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Every episode of Beauty and the Beast just gets better.

"Insatiable" was no exception, as it upped the stakes even higher. Who thought that was possible? It was on the 15th episode of Beauty and the Beast Season 1. We still have seven more to go. Can you imagine what else is going to happen or be revealed? I really can't - and that makes for great writing. The best reveal would be for a second season pickup.

I really don't like that every murder will immediately be "vigilante" related by the police force. Catherine was right, he may not be an angel, but he only kills when he's protecting someone else. Isn't that the definition of vigilante? At first I thought Gabe was going to listen to her rationally after Joe wanted to get justice at the end of a barrel (nice one, Mr. Police Chief), but then he also wrapped up his lashing of Cat by rounding up the murderer and the vigilante as the same person. Very poor police work.

Closing In On Vincent

That's a hell of a task force ADA Lowen put together. Cat is protecting Vincent, the very vigilante they're trying to catch, Police Chief Joe just wants to kill him as his own vengeful justice for his brother's murder and Evan is working on behalf of Muirfield, willing to tamper with evidence to ensure Vincent is caught for their purposes instead of that of the task force. That doesn't even count Gabe's own hidden agenda.

Essentially, he would have been better to choose a bunch of yahoos off the street than the group he has working with him now.

I really love Evan. He is a good man and truly cares about Cat. I have no doubt about that. As soon as I saw Cat left her scarf behind in Evan's lab, I panicked. He had just enough questions to want to look for DNA on it. Sometimes I wish he wasn't as smart about Cat and smarter about Muirfield. But what was all of that crap about demanding the truth from her and wondering where their trust went when he is lying to her face every day while carousing with Muirfield? He knows as much about Vincent as she does at this point, but in a different capacity. That was such a disappointing moment for Evan, to stand there making demands of Cat he wasn't willing to face himself.

It was surprising that Evan didn't put J.T. and Vincent together after their discussion, because the way J.T. beat it out of there after hearing about Muirfield, I would have been testing the dirt where he stood for cross-mutation. If he had been the Road Runner, J.T. would have had dust under his feet and that speedy sound as he hightailed it back to his car to try to warn Cat and Vincent what was to come.

Vincent's plan to give himself up via a charred corpse seemed like a decent enough plan until Evan decided to share the information with Muirfield, thereby putting Vincent's and Cat's lives into immediate danger. They had to run for it after Muirfield dropped in via helicopter. What pissed me off the most was the elite task force came in via the front of the building, so when it exploded they had no idea Muirfield was in back. Once again, only Cat and Evan know what really happened, and I don't think they'll be chatting over it while tossing back a beer any time soon.

The whole time everyone was doing their various parts to find the vigilante, Joe sent Tess to walk the streets and re-interview ever available witness to the vigilante's "crimes." What confounded me was her inability to hear what they were saying. He saved each and every one of them in true vigilante fashion. He did not swoop in on an innocent man and tear him limb from limb for the hell of it. Every person she spoke with said if not for him...blah, blah, blah.

But Tess seemed incapable of processing that. She heard the information about the monster. The cat-like reflexes, the veins covering his face and cat eyes, but not how he came in at a time when people were in need of help and nobody else was around to assist. Another disappointment from a character I once thought of highly.

I missed how she ended up in the tunnels where Cat and Vincent were making their escape after the bombing of the loft. Why was she there? I'm also unsure as to why she shot Vincent when his hands were in the air. In any regular police force, girlfriend would be in for a reprimand and possibly lose her badge. You don't shoot an unarmed man who is surrendering; I don't care how many horror stories you heard about him during your work day. It's your job to hear those stories, and most of them told a tale about a guy who helped people.

We learned nothing about why ADA Lowen came into town, but we know he's planting evidence to get his hands on Vincent. I don't think he's working with Muirfield, because if he was he and Evan would have already crossed paths. It doesn't make sense to choose another Muirfield agent for the task force if you're not going to share evidence to get as much as you can from what you find, so he's obviously looking for reasons unrelated to Muirfield.

My original theory that he be an early generation monster himself felt a little off tonight when he didn't get angry at the cops who let him down, but I forgot all of the evidence of the murder, slashes across the face of the victim included, pointed back to him. Perhaps his DNA isn't transgressing and he is either monster or man. Maybe he wants to be able to control his animal side more fully and is hoping studying Vincent will give him that opportunity. I'm tossing mud here, seeing what sticks!

Things are hitting fast and furious at the moment, and with wildcard Tess holding the future of VinCat in her hands, I can only hope her own relationship with Joe and her need to keep it secret somehow forces her hand and shuts her up. She doesn't have to stay friends with Cat or help them, but she should give them a fighting chance, just as Cat has done for her and Joe. She needs to take time to process what she's learned about vigilantism and rethink their strategy about bringing him to justice. She's smart. She needs to question everything she's been told.

