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Peter and Elizabeth planned to "Shoot the Moon" this week, but their plans got interrupted when Bonnie and Clyde swooped in to steal their vehicle and kidnapped them instead.

Indeed, White Collar played more like a love story than a procedural - and that's why I absolutely loved it.

Taking Different Paths

I really didn't expect to see the episode open with Neal and Sara having an adorable no-strings-attached makeout session in front of that gorgeous fountain, but I have to admit that ever since she got downgraded from series regular I was dying to get her back on the show, preferably in Neal's arms.

That said, I was a little disappointed at the half-attempt to write Sara off in light of her potential relocation to Sterling/Bosch London. Even so, I was pleased that we could at least have one last good look at her before never seeing her again. I do love how it forced Neal to consider whether or not he wanted to enter into a serious relationship with Sara again; too little, too late, sir. It's probably for the best, I don't think Mozzie is ready to give up the bromance just yet.

The tie-in of the perfume bottle and the kidnapping was quite nice and certainly not forced. I very much appreciated the effortless transition from couple to couple.

In that same vein, this was definitely a good week for couples on this show (depending on what twosome you were part of). Peter and El had it the worst, seeing as how they were kidnapped for merely being in the wrong place at the wrong time and parking where they didn't happen to be blocked in. It did open the opportunity, however, for them to remind us why they work so well as couple and why we love to watch them do it.

From the first minute of their kidnapping, El was already leaving a gingerbread trail to help them get found. They only upped their game in the presence of their captors, from Elizabeth offering to cook to Peter devising a plan to get his gun within arms reach; they certainly knew how to connect on some level, particularly from the romance angle.

I love how El tried to connect with Penny as a woman in love. But let's be honest: who would let their captor wear their best dress and shoes? I am SO not that generous! She really tried to be the voice of reason for Penny, whose hard-head just wasn't hearing it until things got real and they potentially faced a firing squad.

Her boo was really no better, he was ready to go all out guns blazing. Too bad he couldn't cool his jets before this all got so out of hand, they really might have been able to do something about that record despite the fact he had already served time. Just goes to show that if you're a criminal and you have a really good case for getting your charges re-evaluated in some manner and you happen to find yourself kidnapping someone as honorable as Peter... you might be better off letting them go and seeing if they can't help you in return.

Then again, that would have really sucked the hopeless romantic aspect of his reckless abandon out of the picture, wouldn't it have?

Either way, I absolutely adored the change of pace this episode provided, with just a dash of plot advancement at the end on the exonerating evidence front, which only got us a little bit further along; so little, in fact, that I am hard pressed to remember exactly what it was. What I do know, in fact, is that it may help them narrow down just exactly where in the building their treasure is to be found.


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I agree with the comments here. I like the characters on this show, but the most I can say about this episode is that it was "somewhat pleasant". A ridiculous plot, and a hastily tacked on ending.


the fact that they wrote sara off was actually the one positive thing i can say about this episode. i really hope for more caffrey-burke interaction in future episodes too. cmon guys that's what this show is about.


I was SO excited to have Sara back, but didn't know, per this review, that they were wrtiting her off :((
I've always liked the addition of Sara and don't get why the writers chose to downgrade her. Jeff Eastn tweeted to someone not to long ago that a lot of fans were happy whenever Sara is on an episode, so I don't get it.
I really think she completes Neal, but that's my opinion. Anyhow, I thought this was an overall decent ep.


The best part about the episode was the preview for next week's episode. I hate episodes that keep Neal and Peter apart and this was a very boring filler episode. But next week's ep seems to be a great one.


"El 'fessing up to peter about the lie, seemed hastily tacked-on at the end." ..well said. They always build this great big moment only to resolve it 5 minutes of the next ep. It is frustrating and I just don t care anymore because you know it won't lead anywhere. The "we're done!" ending was very powerful yet it lasted for 5 minutes, now this thing with Elisabeth, which I and many others hated from the beginning had absolutely no consequences. What was the point of it all? It didn't put a string on Peter and El's relationship, it brought nothing knew to Peter/Neal ...it was the same old "I know he is lying, I'm disappointed but I'll ignore it and catch him in the act". I love the show but the writing is getting ridiculous and it also shows in the ratings. Matt's looks and awesome chemistry with the cast can only take them so far...


"I love how El tried to connect with Penny as a woman in love. But let's be honest: who would let their captor wear their best dress and shoes? I am SO not that generous!" It's not generosity, it's survival, believe me, I would've done the exact same thing to get on my captors good side, I'd be the nicest person if it means a chance to get released... I LOVE Neal and Sarah, I don't know why there are people that hate her, they are INSANELY sexy together, but like, reaaaaaally sexy! I love him with her and I hate that she's living... I love how White Collar give us all this insight on Neal's search in such a fast pace and then hold back for a couple of eps to explode in our screen in the finale, I know some people don't like it, but I just love it, it ads to the excitment and the anticipation!


And yet another mediocre episode. Why is there so much El these last few episodes? And why are Neal and Peter separated all the time? I tune in because I love to see Neal and Peter interact, not for Peter/El or Neal/Sara or whateves. I have no idea what happened to the second half of the season, the first half was way better. And I hope season 5 won't continue with this new direction, which seems to be no Neal and Peter scenes.


Okay, WC, I get it...it was Valentine's Day so we got a Valentine's episode, g. It's just that I am pretty much a no-romo kinda chick. I do love Peter and El's relationship and don't mind Neal and Sara because their story is true to their characters...they wanna but they don't *wanna*, lol. If Neal ever finds true love and happiness, the story is over. This episode just felt so forced. All the good stuff with the characters I tune in to watch every week was squeezed into the narrow gaps around the teen angst plot. No matter how well-written, I didn't care about these two kids and their delusions. The scene I've been waiting to see, El 'fessing up to peter about the lie, seemed hastily tacked-on at the end. I really hope that these final episodes deal more closely with the mythology, feature a bit more scammy, action goodness, and have some Caffrey-Burke give and...well, okay, take and take, g. And Mozzie was brilliant, as always.


White Collar is my favorite TV show and I enjoyed this one as I do all of them. However, I thought Sara looked better with red hair and I am missing Neal's mischief. I hope the writers come up with some fun scenarios for him for Season 5 - perhaps involving Alex.

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