face -- see you tube video... LOL) All my heart Angus for surviving that set all week. Whoo-boy! Good job cast & crew in not killing him. LOL "Keep calm & carry on." xoxo - 30ish mom demographic


I did not love this episode. It was silly and made no sense.
The Miley Cyrus Storyline was more interesting. This episode was one of the weaker episodes in my opinion.

Sue ann

Walden did not keep his secret from Kate successfully. He told her the truth in bed one night; she just did not believe him.


Consider taking Jake out of the show.


im starting to think that not the neanderthals would be born, the homo habilis would too, because Jakes progenie would be even more idiot. I hope the character gonna be removed, preferably by death, i wonder why jake havent has a serious accident in the army.
Please writers dont use the loser line on Alan anymore, its starting to boring.


Haven't watched this crap for two years but couldn't pass up on at least peeking in on Jamie.
Worth it for Berta's line about "At least he's not some child star gone off the rails..."

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Two and a Half Men Season 10 Episode 15 Quotes

Tammy: I do not want to be the cause of any estrangement between you and your father.
Jake: To be fair, my father was already "estrange" before you met him.

Alan: It is time for dinner, we are eating gnocchi, Jake is cooking things he can spell
Walden: What's for dessert? Cake?

Alan: Pie.