All of this needs to happen because I need more tender moments between Cat and Vincent. We should get at least one scene like the opener every episode because they are so well done. Kristin Kreuk and Jay Ryan have it down at this point, and I wouldn't be surprised if someone started to question a real life relationship between the two. They are that good.

I can't wait to hear your comments and theories. They're the best! Until next week....


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It's pleasant for me to read about my dearest serie. All I want to say is that Vincent turned around like a beast and Tess got frightened, that's why she had the reflex of shooting him, it was a self reaction, not on purpose, her face showed true horror.Thanks for the post!


Do you remember, Tess spoke to JT in the first episode and yet she did not remember him when she saw him in Evan's lab or when she helped with the sketch. She makes a terrible detective. Evan also seemed to have forgotten the sketch bec. he also spoke with JT face to face. JT is a funny guy. Love Vincent and Catherine together. Perfect. She is very gentle him when he is vunerable and you can see how much he adores her. Three groups hunting him. Very upsetting. Joe needs to hear the truth about his sleazy brother. It is stressfull waiting for a week to go by. I don't what I am going to do when this season ends.


Do you remember, Tess spoke to JT in the first episode and yet she did not remember him when she saw him in Evan's lab or when she helped with the sketch. She makes a terrible detective. Evan also seemed to have forgotten the sketch bec. he to spoke with JT. JT is a funny guy. Love Vincent and Catherine together. Perfect. She is very gentle and you can see how much he adores her. Three groups hunting him. Very upsetting. Joe needs to hear the truth about his sleazy brother.


Thanks, JulieDawn, for saying he didn't have his hands up. When I was writing it I could have sworn he did - not all the way up, but up(ish). I will rewatch again. And - yep - I'm fully capable of missing things. We don't get the episodes in advance, but do have a time frame in which we need to get reviews up, so it's a risky business! ;-) That's why I value the opinions of you guys so much. Seriously. Did you all see the giant leap in ratings? Depending upon the age group, it differed quite a bit, but we're talking between 24-40% from the previous week. Keep chatting it up! Oh how I wish I knew a Nielsen family. Finally, I cannot tell you all how warm and fuzzy it makes me feel that you use my name when making comments (good OR bad). Thank you for taking the time to notice who is writing. This Beastie teared up a little tonight. :-)


Awsome show!! Please, please bring it back for a second season. It just keeps getting better and better.


I agree with everyone that what started as a cheesy show has proven to get better and better.
I just want to point out to everyone that although the fan base might want a real life romance between Jay and Kristin, Jay is expecting his first child with his gf in about a month so thats not happening. Just shows you what great actors they are. This show definitely deserves a second season especially if that crap Arrow got a second season!


@BebeT Like the original series with Linda Hamilton this show is about the developing relationship between Catherine and Vincent. The sacrifices they make for the other. The support they give to one another. Their strong connection to each other. It is a story about true love and the complications that can come with it. Too bad about the ratings.


I usually really enjoy your reviews - but you sure seemed to miss the plot a few times on this one, with Tess..sorry! She DID listen to those she was interviewing and fully took in what they were saying about the 'vigilante' actually being more of a saviour. She told Joe this, even saying that perhaps Catherine wasn't that far off the mark with the theory about him only hurting those who were endangering others. But Joe threw it back in her face with the comment about his brother being killed. The point about how did Tess know to go into the tunnels - has already been answered by several other commenters. And finally - you may want to watch the ending again (I just did, to be absolutely sure I hadn't missed something!) - at no point did Vincent have his hands up. Tess shot him because as he beasted-out and turned around to face her, she probably believed he was coming forward to which case she was within her rights as a police officer to much as we all wish she hadn't! Thanks


Here here. I totally agree VinCat moments are so good one cannot help but get addicted to BATB. 2nd season is a requirement.
I really think Gabe knows more than he's letting on.Yep he knows about Muirfield whether they're in kahuts can't tell. He's still no.1 suspect for Ray since he was the last person he talked to. Not to mention he's interest on the identity of the Vigilante.
Can't wait for nxt wk esp for Tess decision. I hope she let's Cat handle Vigilantedrama for old times sake she was her partner once.But coz of her hubby I see how she'll be tempted to screw things up.
This show is very addictive and very much recommended.


cont'd: experiments he would be 11 years old. He's definitely vicious. JT had the best lines in every episode. He's so cute. CW must renew BATB for season 2. Way too many people will be disappointed if they don't. BTW loved moonlight too. It was stupid to cancel that show because look how popular vampire shows are now.

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Beauty and the Beast Season 1 Episode 15 Quotes

Cat: The last time I really liked a guy...
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Vincent: I'm not, I'm clarifying.

Cat: I know how to pick 'em.
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