Archer Review: Drunk on Nuptial Bliss

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Wow.  I never would have though my favorite Season 4 Archer episode would revolve around an undcover honeymoon surveillance mission...ary.

Archer's Honeymoon

But luckily these "Honeymooners" didn't take long (unlike Chi!) to go from passive surveillance to actively kicking some Kim Jong ass.

I'm already a sucker for Lana-Sterling bickering. Slap on a couple fake rings and have Malory only direct deposit one bonus, and you got yourself some comedic gold.

Add in the classic trio peanut gallery of Cyril and his hags spying on our newly married spies? Yeah, easily the funniest episode of the season.

Normally, the stiff animation behind Archer leads to some underwhelming action sequences. But somehow the animators even managed to bring some intense action this week with the Ghost Protocol climb (and free fall).

Really, the only minor criticism I could possibly have against an episode that brought back Trudy Beakman? Making Krieger and Pigly 3 the bad guys. Unless somehow his master plan really was to stop the nation state equivalent of the short bus.

Now if you excuse me, I have to power blackout with a couple bottles of Glengoole Blue. Until next week, I'll leave you with my favorite Archer jokes I somehow didn't squeeze into this review:

  • Lure him to condo in Miami, drug his Steak au Poivre, drive him out to the everglades, slather him with rancid chicken fat and then toss him to the gators.  Forgot the peppercorns and you might literally have Sterling's worst nightmare.
  • North Korea.  The nation state equivalent of the short bus.  So good I had to mention it twice.
  • Obviously the penultimate aprodisiac to doing it on top of a tranquied out tiger.
  • You say that like there are cons [to a clear coat].
  • Obscure reference of the week? Apologizing for Dunkirk.
  • A little from column a.  A little from column b.  Don't care if The Simpsons did it.


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Lana decided in this episode not go for Acher or Cyril as donors for her baby.


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Btw... No nerve gas in the vents jokes this week but we could let that slide I guess. Don't want to play it out.


Insanely decent episode. Best of the season? Possibly. Love that they're really pushing and promoting Glengoole Blue this year. This show's Duff Beer.

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Somehow we're in a crazy universe where bonuses are based on merit and not whether you crawled out of your mother.


The nation state equivalent of the short bus.